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Nabataeans –

Badia Al Nuaimi

It would be better to call this book a plan or project, not a novel.

An Old New Earth (The Tunnelian) is a fantasy novel by Theodor Herzl. He wrote it in 1902 and presented his vision for the future state of the Jews in the land of Palestine and what it would look like in 25 years.

The novel was conducted from an introduction to Michael Asaf, in which he examined the most important factors that helped the emergence of the Zionist movement. He also quickly addressed the relations of the Jewish people with the land of Palestine about 4000 years ago and their temporary exodus from it for their stability in the diaspora and non-extinction despite the persecution they underwent, especially in Eastern Europe by the hands of the anti-Semitic movement.

The introduction also presents the biography of Theodor Herzl, the author of this novel, who revealed the intentions of the Zionist leaders towards the Arab inhabitants of Palestine.

The novel tells the life of Dr. Frederick Levenberg, an imaginary character who is similar to the writer. Frederick, a lawyer, lives in Vienna, where he despairs of his life due to his failure to get his girlfriend Ernestina, the son of a fortune named Leffler, and this coincides with his discovery of an advertisement through his friend Schiff, who drew this. advertisement in one of the newspapers at the coffee table, as he could not fulfill its purpose. The advertisement says on p. 14 (We are looking for a desperate, educated young man who is ready to give his life one last experience … Please see No Body).

Frederick then meets the owner of the ad, a fifty-year-old named Kenfs Kurt, of German descent, who relinquished his military rank and made a fortune after moving to America. He married a young girl, the daughter of an employee who works for him, and later discovers that she is cheating on him with a grandson who lives under his control. He then releases her and decides to isolate himself after giving up the idea of ​​suicide.

He lived alone on a boat, floating on the surface of the water, but wanted a friend not to forget to talk and find someone to close his eyes to before death. Frederick agrees to accompany him and leaves Vienna after securing a Jewish family that embodies the suffering of the Jewish people in the diaspora with a large sum of money.

The ship sails to the place of isolation and passes through the island of Crete, and here Kevin suggests to Frederick to visit the land of Palestine, Frederick replies that it has nothing to do with it and that the Semites are the ones who claim it is a homeland for the Jews.

After Kings convinces his friend Frederick, the ship sails for Jaffa, and here the writer falsifies the facts when he begins to describe the two heroes’ impression of him, describing him as negligence and difficulty in climbing the harbor and alleys disgusting. filled with filthy aromas, then describes the road leading to Jerusalem that saw nothing but sand, swamps and plains of primitive villages. Here, the writer’s intentions become clear from that claim when the hero says that the Jews will turn him into a paradise by doing agriculture after bringing water to its lands. All this to convince the world that Palestine is a primitive land inhabited by people many miles behind civilization. After a Russian doctor of Russian descent in Jerusalem advises them to visit the settlements, they discover that they are like oases in the middle of a barren ocean.

The ship then sails to the land of solitude in 1902, to return again to Palestine after twenty years have passed and everything has changed, where tall buildings and palm trees hang with lamps that illuminate the night, trading companies, banks and people dressed in bright oriental clothes and western clothes, and the city is printed in a European style and tiled streets and electric air train. The writer after him, Herzl, imagined him and moved him wherever he wanted a complete state with his departments and ministries. He also imagined the familiarity between Jews and Arabs through the family of Rashid bey, who says on p.103 (He who did not take anything from you, but gave you something, do you consider him a thief? The Jews enriched us, so why do we complain, they live with us as brothers, and why do not we love them?

Those Jews that Herzl, embodied in Dr. Frederick, describing them as brothers, are the same ones who did not hesitate to commit massacres against the Palestinian people, the landowner. What lies and falsifications of facts he presented to the world only by refusing. to prove the theory that they are the owners of right and peace!

What stands out in this novel (project) is the project he talked about, the project of the canal from the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea, an idea of ​​a Swiss engineer that was introduced to Theodore Herzl in the late nineteenth century, and it is actually a project that the subject began to study in 1976, but did not succeed.

There are serious facts mentioned by the narrator that revolve around what he imagined, or rather, those he laid out as future plans for the leaders of Zionism, such as his mention of the existence of laboratories for the production of microbes, p. 128 (Your foundation, as I understand it, is like a chemical kitchen, so what are you cooking, professor? An epidemic of cholera, diphtheria and tuberculosis …) The reader should. Here is the examination of this phrase, which is reached in the twenty-first century, that there are viruses and bacteria that have already been cooked and cooked that have killed a large number of people ..

Many of the facts that we can not include in these lines were mentioned in the novel openly before the world.

But in the end the danger of this novel appears through what the writer has included under the name of the conclusion on p.211, which is a commandment to the Jews (but if you do not strengthen your resolve, then all I have said here you are nothing but a legend and you will remain a legend) This must have been an order from Herzl, the spiritual father of Zionism, in order for the Jews to unite in the land of Palestine and create the state they dreamed of.

This is what really happened …

Badia Al Nuaimi

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