Schneider Electric unveils new research and innovation to boost IT infrastructure readiness to keep pace with carbon-neutral operations

Schneider Electric research reveals a gap in sustainability practices in data center and IT fields

The newly opened innovations support the following wave of sustainability and resilience practices in data centers and distributed IT operations, including:

Strategic partnership with technology service provider Kyndryl

– New version of MySchneider IT Partner Program

The most durable UPS to date, the Smart-UPS Modular Ultra

– Extension of EcoStruxure IT DCIM software

Schneider Electric, the global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today published three independent research studies highlighting the level of maturity achieved by the sustainability initiatives of information technology organizations and data centers, and more specifically , the extent of development. achieved by companies operating in the information technology sector and data centers in terms of its visions and strategies for achieving zero carbon operations and achieving zero net emissions. The results of three studies conducted by prominent analysts at the sector level were presented during an event entitled “The future begins today: Equipping infrastructure”.

“Data centers play an important role in guiding the transition to what is known as Electricity 4.0, which we believe is key to changing the trajectory of climate change. As industry leaders, it is our responsibility to grow and unite. efforts to rapidly advance environmental and effective engagements. ” Mr. Pankaj Sharma, Executive Vice President, Safe Power, Schneider Electric

IT infrastructure to keep pace with the requirements of carbon neutral operations “, after revealing a gap in sustainability procedures and practices in the IT sector and data centers.

Research 451, Forrester and Canalys independently collected data from more than 3,000 global participants, including the largest hosting providers of servers, software and cloud services, IT solution providers and IT professionals in many countries. Overall, the results showed that there is a discrepancy between the level that companies across the data center and the information technology sector believe they have achieved and the actual implementation of full sustainability programs across their entire IT infrastructure. -së. operations, 26% of respondents reported that they have developed integrated sustainability programs covering all aspects of infrastructure, but only 14% are taking action. The analysis also concluded that 22% of respondents do not have sustainability as their main focus, despite launching numerous initiatives to improve efficiency in specific areas of operation.

On June 12, Schneider Electric held a live event on LinkedIn, where company executives discussed the so-called “Wind of Electricity 4.0” – a term that refers to digital electrical convergence, which contributes to a sustainable future by intensifying efforts and the viability of operating companies. The data center and information technology sector has the responsibility to tackle the climate crisis. Speakers during the event also exchanged knowledge on the research and new innovations announced.

“Data centers play an important role in guiding the transition to what has become known as Electricity 4.0, which we believe is key to changing the trajectory of climate change,” said Pankaj Sharma, Executive Vice President, Safe Energy, Schneider Electric. our responsibility to intensify and join efforts to advance our environmental commitments quickly and effectively. We have made some progress, but to succeed in avoiding the great energy challenge, everything must

Data centers – including distributed edge data centers – are more stable, efficient, resilient, and resilient. The results of the research are clear, as companies operating in this sector understand the importance of greater focus on sustainable practices, but there are still some challenges that stand in the way of taking more effective action and we need a collective effort to to overcome them. The good news is that the technologies needed to take action in the area of ​​sustainability exist today. “Now is the time to act.”

In addition to these research studies, from its global headquarters in Paris, Schneider Electric has launched several innovations and new solutions designed to help data center and IT professionals make progress towards their sustainability goals.

Partnerships to expand collaboration, accelerate success and sustainability

To tackle the climate crisis and make tangible progress on sustainability objectives, no company can do this alone. Schneider Electric works with a network of partners to foster innovation and collaboration, and to offer more efficient and sustainable scale products and solutions. To further this progress, Schneider Electric today announced a new partnership with IT service provider Kyndryl, according to which the two companies will strengthen cooperation to make the process of bringing new solutions to market more smooth and efficient, expanding the portfolios of our IT ecosystem partners. The Global Strategic Alliance will ensure greater sustainability through various programs including recycling, small grids, lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems.

Updated IT Partner Program to help partners grow their businesses

Relying on its legacy of award-winning industry innovation, Schneider Electric developed the IT Partner Program to help partners grow their businesses and increase their long-term competitive advantage. The new program update supports partners in the IT ecosystem through a simplified structure and diversified specializations for key sectors, including data centers, IT solutions, software and services with a new set of tools, training and potential resources. The new program also includes new features that are consistent with the specialization tracks it offers and present a sustainability strategy

Visible to partners with Schneider Electric’s Green Premium zgjidh solutions, which offer consistent performance and a circular design approach. Partners can become strategic advisors and experts in their markets across multiple IT disciplines Enabling the development of different business models, simplifying and increasing the level of transparency regarding requirements and benefits, and promoting focused practices in the IT ecosystem.

The most stable uninterrupted single-phase intelligent power supply of this type was launched

Schneider Electric also unveiled the APC Smart-UPS Modular Ultra, the industry’s first modular unit with lithium-ion technology. The new 2.5x high-performance modular scalable design with 2.5x power density offers extended protection and flexibility, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and a longer life cycle – allowing customers to expand their business their or modify them as needs grow or change. The circular approach to the design of the new UPS combined with lithium-ion technology, makes it the smallest, lightest and most powerful UPS of its kind to date. The innovative, durable and scalable UPS will receive Green Premium certification.

EcoStruxure IT software ecosystem meets the requirements for monitoring and managing hybrid IT infrastructure

Furthermore, the company announced the expansion of its award-winning EcoStruxure IT DCIM software ecosystem. This update contributes to the development of data center infrastructure management software from individual data centers to fully cover the hybrid IT environment and to meet the requirements of companies operating in this sector for a more flexible IT infrastructure , safe and durable. The EcoStruxure software ecosystem includes a dedicated solutions team with highly skilled engineers speaking 24 languages, providing support to customers worldwide.

Industry professionals from around the world can try out the new software and evaluate the security for free for 30 days by creating an EcoStruxure IT account. Visit for the availability of individual offers or create an account.

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