Kultum Al-Jabour ensures a dignified life for its children with its small productive kitchen

Mona Abu Hammur

Amman- Pentecostal Kalthoum Jabour describes Ghossa; The difficult circumstances and great challenges she and her four children faced after the death of her husband, as they struggled with perseverance, patience and resilience to overcome the obstacles of life and the hardships of life.
It has been three years since the death of Kulthum’s husband after a battle with the disease that took her life and turned her life upside down after she was financially hampered, accumulating debts and loans due to high costs in private hospitals.
She did not find a warm place for her and her four children after the disease snatched them from their father even before they understood what death means and what the orphan carries, so the pain became painful and their path was all challenges, but Kulthumi faced it. with the strength of her faith and love for her children and her determination to make the other one more beautiful.
A dignified life and a living is what Kultum sought after she accumulated debts and the situation was difficult for her and her children until she met Carla Haroun, “a social activist and founder of humanitarian initiatives”, who did not hesitate to support Kulthum , stand by and encourage him to prepare and sell popular dishes, even if it costs simple.
Kultum started preparing popular dishes with balanced food ingredients despite the lack of money, but she went to grocery stores to buy food supplies for food preparation and they allowed her to get everything she needed without paying directly and paying after selling the dishes.
“Maftul and zakiyya were my only way to support my family without having to turn to others,” she says.
Kultum found himself the breadwinner of the four young children and the mother and father became their “support and support”. She was able to strengthen herself with the support of her family, sisters and acquaintances, who increased her determination and encouraged her to take the lead. steps to success.
The fear of failure and getting more involved in debt was what worried her, but her great hope in God and her insistence on providing a dignified life for her children made her take the first step in the home project its.
Kultum launched a group of simple homemade cakes and dishes known as muftul, shishbark and lasagkiets where people flocked. However, the reaction of food connoisseurs was not expected and lifted her spirits and at one point fear, hope and ambition faded. began to direct it for good.
Through its dishes, Kultum tried to present the simple homemade taste away from the addition of any taste that changes the original taste, which increased the demand for its products, as well as its mastery in famous sweets, as well as the preparation of “Kershat vakt wa Fawaragh ”.
In addition to popular dishes, Kalthoum excels in the preparation of cakes, spinach and pastries with different fillings, kibbs and many types of salads, and she is inclined every time her dishes have a balanced nutritional value and contain all the ingredients important nutrients.
Kultum says: “The support and help is mainly from Carla. She did not fail me as a widowed mother and I have 4 children, where the situation is easy.” Kultum read books on the culinary arts and educates himself on healthy eating and food safety and security, and constantly tried to access YouTube, whenever the internet was available, to learn and apply new western and eastern recipes.
In the home kitchen, Kultum prepares its popular dishes with simple and old appliances, which is one of the biggest challenges it faces in its project. The lack of financial support to provide all the kitchen needs for appliances and supplies was a major hurdle. , but she was armed with perseverance and patience to overcome pain and sadness.
Each time, Kultum raised the souls of her children and told them, “What god is a father, a god is a god,” wanting to realize her dream of a productive kitchen and have enough food supplies so that her project to develop and she would be able to raise her children and provide for their basic needs and they would be better off without needing anyone.
What Kalthoum hopes to achieve is to receive a grant to create her own production project and realize her dream.
Karla’s initiative, which had a major impact on Kultum’s life, gave her support by buying her dishes and distributing them to families in need, especially during the blessed month of Ramadan, and providing good refrigerators that she distributes to all Kingdom governments.
Kultum’s dream is to see her children educated, because she taught her children that nothing is impossible and that trauma should make us stronger, take courage and continue to live and not stay in any obstacle they face as a family. She added, “My children are my support at home and they always give me support and help.”
Kultum requests that in the following days to provide the delivery service in order to deliver the food with ease and convenience and so that the food is not exposed to spoilage due to delay. In many cases, she prepared the dishes and in the end, the applicant was exposed to a situation and could not come, and so the dish remained at home and this would expose her to embarrassment, especially as she would not be able to sell the dish and pay off the debt accumulated in the supermarket.
Cult shows that perseverance and perseverance is the only way to success, “My hope is in God is great.” All she wants in this world is the success of her children and a life worthy of them.
She took an English course at the American Academy, hoping to take courses related to project management, production kitchens and the production of new types of sweets, so that she could develop and improve her project.
Kultum sends a message to every woman to remain steadfast, to have determination and patience, not to give in to difficulties and challenges and to make difficulties a bridge to achieve her hopes and ambitions. Will and determination are the recipe for success.

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