The custodian of the “property” of Peter the Great

The strong ruler digs into history. Looking for a fountain, a sword or a cover. Vladimir Putin digs. He is seeking legitimate cover for the massive coup he carried out through the Ukrainian fire. A coup against the unipolar world. Their only superpower, the lady of the fleet. At the dollar his greatest and most violent generals. On the western model and its attractiveness. On color revolutions and civil society.
It was difficult for Putin to borrow the legitimacy of the coup from Stalin or Lenin. He needs a grandfather more closely associated with the Russian spirit and the dream of the empire. It can be said to have been found. He is Peter the Great, the builder of the empire and navy, who subjugated neighboring lands and nearby seas. The Kremlin master plays with the legacy of the most prominent stars of Russian history. He borrows from him the character of a warrior and the soul of an emperor, and denies his desire to learn from the West, and to borrow from him the reasons for progress.
The Russian war in Ukraine does not need to confirm its extraordinary gravity. It is a war waged by a superpower that, in addition to its massive nuclear arsenal, has a permanent seat on the Security Council. It is also the place that was born from the ashes of the Soviet empire and from that date operates with the feeling of the oppressed and the wounded. Then there is a war that is taking place on European soil, in which the Russian weapon confronts the Atlantic weapon, which is trying to save the Ukrainian army from an overwhelming defeat that will force it to surrender completely. In addition, it is a war that involves the mobilization of energy and food weapons and threatens to starve millions of people and cause a global economic crisis. Perhaps the most dangerous new element is the news from Russia, which says Putin’s admiration for Peter the Great has reached the point of haste to implement his policies and that the battle is aimed at “restoring” the Russian Empire’s properties. This simply means that the war goes beyond seeking to eradicate the Atlanticist tendencies of the current Ukrainian spirit, to hijacking parts of the map of Ukraine. It also means that President Volodymyr Zelensky is not facing a border dispute or discipline from a powerful neighbor, but a confrontation with the spirit of the Russian Empire and the legacy of Peter the Great.
In any discussion of the Russian war in Ukraine, the responsibility of the West can not be ignored. After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the West, possessed by the vanity of the victor, ignored the Russian “facts” that should not be ignored. This country, which is equal to the size of a continent, is ruled only by a strong man who can soften divisions and control national and ethnic sensitivities. Moreover, it is a place already affected by the siege complex and feels that throughout history it has been the target of winds of invasions. It also conveys to Europe a feeling in which admiration for progress is mixed with fear of identity privacy. What also can not be forgotten is that the imperial legacy is rooted in the souls of people who are always nostalgic for Greater Russia.
The West misbehaved with an obese Russia. He did not crystallize a vision that would seduce him in the European space. did the opposite. He moved the NATO hostages to its borders as if pushing it to the size of a regional power, not a successor to the role of the Soviet Union. The West made another mistake; Its leaders imagined that Putin would be content with restoring the military and protecting the Russian Federation from disintegration, and moving toward modernizing the economy by recognizing American leadership in the world. It is no exaggeration to say that the West could not receive the signals sent by the “Soviet colonel” in the second decade of this century, the most important of which are the discipline of Georgia, the restoration of Crimea, military intervention. in Syria and the launch of the Wagner Group interventions in several countries. Because the West did not pick up the signals, it was hard to imagine Russian forces waging a street war in Ukrainian cities and seeing millions of Ukrainians roaming the Tsar’s new army.
For the first time, Putin spoke as if he were revealing his cards without fear. “It’s amazing,” he said, “as if nothing had changed. Peter the Great fought in the Northern War for 21 years. It’s the impression he got something during the war with Sweden. He got nothing, he just got it.” “Perhaps this is what the Kremlin master meant when he considered Ukraine a mere artificial entity. His words were clear and unambiguous. He said: “Europe did not recognize these lands as part of Russia. The whole world considered that part of Sweden.” He concluded: “It was in the process of being restored and consolidated.
The common belief was that Putin came to carry out a mission created by the army kitchen and the KGB to restore Russia’s prestige. What seems now is more dangerous than that. The commandments of Peter the Great are more frightening than the desires of the military and security kitchen. He stressed the persistence of the Russian threat to Finland and Sweden, and the subjugation of the Caucasus, Crimea, the Baltic regions and Ukraine. The question is: Can the world tolerate a program of this magnitude? Can Putin withdraw from Ukraine if it is just a halt to a larger and more dangerous march? Can the world economy live long in the fire of the Russian-Western confrontation?
Poor Ukraine. No one will send his army to stop the Russian army. Western weapons will not be able to prevent Putin from achieving military victory. Ukraine is the scene of the biggest revolution in the world since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Fear is spreading in European veins and countries that were calming down are feeling their arsenals and are demanding that their military factories produce at full capacity. From the mantle of Peter the Great, the colonel ignored the emperor’s admiration for European progress and contented himself with his desire to expand the map. He emerged from the mantle and launched a coup that would whet the appetite of countries that are content with their current maps. The latest Chinese statements about Taiwan are the best evidence. Poor Zelensky too. Compatriots assigned him an impossible role. He was assigned to fight with the guardian of the “property” of Peter the Great.

* Quoted from “Middle East”

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