This is how House of Wisdom high school graduates in Nazareth draw the features of the future

Bait Al-Hikma High School in Nazareth celebrated the graduation of a new group of students at the end of the week. About 231 students graduated in the presence and joy of the people

Students, their families and friends.
This group is considered the first to graduate under the supervision of principal Sama Fahoum Darawsheh, who this year took over her duties as school principal.
The celebration was attended by members of the municipality and the mayor of Nazareth, Ali Salam, who congratulated the students and wished them a successful future.

Bani, in collaboration with Hala TV, observed the atmosphere of joy at the ceremony and spoke to a number of graduates about the moments and memories that will remain in their minds from their school days, as well as asked them about their ambitions and dreams.

“I feel very happy”
Student Mohamed Odeh said during his interview with the correspondent of the Bani website and the Hala channel: “I feel very happy and excited to have graduated, after all the long years we have lived here, we are graduating and coming out for the big life. One of The things I will not forget from the school days are the different and enjoyable trips, but the most difficult moments are that I lived in school, when I failed the exams, I will miss the sweet moment .. and my friends, I aspire to specialize in the field of interior design at university. ”

“I am very happy and excited”
For his part, graduate student Mohab Al-Ahmad said: “I am very happy and excited. Many people told me that life after graduation will be difficult, but I do not think it will be so difficult. Through experiences, things get easier.The most difficult moments I lived in school were when we took the first Grout exam, the exam was difficult and I felt a lot of pressure.the thing I will miss the most are friends and teachers “I aspire to become a mechanical engineer in the future.”

For his part, Munther Barbour said: “The best moments we lived in school were when we went on a certain trip, while the most difficult moments were when our exam results came out. I will miss everything in school and I aspire to teach engineering at university. “

“I aspire to learn x-ray in the future.”
On the other hand, Jihad graduate student Abu Ayjash said: “I feel very happy, we are graduating here as we lived many beautiful moments with our friends and teachers, as well as difficult moments during the exam period. I will miss my friends “and I will aspire to learn X-rays in the future.”

Jihad Luabna: “I feel very excited because we are approaching a stage more important than this stage. For the best moments we lived in school were the trips, while the most difficult moments during the exams. Despite this, here I will I miss everything. “

“I feel very excited about life after graduation.”
Sama Mustafa gave her opinion saying: “I feel a little nervous, but I am satisfied with graduation. I think the moments I will remember are when we went out on trips together and I will not forget the difficult ones either. we passed the exams but we managed to pass them successfully and I hope to continue my education after graduation “.

“Excited to live this long-awaited moment.”
Tawfiq Abu Salah said: “I am very happy and excited to live this long-awaited moment, despite all the difficulties I went through when I entered school. I loved physics and hated mathematics. I aspire to study electrical engineering in Ben “Gurion University”.

The crown negatively affected us at the beginning of the school year
On the other hand, Samaa Fahoum Darawshe, the school principal, said: “The crown has negatively affected us at the beginning of the school year. It was difficult to get students back to school after two years of distance education, so we worked hard as staff. reorganizing and guiding students with everything It’s about respecting the laws and rules.Then, we started to address the educational difficulties faced by the students and thanks to the wonderful teaching staff we managed to overcome this gap. being appointed principal helped me a lot to understand the needs and requirements of students and I was in a close relationship with more than 200 students, I think it is necessary for the student to feel a sense of belonging and psychological comfort, because without this, we “We can not expect them to excel and receive a high level of education.”

This school is considered one of the best schools in Israel.
Ali Salam, the mayor of Nazareth, told Hala TV: “I congratulate Nazareth and his people for all the achievements the city has made in terms of education. Today, this school is considered one of the best schools in Israel and this was a very big challenge for us, especially since the school principal has retired and we all think that without him the school would be destroyed, but we could find a suitable alternative, which is Chancellor Sama Darawshe, for “which we all agreed on. for its high professionalism and ability to deal with students and understand their needs. Today we graduate 650 students and I am very proud of this school.”

To see the full report on the Hala channel, click on the video above.

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