Travel and tourism offices: 70% of citizens book foreign tourism

They confirmed the lack of domestic tourist service facilities

Poll – Laila Al-Rajibiyah:
Numër A number of airlines and travel and tourism offices have confirmed that there have been large bookings at the offices since the beginning of last April, and there are bookings that have been confirmed for travel until next September by citizens and residents to pass fundin. vacation of the year outside the Sultanate of Oman, noting that there is a large percentage of citizens who have confirmed reservations to spend summer holidays abroad, as most destinations for citizens are concentrated in East Asian and European Union countries, which are proving the most demand so far in terms of the percentage of bookings, ■■
They stressed that the lack of tourist service facilities in the governments of the Sultanate of Oman significantly affected the reluctance of citizens to travel within the country and head to foreign destinations.
The owners of the travel offices confirmed that the airlines and the travel and tourism offices are working during this period to submit summer offers for tourist trips abroad, as the percentage of reservations from citizens for foreign tourism varies so far from 60% to 75 % and most of them. destinations are concentrated in India, London, Paris and Italy.
Airlines and travel and tourism offices confirmed that there are many reasons that have influenced the change of views of a large number of citizens to turn to foreign tourism due to reasonable prices for their income compared to tourism exceeding their budgets, through rising hotel and apartment prices, as well as the lack of what the tourist aspires to, which is in proportion to the age of the children, emphasizing that they prefer to go to Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan, for due to hotel prices during their stay. has affordable.
“Economic Homeland” met with a number of owners of aviation, travel and tourism offices, where Saeed Al-Habsi, the secret office of Al-Athaiba Travel and Tourism, said: Regarding the nature of the reservations, their destination is Turkey, Iran and Bosnia. In the summer, the effects of the Corona and the decisions and measures taken have been a major obstacle to not traveling to it since last May, and bookings for tourism and travel are in place by Omani citizens until August. next.
He added: Turkey occupies the list of destinations for travelers for the current summer because of its tourist potential, despite higher ticket prices, accommodation and transport than they were in previous years due to economic changes such as rising prices and fluctuations. of oil and other economic, but the participation is large due to the atmosphere and prices of accommodation and roaming Slightly convenient compared to hotel prices within the Sultanate of Oman, in addition to the speed of movement between the inner cities of Turkey and at higher prices lower than the movement between Muscat and Salalah, so you see many citizens who prefer the tourist destination in Turkey.
Al Habsi said: “Although the Khareef season in Governor Salalah has started, but due to the price of travel tickets to Muscat / Salalah and the high cost of living in terms of accommodation and transportation, the number of bookings in Governor Salalah during the current season is is estimated at only 10% so far, and the comparison is imposed despite the fact that the atmosphere of rising temperatures is similar in all Gulf countries, but there are countries that have made many offers in terms of hotels and other tourist attractions. Percentage of tourism in Thailand is also declining due to the small number of flights and the increase in travel tickets, so we have presented a series of suitable offers for everyone to facilitate the trip and enjoy the summer holidays.
Prices of home hotels
As for the guide Jahja Al-Balushi, he spoke saying: The Korona pandemic has conquered the whole world, so many citizens have refrained from traveling abroad due to the difficulty of the procedures, which is owned by the Sultanate of Oman, but we see a low rate of domestic tourism due to lack of tourist facilities and high increase in hotel prices, especially in Jabal Al Akhdar and Dhofar province.Tourist.
Triple the growth of foreign tourism
Faisal Al-Saidi, Director of Olive Green’s Travel and Tourism Office, said: “Since the beginning of the summer, the office has made a number of offers in various destinations, which are Asian, European, African and Arab countries. bookings have tripled compared to previous years, especially the ban period over the last two years in line with health precautions against the Covid 19 explosion, so the rate of foreign tourism for this year is very high by Omani citizens and almost all booking tickets are sold out, although bookings continue until next September, he stressed that booking tickets to Governor Salalah are still declining compared to bookings for foreign tourism, despite the Sultanate of Oman being very rich tourism components in terms of climate diversity in different governments, but what we lack are tourism facilities and high transport and hotel prices.
The great revival of foreign tourism
For his part, Khalil Al Balushi, owner of a travel agency, said: After the suspension of a number of flights over the past two years, this summer is experiencing a large crowd for travel abroad, so foreign tourism has flourished through many citizens making reservations. before last May, and the percentage of bookings has reached 60% to 75%, Oman destination in India and Europe in London, Paris and Italy in general, in addition to the tourist destination in Turkey, has received a larger share of tourist destinations . season, so we have presented a package of promotional offers despite the high prices, but they remain within the income opportunities of citizens, encouraging and competitive with high prices Hotels abroad up to 15 percent compared to summer prices in previous years , but the demand is constantly increasing from citizens and residents to travel abroad. In terms of travel in domestic tourism, we have daily trips to the Governor of Salalah. Low tourist service, but the domestic tourist destination remains beautiful for some.
Great activity for foreign tourism
Moaz bin Muslim Al Hosani from the Al Hosani Travel and Tourism Office said: Most of the citizens started preparing to travel before last May, for fear of running out of airline seats, so we see that most bookings have been sold, and for its percentage. has reached more than 50%. Destinations of citizens and residents to Turkey, Iran, Bosnia and Azerbaijan, and as we expected, the current summer has taken a high and active curve, unlike the last two years, due to the strictness of procedures when traveling abroad, for fear of the Covid 19 eruption, and because of the high temperatures in the Gulf region in general, we see citizens heading too far towards moderately hot and cold places.
Domestic tourism is modest
As for Qais bin Hamdan Al Ameri, a tourist guide, he said: Elements of tourism in the Sultanate of Oman and the ecological diversity it possesses; It contains plain, coastal, plateau and mountain environment. Distinctive climate, as its climate is warm in winter and mild in summer. And folklore in handicrafts, arts and traditional industries. Security and political stability in the country, but all domestic tourist destinations need further development and maintenance of available services, in addition to diversifying entertainment options for young people and families to increase tourist attractions between citizens and residents of different tastes , as well as improving the investments of the sultanate component that are not available in many It is one of the countries that has achieved tremendous tourism boom and has many experiences worth studying and gaining to support our local tourism sector.
Many Omani people prefer foreign tourism because of the variety of options and attractions, in addition to concern for quality in the provision of tourist services. As for domestic tourism, it is still not able to compete, despite the ingredients that the Sultanate has in abundance.

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