Talent Enterprise and DHL Express team up to launch a program to support women entrepreneurship

Increased efforts to promote inclusion and gender balance initiatives

47 female employees have been nominated to participate in DHL Express’s Women in Leadership 2022 program in line with the company’s global goal of having 30% of women in senior management positions..

The program is designed based on research conducted by The Talent Enterprise on issues of inclusion, gender balance, and leadership development based on strengths..

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Talent Enterprise, the award-winning global leader in human resource technology, based in the UAE, has launched a new partnership with DHL Express, the world-renowned logistics company. This came after the two companies designed the latest version of their core regional program, Women in Leadership 2022, which aims to support the next generation of female leaders at DHL..

The detailed four-month program is designed based on research on diversity and inclusion issues highlighted in the book. “Game Modifiers”And after using the latest data about this promising field. As for“Game Modifiers” It is a multi-award winning book and the authors are the founders of The Talent Enterprise, David Jones and Radhika Punchi in collaboration with Sophie Lou Ray.

Coincidentally, and in this context, Radhika Punchi, Founder and CEO of The Talent Enterprise, commented: “We see our partnership with DHL Express as nothing but a cause for pride. We look forward to hosting the program this year in the UAE, especially as it addresses the topic of leadership from the perspective of inclusion and gender balance and highlights key areas of work that have emerged after years of research, in particular, challenges, barriers and enabling factors. that have been valued with the help of women to discover the limits of their true potential. Our research also removes the cover of the unique paradoxes of most “emerging markets” and many “developed countries”, the loss of 50% of the female workforce during the labor transition. Therefore, in partnership with DHL, we seek to limit the spread of this phenomenon, as well as prepare women leaders with the right skills to lead the future.“.

Talent Enterprise research has shown that although female graduates make up 60% of the total graduates, they make up only 30-40% of the workforce. These percentages fall to 15% in managerial positions, from 7 to 8% in management positions and only 3 to 4% in board positions. This is an issue of particular concern and should be a strong incentive for companies to attract, develop and retain female talent, especially in critical transitions.

Also, on the other hand, the Corona pandemic (Covid-19) worsened the situation, as it placed a heavy burden on working women, which was evidenced by the growing withdrawal of female labor from the labor market due to family obligations. and personal. , not to mention the lack of flexibility in the jobs these women were looking for..

On the other hand, the inclusive program focuses on exploring the path of continuous career development and growth in future leadership positions for all participating women, in line with the efforts of both companies to promote the enrollment of women in leadership positions at work. The series of engagement support sessions, prepared and presented by The Talent Enterprise, focused on the concept of real leadership, business impact and the importance of leadership from a future perspective..

In another context, strategies to promote inclusion and gender balance are a cornerstone of many of the human capital services provided by The Talent Enterprise. Indeed, the Talent Enterprise for its part has supported a number of regional and global organizations to implement strategies aimed at promoting inclusion and gender balance, including Chalhoub Group, Dubai International Airport, Commercial International Bank and DXC Technology. Talent Enterprise is also known for providing a wide range of psychometric-based human resource solutions to enable individuals and societies to better understand and nurture existing human capital, foster a thriving organizational culture, and attract new talents..

Finally, and at the end of the four-month program, which falls in July 2022, participants will have the opportunity to present what they have learned by giving unique and influential TEDx-style presentations. TED-xThe Talent Company will then share the overall results of the group with the DHL team, seeking to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the collective of future leaders..

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