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Klaus Schwab’s view of the future and artificial intelligence is seriously flawed. He argues that the fusion of the political, physical, digital and biological worlds will have a transformative effect on every aspect of human existence. He insists that this will vary from the way we live our lives, the way we operate, the reshaping of economic models, the products we sell and I believe in his self-deception, the ability to extend our lives indefinitely. Of course, his group, Yuval Noah Harari, dreams of turning society into programmed robots. Meanwhile, Albert Burla, CEO of Pfizer, dreams of putting chips in every pill that provides a central database that you have received his latest innovation.

Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution is seriously flawed because he does not understand the actual programming of artificial intelligence. Yes, in terms of artificial intelligence, I do not believe in the view that if you throw a mountain of data, the computer will evolve somewhat and will understand everything and come up with a force or a conclusion. They did it at IBM with Big Blue. They thought he would find a cure for cancer – he failed. There is something more that makes our brain work. that she not Simply a neural network and an awareness emerges somehow because of all the connections. Surely they are trying to imitate the brain and see us simply as a biological life form without realizing that there is something much deeper.

Maybe the night you suddenly fell in love with your partner. You are out for dinner and your subconscious mind has recorded everything – the place, the food, the music, what they are wearing. You are consciously not noticing all these variables. But years later, you listen to that song, enjoy the same food, or revisit the place. Suddenly, without trying to remember, the event is revived again. You can close your eyes and watch the action as if it were a recorded movie. Our brain actually records everything without trying. Creating a neural network and throwing all that information out there does not recreate that ability.

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) and Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) were deeply immersed in mind building. Their view of the subconscious was the result of a very deep self-analysis. Socrates is different. I created trails and taught her how to analyze. I spend a lot of time self-analyzing how I trade and what I would look like as an international hedge fund manager. I needed to understand how the mind works on both the conscious and subconscious levels.

Because I knew I would never become a sidewalk again, I got a dog. You taught me how the mind works as well. She is thinking. She has a strategy. It has the same range of emotions that we have, from boredom to excitement. I can see it thinking. It is clear that she is communicating through her eyes and body language. There is an innate ability to communicate with dogs which has evolved over the centuries, which is one of the main reasons why the love relationship between humans and dogs has lasted for centuries. There is a distinct understanding between dogs and humans, which is extraordinary, but also a look in itself. She predicts where I will go when I wake up and will gently notify me when she is hungry. But to my surprise, she will play ball, but then she will try to make me go get it. She would knock the bowl if it was out of the water, but then if she wanted me to stop, she would knock the bowl because she knew the voice would make me leave the office.

There is another aspect not only to our mind but also to the way the dog thinks, which reveals to me that the failure of AI with machine learning is that it is one-dimensional. There is a much deeper level of activity beyond our conscious mind that they try to replicate with neural networks. My dog ​​has already improved my understanding of how to really build AI, which is fundamentally different from a one-dimensional neural network.

My dog ​​understands so many words that it is amazing. I was talking to a friend who had just mentioned the word “dog”, and she got up and ran straight to the window to see any dog ​​that dared to enter her domain. If you say we are going shopping, go to the front door. If I say we will walk, she runs to the back door. She clearly understands a lot more languages ​​than I expected. A 2020 study by researchers at Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary They found that while dogs may not understand the small details in human speech, they may actually understand the basic words of their owners.

What he taught me is that even a dog has a conscious and unconscious mind. She dreams as we go. It’s really amazing to notice. This is simply more complicated than setting up a one-dimensional neural network, tossing a data set, shaking (not shaking) and hoping for the best. Their theory that accelerating the ability to calculate and add parameters to models was not actually a game change. Models are faster, playing chess or Jeopardy, they can defeat a man because they have the ability to test every possible result in minutes. But this is the problem. They can impress everyone quickly, but they can not create something new. This was IBM’s Big Blue failure.

Creativity required Imagination, contract extension and speed do not stimulate the imagination. Without imagination, we can not create a real change of game. Thus, all Schwabs who hail from AI that will lead the world to its fourth industrial revolution lack the essential ingredient, which is not found in the conscious mind, but is buried in the subconscious realm where we hide our talents, our dreams and our dreams. . Long-lost memories. This is why Socrates made an original prediction.

So I took a different approach. Socrates not A one-dimensional neural network. do not worry. You will not suddenly come back to life and decide to eliminate the inferior species known to humans. But the world Schwab imagines is not real. It leads only, not to the critical capacity for creativity, which exists only in freedom, but to oppression and conformity precisely as a result of Marx’s experience which we call socialism / communism. Communism collapsed because it suppressed creativity. This also requires Freedom.

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