200% increase in the cost of summer vacation for those who book

  • Kabsha: The increase in air ticket prices is related to variables that companies can not control
  • Bedr: Round trip ticket prices to an active destination increased from 110 to 300 dinars

Ali Ibrahimi

The summer travel season is marking a significant increase in ticket and hotel prices in some destinations, with rates reaching 200%.

Specialists in the tourism and travel sector stressed that price increases are justified during an extraordinary travel season, in which demand increased after the lifting of Corona restrictions, not to mention the rise in the price of oil and the subsequent rise in the price of fuel, but the increase in the cost of the holiday increases for those who book late, especially those who book early enjoy competitive prices, whether for plane tickets or hotels.

At first, tourism expert Kamal Kabsha says that the travel season during the current summer witnessed an increase in plane ticket prices, which reached about 200% compared to bookings made two months and more ago, for some reasons as follows:

1- High Fuel Prices: Rising global oil prices and their stability at $ 120 a barrel pushed fuel prices to rise naturally, which is a kind of additional operational cost for each flight.

2- Changes in supply and demand: The current travel season is experiencing an unprecedented and growing demand for travel, which can not be met by offering a larger number of seats due to the different capabilities of operating companies, which contributed to rising prices.

3- Increase in the number of passengers: the number of passengers during the current season marked a record increase in figures that can reach the level of 250%, which justifies the increase in demand for travel.

4- Opening of new destinations: the announcement by national airlines of the launch of new destinations in succession has increased the number of destinations they can reach directly from Kuwait and has opened new horizons for citizens to explore new places , which has increased the demand for travel. again.

5- Climate change: Many citizens and residents prefer to spend their holidays outside Kuwait in summer with high temperatures, so they go to other countries whose temperatures are lower than Kuwait to spend their holidays, which increases the demand for travel.

6- Annual vacations: Most Kuwaitis, especially families, prefer to travel and spend their annual summer vacations after completing their children’s studies, which increases the demand for travel.

Kabsha stressed that the increase in the price of air tickets by companies is an expected and justified issue because it is directly related to variables that companies can not control, not to mention that the summer travel season is the most functional period for all airlines in world. Unjustified, but given the variety of economic factors in this regard, the whole picture becomes clear.

For his part, the chairman of the Board of Directors of Como Travels, Muhammad Badr, said that ticket prices rose by up to 200% in some destinations with high travel demand, indicating that those who planned the summer trip 3 months ago were round. travel ticket “Kuwait Istanbul.” Kuwait ”starts from 110 dinars, but its prices have currently reached the level of 300 dinars.

Badr noted that the longer the passenger is late in booking, the higher the cost for him, especially since airlines offer tickets with a sub-class system, so you find that the first segment includes a number of seats with the lowest price on the flight, while the second installment increases in price until reservations are made for the aircraft seats at the time of flight. Higher price, so we always advise you to plan your trip and book early.

Al-Badr stressed that the current problem faced by travelers is the significantly high prices of hotel reservations, as the cost of overnight stay in Turkey and Europe witnessed an increase in prices ranging from 100 to 250% per night, which constituted an additional cost for travelers. between high and constant demands to travel.

Badr stated that the “Schengen” visa and the time it takes now has pushed many citizens to change their travel destination, so that a significant number of them leave European destinations this summer and reset their compass to Asian countries. Eastern, which is a convenient and relatively less costly option at the moment.

Al-Mutairi in Al-Anbaa: Here are 6 tips to travel at a lower cost

The head of the Federation of Tourism and Travel Agencies, Muhammad Al-Mutairi, pointed out that the increase in the price of air tickets to some popular destinations is due to high demand, not to mention that the increase in the price of hotels in those countries does not is. something to worry about for those who plan to travel late, as it is always possible through the offices spread in Kuwait, choose the options suitable for all travelers, through the following:

1- Travel time: It is possible to set travel time and return at different times during the holidays.

2- Transit travel: If direct flights have a high cost at the time of travel, transit travel options can be used, which can significantly save the cost of travel tickets.

3- Hotel options: the traveler to the destinations that has seen an increase in hotel prices, in which he has stayed, may seek other less expensive options, not to mention the opportunity to get new experiences in it which can find more fun. during travel at a relatively simple cost.

4- Changing destinations: Many travelers are accustomed to certain destinations and this has become an annual routine for them, as they can have a more enjoyable and exciting experience traveling to new places that are less costly for them. rather than routine destinations. are considered a new experience they gain and new destinations may become preferred.

5- Plan early: Citizens and residents who want to travel should plan their vacation early, at least 3 months before the trip, specifying the destination, their number, length of stay and their budget for that vacation.

6- Early booking: After the trip planning, reservations must be made in advance, to take advantage of the competitive prices offered at the beginning of the season booking opening, which will reduce the cost for them.

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