Is your boyfriend playing with your mind? 15 sentences that tell you the truth …

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Basrawi News Encyclopedia Hind Muhammed wrote: Emotional relationships are not as rosy as we thought in our childhood. Once you enter into a romantic relationship, it means that you know deeply another person, who may be different from you or similar to you, but of course has a completely different psychological composition from you. Did you grow up in a stable family? Maybe it’s your opposite. Was your childhood happy and stable? Maybe it’s your opposite. And so … So I fully believe that the hardest thing in a relationship is getting into the partner’s mind, probably the hardest in human relationships in general, and it can be impossible and not just difficult. So we do not know where, when and how this partner will change, whether he really loves us or not or is manipulating us, but there are signs and indicators that can help us on this journey and as soon as possible. pay attention. for them the better. So today I decided to take a little courage and ask you very honestly; Is your boyfriend playing with your mind? Moment! Before answering, think a little and look at these sentences that I will tell you below and if he says only 5 of them, then please look again at your relationship with him…

Is your boyfriend playing with your mind? 15 sentences that tell you the truth

Careful: Gas lighting is a form of emotional abuse in which one is manipulated “to question the perceptions, experiences, or meaning of events,” according to the American Psychological Association (APA).

1. “I never said that, you seem to have a memory problem.”

It’s natural to forget that we are human after all and maybe you are really wrong and he did not say that. But if the issue is repeated here, this sentence will be a wake-up call. Because you will definitely not forget every time and he will not imagine saying something he did not say. So be careful.

2. “If you were interested in me, you would…” / “If you loved me, you would…”

Whether from a boy or a girl, we always take it comically as “If I cared, I would …” but it’s not very good, especially with repetition. This sentence contains that your partner exploits your love for him and tries to push you to do something, to prove that you really love him, while questioning you and making you doubt yourself and the truthfulness of your feelings towards him.

3- “You are crazy …”

Sometimes we humans drive each other crazy if someone gets angry about something or takes a stand against something, and although this sentence is very offensive, it is usually overlooked if said in passing. But my friend, when you are constantly accused of madness and intimidation of things every time, let us tell you that this sentence may not drive you crazy, but it will push you to ask yourself, your judgment and evaluation of things, and your mind. health as well, although your partner basically uses it to avoid the overall responsibility of any discussion or site.


4. “Therefore you have no friends.”

This sentence is offensive in the first degree and they often use the partner who is tired of your mind. Instead of admitting a mistake, he uses this sentence as a kind of attack on you and trying to underestimate and distract you from thinking about the truth of this sentence, instead of thinking about what he did or did .

5- “This is why you should stay away from your friends / family…”

Another phrase that partners often use as a desire to control and isolate you from the circle of support that surrounds you, be they friends or family, because you will feel weaker and this will give him the greatest opportunity for controlled.

6. “You are the reason / You made me do it”.

Has he deceived you, as well as you, has he betrayed you …? Whatever he does, if he blames you, know that he is playing with your mind. He is the one who admits the evil he has done, to satisfy your desire to know the truth, and on the other hand, he relinquishes his responsibility for what he does to hold you accountable, accusing you of negligence, exaggeration of things, non-payment. attention to him and others.

7. “Your children / friends / family know that you are not well”.

There is nothing easier than this sentence being used by toxic partners, do you really want to know what this sentence does to you? It makes you feel lonely and that no one loves you, and there is no place for you but with this partner, it makes you hesitate in your actions, it lowers your self-confidence.


8. “You are very sensitive.”

Whenever you try to express your feelings and how much pain you feel, do you hear the phrase “you are very sensitive” this phrase used by your partner makes you believe that you are overdoing it and the situation is not worth it and instead of blaming it, start blame yourself and ask yourself why are you exaggerating? But no, my dear, you are not overly sensitive as he says, you have the right to express yourself and your feelings and the truth of your feelings.

9. “You always make me angry.”

Those who play with your mind will not only accuse you of madness and shortcomings, but will also blame you for your feelings and accuse you of being the reason. At some point you feel responsible for their happiness and do not bother them, even if it is at the expense of your feelings !!

10. “Tell everyone and see who will believe you.”

In romantic relationships, when your partner is stronger and more powerful than you, he benefits from it. For example, if you are an antisocial person who is social and have relationships with everyone around you, or if you are a person who is not good at expressing your feelings while he claims to express his feelings all the time, he is always deceiving you. that no one trusts you, or because everyone loves him or are all his friends and others, in an attempt to shut you up from the complaint or even to express your desire to separate from him.


11- “I am the only person responsible in this relationship.”

Does your partner always blame you when you spend money, or break a cup, or if your spouse hurts one of your children? Does he always accuse you of negligence and irresponsibility when in this mind he is the only one responsible. Well, I’m sorry to tell you that this is another sign of confusion in your mind.

12- “I’m not upset … what are you talking about?”

Does your partner punish you silently? It seems to me as if I see your facial expressions now. Yes my girlfriend he is not silent just to try to get through the situation, especially if you are intentionally showing his anger but not clearly. Be silent to make you feel remorse on the one hand and on the other hand doubt in yourself that you are not even able to explain what you feel. But trust me, a man who does not want to play with your mind will be open to talking about what happened or making him angry, and if he really wants to get through the situation, he will tell you, “Yes, this “The situation worries me a little bit, but I do not want to talk about it now.”

13- “I remember very well, you did / told me ..”

No need to be surprised, as mental games are numerous and innumerable, the most prominent of which is, for example, replacing memory with another memory. Let me simplify it, constantly trying to convince you that you did or told him something is not much different from point # 1 above. In the first he accuses you of perpetual forgetfulness and in the second he tries to persuade you of events and actions that have nothing to do with you, and once you are convinced, it means that he made you replace the memory with a memory he prepared for you.


14- “You have to change, I tell you because it is in your best interest.

None of us are perfect and it is definitely a good thing to find a partner who is honest with you and face the things you need to work on with your personality. But what is rejected is a red flag, when your partner tells you that your whole personality needs to change and not a certain part or to a certain level. Here he loses your self-confidence, and makes you feel weak because there is simply none of us who is able to completely change his personality !! Plus here he is trying to shape you in a way that suits him, and you certainly do not need it, my dear. Remember, you love yourself and put it first.

15- “You should not think about him, deal with him, get angry about him.

There is a difference between comforting and trying to comfort you, and trying to put your feelings into a certain frame and template. Yes, your partner can tell you that you should not think of something that bothers you too much as a way to ease you, but it may not be if it is repeated in a way that bothers you, then here is a red flag , because in a way that puts your feelings in a certain form.

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