Tamayouz Real Estate Development Company launches third Madar project in downtown area

M. Ahmed El-Shazly: We contracted with a number of large consultants for the implementation of the project after we managed to fulfill our commitments to the clients of “Ivory Plaza” and “5Business Hub”

Muhammad Sorour: “Madar” offers flexible and diversified payment systems that suit all customers and reach up to 10 years without interest

Basem El-Sherbiny: “Madar” has strong competitive advantages that are not repeated in the capital and will turn into an attractive “painting” for its visitors

TAMAYOZ Real Estate Development, one of the leading Egyptian companies in the field of real estate development, announced the launch of the project “Madar”, its third project in the New Administrative Capital, after the great success achieved by the company in two projects “Evora Plaza” and “Five Business Hub”.

The company unveiled details of the new project at a grand ceremony starring Wael Jassar, in the presence of a number of senior public figures, businessmen, developers and real estate traders.

Engineer Ahmed El-Shazly, CEO of Tamayuz Real Estate Development Company, said that the company is celebrating the launch of the third project in the New Administrative Capital, after the success of the first project, “Evora Plaza”, fulfilling our promises to customers. , achieving implementation rates higher than the target in the implementation plan and achieving 80% of sales of the second project “BUSINESS HUB5”, referring to the total investments of the company in the Administrative Capital that exceed one billion pounds.

He added that the new project covers an area of ​​2600 square meters in the downtown area and is the first of its kind in the Administrative Capital and includes the first revolving food yard in Down Town, which is a revolving court.

He highlighted the company contract with a number of large consulting and specialized companies to ensure the project’s output in its best form, its optimal management and operation, and achieving the highest return on investment for clients, led by engineering consultant “Takween”, Itqan for finance and marketing consulting and specialized company Health Care for the management of medical activities, for the project and MRB for the management and operation of the project.

While Mohamed Sorour, head of the commercial sector in the company, said, “We are moving at a steady pace to increase and maximize our investment in the New Administrative Capital, explaining that the” Madar “project offers a new product of assets real estate that has many advantages that represent a value added in the market. It is located 3 minutes away from the mosque of Egypt and has a view from the 3rd view “a main axis – a tourist walkway – garden view”, noting that the company always tries to offer a distinct reality. property product that meets the needs of customers and offers the greatest value and the best price.
He stressed that the project includes for all owners of administrative units, emphasizing that the company offers flexible and diversified payment systems to suit all customers for up to 10 years without interest.

For his part, Basem El-Sherbiny, CEO of Itqan, a financial and marketing consultant, told TAMAYOZ that the administrative capital market, especially the downtown area, is experiencing stiff competition between companies, noting that 160 projects are launched downtown. area, which reflects the level of competition in the market.

He added that we were inclined to launch the “Madar” project with strong competitive advantages that are not repeated in the administrative capital, whether at the level of project location, payment systems or distinctive prices, emphasizing that these project advantages i make a magical mix that makes it a “Landmark” in the Administrative Capital.

Wael Al-Manzalawi, CEO of Takween Engineering Consultants, said the Madar project would be a hallmark of the Capital Administrative and we were eager to offer an unconventional product based on a dazzling, executable design that matched it. all conditions. of the Capital Administrative and Egyptian building codes.

He referred to the collaboration with Mansa International Company for the preparation of the architectural design of the project and we were inclined to pay attention to all the small details of the project to ensure its implementation according to the highest quality standards.

confirmed Dr. Ahmed Adam, CEO of Healthy Care Medical Company, said his company is the first medical operator in the New Administrative Capital and has a strong and successful business history with Tamayuz, emphasizing that the company is responsible for the management and operation of the entity medical. in the project “Madar” to achieve the highest investment benefit from the project.

He added that the project includes compliance, fully equipped for the reception of sick cases, as the floors and walls have been applied with antibacterial properties and elevators for the medical part separated from the rest of the building.

Tamayuz company has a great business precedent in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, with investments amounting to 500 million Saudi riyals. It was founded in 2006 in the United Kingdom and over 14 years has achieved a sustainable development in the field of building development government and educational service buildings. in the UK in collaboration with several ministries and in partnership with the Saudi government customers and achieve the desired quality The company began transferring its construction expertise to Egypt in 2008 and implemented a large package of projects in New Cairo, Al-Shorouk and Mokattam. At a construction cost of up to 2 2 billion .

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