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In conditions such as those in the world today, talking about education, its quality, updating and keeping pace, and even predicting the needs of the labor market and the needs of nations for continued construction and sustainability, seems like a luxury. . But it is an imperative and a top priority. The safest way is good education and prevention of more epidemics and wars is efficient and flexible education that is able to push its owner, not only to overcome emergency difficulties, but also to find possible opportunities in crisis.

Many of the crises that Arab countries have faced over the decades, they would not have continued and penetrated, if they had efficient education systems. They all had education systems, but most of them were not good. It was full, bloated and full of many, which did not achieve a true renaissance, or left a clear Arab trace. Some fell into armed conflict, others found themselves incapable of removing the mantle of poverty, and even drowned in more of it. And a third group remained the same, neither progressing nor making a change.

The real difference between the countries of the world today lies in which of them will have the ability to take care of the education system, or maintain its interest in it, in the current circumstances. I am following with interest the steps taken by the United Arab Emirates for the development and modernization of the school education system through “Belt Schools”.

The password is for “public schools”. The state of education in a country will not be reformed, or its education system will achieve a real leap, only through international or private schools. The pillar of education lies in providing an efficient, distinctive, modern education that meets the needs of the time and realizes the demands of the future for the broad base of young people in every country, and not just for the young people who are capable. enroll in private, high-cost, or semi-costly schools.

Al-Ajyal schools promise global and competitive dimensions that increase educational outcomes and efficiency. It takes into account the integrity, quality and efficiency of all parties in the educational process, including students and teachers, as well as parents, where information is available about the philosophy, purpose and intent of the school. This integration, based on a full partnership between the Emirates Foundation for School Education, the school and the parent, is like a certificate guaranteeing the success of the system.

Some people think that the best and most effective education system is one that separates itself from the society to which it belongs and becomes a mirror of the education system in countries at the top of the world. But the truth is that the best education system is the best for the nation it serves, takes into account its interests and works to prepare it for a better future that combines the authenticity of history, the contemporaneity of the present and modernity and the future.

In this context, I recall what Egypt has been working on for more than five years, with a gradual modernization of the education system. The Ministry of Education and Technical Education in Egypt is working to modernize the education system, in form and content, starting from the kindergarten and elementary school years.

At the same time, Egypt introduced the element of digitalization into secondary education in both form and method of learning. of answers. , without gaining skills or adding faculties. These efforts, in parallel with the modernization of technical education and the addition of new branches in it, are poured directly into the labor market.

The labor market is the other side of the education system. For many years, education systems in the Arab world have run parallel to the labor market, where there is no contact or convergence. Today, the UAE is talking about the labor market education system at its center.

Occasionally, it adds a modernizing component that is closely related to the needs and demands of the labor market, which is in a state of constant and rapid change. These demands, added to those in the last years of weakness, fluctuations and revolutions that were not thought or thought.

Markets shrank, others expanded. The business closed its doors and opened other horizons and gates. The pandemic has told us we need more medical staff. He also told us that the form and future of work before the pandemic is very different from that after it. The Russo-Ukrainian war came to teach us another lesson.

Our food is not guaranteed. And anyone who does not have food in the kitchen cupboard is like one who has no kitchen at all. She also told us that the more political and strategic relations take into account diversity, the less will be the negative effects of world wars and international intrigues.

All of the above means that the education system of nations that want to progress or move forward with their rebirth needs a constant modernization and expansion of the development base, where public schools are a safety valve and a guarantee of stability.

Everyone looks at the experience of generational schools with great admiration and expects the first results of this good transplant, which is necessary to meet the developmental requirements, treatment needs and trauma prevention.


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