Top 10 specialty coffee shops in Dubai

The taste of caffeinated coffee has an irresistible beauty, its cup has a profound effect on the mood of its owner, able to remove the pain from him and give him a dose of activity and vitality, and its presence every breakfast is a must, its love. caused the greatest and greatest poets to write in-house and poem by poem.
Despite the different types of coffee around the world, the experience of drinking a cup of coffee is an experience that can not be compromised or compromised for coffee lovers, regardless of the type or place of consumption; Therefore, in this topic from Madam Net, we present you the 10 best specialty coffee cafes located in the Emirate of Dubai.

Espresso Laboratories

Under the slogan “Coffee is a journey, not a destination”, the Espresso Lab café located at G Dubai Design and in the Al Quoz neighborhood in Dubai seeks to provide the best possible experience for coffee lovers for a memorable cup. To the special water that is used in the preparation, to which some substances are added to control its salinity (filtered water).

The café was founded by Emirati businessman Ibrahim Al-Malouhi, who was officially awarded the title of “Coffee Gourmet” by the World Coffee Organization in 2015, in addition to a degree in coffee specialty, from the American Barista School in 2013, and Passion of early pushed him to research and study coffee secrets for 14 years. Coffee lovers call him the “coffee godfather”.

Emirati businessman Ibrahim Al-Mallouhi, who has the title of “coffee gourmet”

This cafe was ranked among the 20 best cafes in the world and its founder aspires to change the world view of it, return to its glories that adhered to the Arab culture and open branches of its cafe in America and Europe.

Cafe PDL

A quiet cafe with a unique perspective on Sheikh Zayed Road near Al Safa Park in the Emirates of Dubai. It serves special types of coffee along with a range of unique desserts. It is famous for its “coconut cake”, which diners are advised to try along with a cup of coffee.

Meeting with coffee

Coffee lovers in the Emirates of Dubai can go to the coffee capital of the world without traveling to it, which is the Australian city of Melbourne, through the café Encounter Coffee Roasters The best coffee regions in the world.

MILK Coffee

Milk Bakery Café is one of the best places to serve dessert, coffee and a varied breakfast menu in the Emirate of Dubai, and its name is inspired by milk, which is a key ingredient in many roasted products and coffee drinks, and interior design. of the country is an urban and cozy space that aims to focus on uniting people in a community Fika is a term that means gathering around coffee and cake.
The café serves the best specialty coffees imported from The Barn Berlin & Drop Coffee Stockholm, both highly regarded, known for their unique tastes and their relationships with sustainable coffee growers.

Raw coffee

The café located in the Al Manara area of ​​Dubai is packed with fresh coffee and coffee beans to provide an exceptional experience for coffee lovers.

Roseleaf Bakery & Cafe

Decorated as a greenhouse, among the most beautiful plants, coffee lovers and lovers can live a wonderful experience in the “Rosleaf” cafe in the “Dubai Garden Center” or in the Emirates Golf Club.
If you are also a tea lover, the café lets you explore a range of premium Avancha leaf teas served in ancient Chinese cups of tea.


With a minimalist Japanese design, strong brand and high quality coffee beans, the “% Arabica” cafe serves the best coffee from all over the world that is produced especially for them from their coffee plantations.


It is considered as one of the youth entertainment cafes that offers a pleasant experience for coffee lovers through its two branches located in the Emirate of Dubai. The place is characterized by its youthful spirit that enables the visitor to enjoy a cup of coffee along with most good. types of luxury cakes offered by a professional team.

Stumping Grounds

Located in one of the most luxurious areas within the Emirate of Dubai, Jumeirah Street, Stomping Grounds offers a great experience for coffee lovers through a selection of specialized coffees that have been rated as the best in the region.

Pour the beans

If you are a fan of enjoying a cup of coffee in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere along with a large variety of books, the cafe “Spill the Bean” will be an ideal place.

The café offers a wide variety of coffees, with lots of flavor and taste, and offers a wide range of options for a healthy and delicious breakfast.

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