Intigral signs agreement with Bitmofin and Diagonal to develop live video streaming

Significant reduction of the error rate

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Bitmofin, the provider of Internet video streaming infrastructure technologies, announced a partnership agreement with Diagonal to support Integral to provide a high-quality live video streaming experience for Jawwy TV and Douri Plus users in the MENA region . .

Integral started using the Bitmofin player, which is compatible with the technologies used in Integral to develop user interface applications to provide live video streaming device support and develop the viewing experience.

Integral noticed a significant reduction in video start-up and error rate in real time, after using the Bitmofin player through its preferred application development partner Diagonal, as its preferred application development partner. It also got many other benefits: Coverage of the largest number of devices on the market through a single player, which enabled it to reduce costs, increase achievement levels for subscribers and provide high quality video. Moreover, switching to a Bitmofin operator has reduced the time Integral needs to enter the market, as it is able to launch its services up to 30% faster, especially on Smart TV.

Commenting on this, William Sharp, Vice President of Technology at Integral said: “As more and more new devices continue to hit the market, it is imperative that we be able to provide high quality broadcast services, regardless of the device used by our customers. . “

He added, “Bitmofin was our first choice because it is one of the leading players in the market and has strong features, not to mention the advantage of easy integration with leading broadcasting service providers and support for most devices. in order to provide an easy and fast launch of our services. ”

He stressed that Bitmofin is a technical partner, continues to provide advice and support, and ensures that we provide the best possible live streaming experiences for our clients.

Player Bitmofin supports various operating systems such as Android, iOS, Roku and large smart TVs, so that users can enjoy a comprehensive viewing experience regardless of the device they use anywhere and anytime as it relies on the API to provide functions numerous that can be selected and adjusted, according to the needs of the user.

Stefan Lederer, CEO of Bitmofin, explained, “Experience quality is key to attracting and retaining customers, and high quality video hardware is essential to providing the best experience for online viewers.” He praised the fruitful cooperation with Integral and Diagonal, which will increase the level of video transmission throughout the MENA region.

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About Bitmofin

Bitmofin is a leader in online video streaming infrastructure technologies for global digital media companies and service providers. The company is at the forefront of industry innovation and all major developments in digital video broadcasting. Bitmofin has built the world’s first adaptive commercial broadcasting operator and deployed the first software-defined coding service that runs on various cloud platforms. cloud platform.

Its in-house cloud technology offers the most flexible and scalable solutions for media coding, reproduction and analytics, unparalleled device access service, ease of integration and support for world-class clients. Bitmoven customers benefit from improved features, reduced development time, and the best viewer experience possible. Bitmofin is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with headquarters in Vienna, Klagenfurt, Austria as well as London, Berlin and Denver. The company has more than 400 clients worldwide including Class-Pass, BBC, Fubo TV, Hulu Japan and Discovery. For more details, please visit

About Diagonal

Diagonal is a reliable technology partner for high quality broadcast operators worldwide. The company offers user interface application development and content management solutions that help its customers launch innovative products and platforms that bring them profit. The company includes a team of professionals in the field of user interface design, user experience, user interface application development, servers, quality assurance and application management. It supports the challenges posed by fast-growing, well-funded product design programs for telecom operators and start-ups. Diagonal works closely with critical ecosystem partners including video reproduction companies, video codecs, content recommendations, content distribution networks, commerce platforms and more, enabling the company to provide technology solutions tailored to the needs of business. Diagonal has worked with many of the leading broadcasting companies over the past seven years and has an international presence, offices and clients in America, Europe and Asia Pacific. For more information, please visit

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Zoe Mumba, Director of International Relations and Communication

About Integral:

Headquartered in Riyadh and Dubai, Integral is the media arm of stc and the leading company in the field of digital entertainment in the Middle East and North Africa, and its services are to provide digital solutions through “Dori Plus” and “Jawwy TV” platforms entertainment.

The entertainment platform “Jawwy TV” offers the latest movies, series, TV channels, documentaries and children’s programs, broadcast through its global partners STARZPLAY, Discovery +, Wide Khaliji, Fox +, Cartoon Network, Boomerang and many more. Users will also have the opportunity to watch exclusive shows and original local and regional productions Exclusively on Jawwy TV, in addition to the best free and coded TV channels anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, he offers a list of live TV broadcasts (the best in his class). It has partnered with major regional and international networks / radios such as MBC, Rotana, CNN, OSN and more to provide all users with their favorite free and encrypted channels, including news, entertainment, music and sports. So users can browse and watch TV shows, movies and live shows.

All this and more in one place and can be taken from one account.

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