Abortion: ‘I had to hide my feelings and I could not cry’

  • Nada Menzelji
  • BBC News Arabic

published photo, Getty Images

For seven years, Hanan has been riding the train on her way to work and she can have fun watching from the window as the train passes the same stations every day in and out, but before she reaches a certain station, she always does will surely turn the face to the other side. It’s the station you never want to see.

Hanan, is a nickname to preserve the privacy of a Moroccan woman, who for years lives in the Belgian capital, Brussels and is also a mother of two children. The last sentence is why she can not even look at that station.If it were not for her landing there one day in May 2014, Hanan would have three children today.

“It’s the closest station to the family planning center where I had my second pregnancy,” Hanan told BBC News Arabic.

Hanan has not forgotten that experience to this day, and its consequences are still present in one way or another in her life.

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