Cabinet: Designing an electronic system to take on investors’ problems

Engineer Randa El-Minshawi, Senior Assistant to the Prime Minister, chaired the third meeting of the Permanent Investor Problem Solving Unit, to continue work to overcome obstacles and problems faced by investors and companies and to find solutions and their resolution, in the presence of the heads and officials of a number of bodies, stakeholders and interested investors.

Engineer Randa El-Minshawy confirmed at the beginning of the meeting that the unit continues to work to study the barriers faced by local and foreign investors and companies operating in Egypt in various fields, offering more than one way to receive complaints. and problems. The design of an electronic system within the Council of Ministers that receives investors ‘problems under the title (Electronic Portal for Investor Complaints) has been completed, which has been developed by the unit to develop appropriate solutions to investors’ problems in coordination with the competent authorities , in order to create an attractive environment for domestic and foreign investments, as well as to simplify the procedures related to the activity of investors.

She stressed that the electronic portal includes a number of components, which are the registration of the complaint by the investor and the documents to be attached, in addition to the activities of the permanent unit and news of interest to investors, as well as an information panel. . Follow the position of complaints and procedures for resolving them.

The portal can be accessed through the following link:, and the call center hotline: 16035 is available to receive investor complaints, or through the unified Government Complaints System hotline 16528, as well as via e-mail: [email protected]As well as through complaints registered in the unified government complaints system, in addition to investor service offices in government agencies and bodies.

Engineer Randa El-Minshawy said the portal has many advantages, including the ease of investors filing complaints and the ability to follow its procedures 24 hours a day under the slogan “speed – efficiency – simplification procedures”, which is a new one. start of investment in Egypt.

Also, working groups were formed in the system to receive investor complaints, present them to the permanent unit and their connection with the Investment Authority, noting the success of the permanent unit in solving the problems of investors in finding solutions. for the problems in question. . From a number of investors and representatives of several companies over the last period, and we will continue to seek to fix what is presented to the unit in the following period.

The First Deputy Prime Minister referred to the formation of the Technical Secretariat of the Permanent Investor Problem Solving Unit headed by Advisor Mohamed Abdel Wahab, CEO of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones, as well as the membership of the General Representatives. Investment and Free Zones Authority. The Council of Ministers, the Investment Authority, the Ministries of Defense and Interior and the Administrative Control Authority. And the General Intelligence Service and the administrative body dealing with the problem.

Engineer Randa Al-Minshawi added that the formation of sub-units of the Investor Problem Solving Unit in each ministry, headed by the deputy minister or the director of the minister’s office, has been completed. In order for her to have the ability to make decisions, and to be the link to the main unit, she said: In this context the units will be addressed to provide us with the problems being studied and the executive position of what. has been resolved, as well as the problems presented to the main commission.

At the same time, engineer Randa Al-Minshawi indicated that several coordination meetings have been held with several investors, ministries and relevant authorities. To discuss a number of requests and complaints, including the meeting attended by Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, Head of the Environmental Affairs Agency and Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Council of Ministers, to discuss problems related to the environmental requirements of the Region. number of companies. He also held a meeting with the President of the Egyptian Federation of Investor Associations. Discussion of the vision of the union and some of the requests submitted by it regarding the identification of vacancies in industrial complexes, where it was coordinated with the President of the Industrial Development Authority.

Al-Minshawi explained the most salient problems that were solved in coordination with the relevant ministries and authorities, including problems related to the issuance of special approvals for a number of projects, in addition to solving some customs problems in favor of a company. Where an agreement has been reached and arrangements are being made for repayment, in addition to obtaining approval for the issuance of an industrial register certificate, an offer to renew the approval shall be submitted to the Industrial Development Authority for a specified period up to expiring. date. Issuance of required licenses for the company.

The license for practicing the profession has been given to one of the bodies working in the field of medicine and the approval of the High Urban Planning Council for the heights of the buildings and their dimensions with this body and the decisions related to 113. approvals. The companies in this field.

The factory operating license has also been completed and the approval of the National Food Safety Authority is being obtained, in addition to completing the preparation of the mechanism at the Tax Authority to make tax payments for a company, as well as solving some problems. Problems related to investors in direct coordination with relevant ministries, including those related to documentary loans. And collects documents in direct coordination with the Ministry of Trade and Industry in accordance with the mechanism followed in this regard.

Engineer Randa Al-Minshawi said: “We are currently working on solving other problems that have been presented to the permanent unit for solving problems of investors, in cooperation and direct coordination with various ministries, authorities and relevant state agencies.”

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