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French romantic drama One Fine Morning, winner of the Cannes Film Festival Award for Best European Film, and one of its best screenings for 2022, directed by Mia Hansen Love and French star Léa Seydoux, e which starred in the presentation of a touching drama in front of veteran Pascal.Gregory.

The film comes within the wave of dramatic films full of human feelings, dealing with the troubled relationship between the girl and her father who suffers from “madness” and the conflict she may experience between her practical and emotional life, and her adherence to standing next to her father on his ordeal.

The most famous of these films in 2020, were “The Father”, with British star Sir Anthony Hopkins and “The Roads Not Taken” with Spanish star Javier Bardem.

“Good Morning” is the second film – after the 2009 film “The Father of My Children” – by young French writer and director Hansen Love (born 1981), which won 10 international film awards, along with 31 other nominations; Which gives parents a lot of space in a template “characterized by the sweetness of a mixture of happiness and sadness”.

This is evident in this emotional film, which revolves around an hour and 52 minutes on the question “the secret of what the heart wants and what it can give in return,” says critic Peter Bradshaw.

Emotionally closed doors

“Beautiful Morning”, a Paris-based tale, easily and gracefully described by Hansen Love, whose features appear gently and without vulgarity, for a woman who “bends and does not break”, who resists difficulties by adjusting priorities her and allowing herself. love, which eases some unbearable times.

She continues to act intuitively and with deep emotions, until she draws us to her weary personality, her tired eyes, her slightly sloping shoulders, and her expressions that suggest she is on the verge of collapse from despair. ; all this, even for a moment that puts oneself in regret; “She is not a martyr or a victim, but a lonely human being who wants pride,” says critic John Frosh.

At first glance, it does not take a few seconds to identify Sandra (Léa Seda) as a woman walking down a Parisian street, in jeans and short hair that “makes her look more practical than in dress or class.” , says Bradshaw.

Sandra – whose husband died 5 years ago – has a daughter about 8 years old, her name is Lynn (baby Camille Lieben Martins), and Sandra works in the field of interpretation, from English and German to French, at conferences, celebrations and events different.

The heroine seems to be a smart and capable professional figure whose circumstances pushed her a little to the margins of life and forced her to close the doors of her emotional heart because of the losses she caused as a result of her dedication and dedication. in the care of her elderly, ailing father, Professor George (whose role is played by Pascal Gregory with a rare beauty), professor of philosophy, who suffers from “Benson syndrome”; Which is a form of “dementia” and causes vision loss and a gradual deterioration of mental abilities.

Young widow and unattainable love

Sandra, by order of her estranged mother, Françoise (Nicole Garcia), tried to send the sad and confused old man to a special care home, but she had shocking reactions and was horrified and saddened when she saw these places. where she. imagined it would be terrible for her father, until He despaired of finding a better place, worthy of the life he lived before his illness.

In the midst of these charged and complex feelings that pervade her, which need something like a miracle to go through, and in parallel with all this, Sandra meets an old friend who walks with his little boy in garden without waiting for this coincidence to shine. an immediate spark in her gloomy life that would pull her into a mistake with a married man, could not continue a relationship with her.

So Sandra is divided between two men emotionally inaccessible to her, the first is her sick father, with whom she has a nice chemistry, but he hurts the feelings when she visits him and forgets who he is and where they are, while looking happier. to see the woman he loved after the separation from his mother, though she has done little to help him in the present situation, so much so that Sandra feels that her father’s books and his wall-to-wall shelves are closer to her than he is. itself.

The second husband is her new secret friend, Clement (Melville Pobod), with whom she feels real weakness and a wild romance, and after drowning in his feelings, he struggles to free himself from any sense of moral obligation to her because he is still in a relationship with the woman, the daughter daughter.

Sad serenity colored with calm confidence

“While few directors pay attention to the passage of time, the changes that come with it, and the way we continue to stumble and stumble, until we finally adapt,” says critic David Ehrlich, Hansen Love stops at her Un beau mat) “In the face of life’s twists and turns, as well as its unexpected joys,” according to critic Froch.

Just as you did in the movie “Bergman Island” 2021, and before it the movie “Things to Come” 2016, in French (L’avenir), comes the beautiful, poetic, painful at the same time and the most reaped . for prices.

Love turns to capturing themes from what she explores during her career, such as love and death, heartbreak and helplessness, parent-child relationships, the search for the meaning of independence, the supporting power of passion, especially in her new film , which is more emotionally and philosophically complex, as well as the burden of caring, health and transmitting culture from one generation to the next.

Because Hansen Love is “a keen reader of the human heart and mind,” she is not interested in punishing her characters or audience, and her new film is “warm and lively, full of quick touches. stinging humor, alternating with very obscure events, but without any trace of melodrama or misery.

Despite the stress and suffering as it appears on screen, “the prevailing mood is a sad calm colored by a hasty and calm belief that life will indeed go on,” says Froch.

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