The best way to store spices and herbs

Tired of a messy spice rack, we have simple tips to keep spices and herbs fresh, organized and ready to use. hid behind, maybe some spices have years hanging on the shelf.

To get the most out of your spices and keep track of everything you have, it’s time to fix the clutter These tips on how to arrange spices in your kitchen and the best way to store spices and herbs for maximum freshness will have a big impact the next time you prepare a meal.

Are the spices spoiled?
Spices, like all foods, have a special shelf life and will break down. The shelf life depends on how you care for the spice.

Heat, humidity, air and sunlight all have negative effects:

They break down the chemical compounds (also known as essential oils) that give spices their flavor and aroma. When you break down these chemicals, the flavors lose their power. Some spices, flavors and aromas can become sour, moldy, moldy or dirty at this point they need to be discarded.

How to store spices and herbs:

Most of us have a bunch of dried spices (such as cinnamon, paprika, red pepper, nutmeg, turmeric) and dried herbs like thyme, basil, sage and coriander ”in bowls in our kitchen – and we usually have fresh bunches. herb we got from the market.or in group foods.

“Ask an experimenter” .. the right ways to store “spices” for a longer period

It is important to appreciate all those spices and herbs, in order to know what you have and when it is time to throw away the old things. Dried spices and herbs do not necessarily “break down”, but lose their flavor over time. To preserve the taste, store the spices and dried herbs for as long as possible in a cool place and dry them out of direct light – not on the stove, as all this heat will make them softer. quickly. Keep containers closed when not in use.

Fresh herbs also need to be stored properly, you can keep them in the fridge in a jar filled with about an inch of water or we make it easier for you with GreenSaver Herb Keeper.

How to arrange spices in your kitchen:

One of the best ways to organize spices and dried herbs is to make sure you can see everything you have, not just the things you use all the time. After all, it’s a waste when the spice disappears into the corner and you forget you have it – and then buy it again.

And we all know how it goes. Keeping your cellar organized will also help you enjoy cooking more and save you a lot of time. Clean, airtight containers, e.g. POP storage containers will help you keep your entire collection fresh, tidy and visible Our containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including Mini Square Mini and Small Square Mini, which is perfect for spices and dried herbs.

The form set also gives you the flexibility to decide where to store containers:

In a closet, in a drawer, on a revolving board or wherever you have room, an airtight closure helps spices retain their flavor by keeping air and moisture out, and the use of labels helps you easily identify each item and write the date you purchased it.

How do you know when the spice is outdated?

Generally, ground spices last about six months, while whole spices can retain their flavor for up to five years, but before you throw in a spice, try spraying a little of it on hand and smelling it, fresh spices should be very aromatic. while the spices will not smell great at all on the old ones, in general, the older the spice, the less flavor it will add – so if the spice has a sales history, this will also give you a quick idea.

– How to revive the taste of the spice of old age:

If you plan to use spices that you suspect have stayed there for a long time, try to revive the taste by heating them slightly, simply heat a pan over medium heat and mix the same amount of spices you will be using. that day.

Bake the spices in the pan for 1 to 3 minutes, shaking the pan occasionally, until the spices release their distinctive aroma. Ground spices like cumin, cinnamon and cloves are the easiest spices to revive, but do be careful not to burn them. as this will leave a bitter taste.

How to make your own simple spice mixes:

Now that you know how to store and arrange spices and herbs in the kitchen, we have some handy tips on how to mix them to create your own mixes for use in cooking. Making your own DIY spice mixes can be more economical than buying them pre-mixed, and you can modify the spices to your liking.

To prepare Italian spices:

Mix 2-3 tablespoons of each of the dried herbs (thyme, thyme, basil, parsley, rosemary, basil, sage) with sea salt and ground black pepper to taste.

To prepare Cajun spices:

Mix 1-2 tablespoons of dried basil, paprika, cayenne pepper, ground black pepper, onion powder and garlic powder.

To prepare thyme:

Mix 1 tablespoon ground thyme or thyme with sesame seeds and sumac, salt and ground black pepper to taste. Want more ideas on how to use your spices? Check out these tricks to honor your coffee.

There are things that the housewife fixes and stores incorrectly, believing that it is the right way to store them, and thus leads to spoiling or not using them again, and the reason for this is the lack of sufficient knowledge about the correct one. way to store those things.

10 things you keep wrong at home:

There are many things stored in the wrong house, so you need to know the proper storage to maintain their longevity, and perhaps the most prominent of these are these:

Flour or flour
Flour is one of the things that is stored incorrectly at home, no house lacks flour, although some store it incorrectly, which leads to rapid expiration, but to store it must be stored well by closing it well and dividing a package separate and place in a cool place.

– special letter
Private documents represent the most important things found in the home, be they medical papers, birth certificates, invoices, financial records, or even passports and many more, so it is necessary to keep these papers as they document the most important data. but many face difficulties in preserving them, so it must be preserved It must be inaccessible and inaccessible to children so as not to tear it.

Therefore, it is recommended to store and store it only in a drawer designated for it, preferably close the drawer tightly, or buy a safe to be closed with the intelligent locking method, or even put it in a box and place it. a high place out of reach, and all important papers can be copied and placed in another place until it can be found when lost or destroyed.

Many housewives store spices in the wrong way, as they put spices in pots that are not intended for them, which leads to spoilage, so it is better to store spices in their pots, with each type in its own box. without confusing the pots.

Liquid bottles:

Liquid bottles are also among the things that are stored incorrectly because they are placed in high temperature places and to be stored properly they should be placed in the refrigerator or in low temperature places.

Medicines are among the things that should be taken care of in the way of their storage and preservation, because their spoilage brings many health complications. They should be stored in a special cupboard of medicines at medium temperature, because exposure to high temperatures leads to their destruction.

– Clothing:
Not storing clothes properly can make them a wrinkled piece of clothing and unsuitable to wear only after ironing, and by repeating this, the clothes will lose their shine and the beauty of their usual look. , so they should be stored by splitting and dividing the closet and placing the clothes in their place, and it is preferable that the clothes hang in their drawers.

Housewives are constantly confused how to store carpets without spoiling quickly, as they lose their shine and beauty due to improper storage and to maintain them must be placed for a short time in the air and in the rays of sun warmer. then stored in a place away from heat.

– Photos:
Many families are interested in paper photos, where happy moments and situations are stored in their folds, but some find it difficult to store them so that they can be stored correctly without being damaged, as it is recommended to place the photos on their albums. and in inaccessible drawers or the Presence of water, in addition to storing a copy of it on the computer.

– electricity wires:
Wires are included in things that are stored incorrectly and are the most dangerous things to keep in a place away from children and in a dry place away from moisture or water.

Frozen food:
Many housewives like to store food, and freeze it so that it lasts from year to year, but there are many who store it incorrectly, it should be put in airtight bags at low temperature, not disassembled and then frozen again. .

Tips for maintaining and storing furniture:

There are some tips to maintain and store furniture properly so that they do not get lost or break down, and the most important of these tips are:

First: the furniture should not be placed randomly, but should be arranged and placed appropriately so that no part of them breaks.
Second: Do not leave it in the sun or at high temperatures, because sunlight damages the furniture very quickly.
Third: Placing furniture in dry places where water does not reach, as it is not exposed to damage or to insects that infect furniture as a result of exposure to water.

Fourth: Maintenance of furniture and placing them in a closed room where rats can not reach, so as not to be damaged.

Improperly stored items can cause serious health damage:

There are some foods that cause serious health problems if spoiled, so you need to make sure the foods are healthy and stored properly, including the following:

Bread, as it is preferably stored in the refrigerator, but it is recommended to ventilate it before placing it in a plastic bag, tightly closed.
Potatoes, as they should be sorted well before storing them to make sure they are free from dark stains and mold, in addition to keeping them away from sunlight.
Garlic and onions, it is recommended to store garlic and onions in a warm and dry place and avoid storing them in the refrigerator so that they do not rot.
Coffee, coffee is known for its ability to absorb moisture around it, so it is preferably kept in an airtight container.

Storage Disorder:
Accumulation disorder is a disease from which many suffer, which is the feeling of wanting to accumulate a lot of things, even if they are useless or valuable, regardless of whether they are expensive or not. There are some signs that a person has aggregation disorder, including the following:

– He bought a lot of useless things for her.
There are many things in his house that he can not get rid of, even though they will no longer be used and are not useful.

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