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Beirut Vera enjoys its evening nature sessions with family, relatives and friends and enjoying the scenic nature. The garden is the main center for the family, whether to eat, grill, relax or sit with invited. It is therefore necessary to add some creative touches to renovate the exterior garden decor and to decorate them in a special way, to turn them into more attractive gardens at the lowest possible cost.

Lebanese outdoor and indoor garden designer Nadia Attia believes that changing the exterior of the home garden is very important, as it brings psychological comfort and incomparable mental clarity. One of the most important goals of having an outdoor garden at home is to break the routine, calm the nerves while adding joy and vitality, in addition to the fact that the color green has a magical effect in curing some diseases, she said. and also strengthens the eye muscles, so it tends to offer more diverse ideas for the garden. Wonderful house.

Nadia Attia: The color green has a magical effect in curing some diseases, as well as strengthens the eye muscles (Al-Jazeera)

garden floor

You have to choose the garden soil you want, a green grass garden will have a special and unique touch, or a garden based on cheerfully colored stones and pebbles, and larger pebbles can be used for it. surrounded by an area of ​​plants and flowers. that have a special aesthetics, with a selection of different colors that bring an element of joy and pleasure, as well as the casket for the garden, which is at its best through tiles distinguished for special splendor in the country, according to the garden. stylist, Nadia Attia.

The Importance of Having Plants and Roses

To make your home garden more beautiful, the garden designer recommends planting tropical plants, including: Sharon rose, caladium flowers and jugs with colorful flowers ranging from pale pastel to orange and vibrant red. . It is best to use plants near walkways that have soft hairs so as not to disturb anyone when entering the garden.

A plant wall can also be designed to look like a multicolored natural background that gives a different look to the garden. Gardener Attia emphasizes the importance of planting “Leyland” trees, a fast-growing cypress tree, which is one of the most important garden aesthetics today, with the use of hidden lighting inside its seedlings.

11 The outdoor seat may be cramped, but it is distinguished by many attractive elements, including the ceiling-mounted babo chair, with the ubiquitous rattan cane (pixel).
The exterior seat may have a narrow space, but is distinguished by attractive elements, including bamboo chairs and rattan (pixel).

A room in the garden

One of the most important trends for 2022 is to make a corner that looks like a room in the garden and become a place where one feels warm while enjoying the fresh air. The garden room can be decorated by adding sunbeds or swings, lanterns and outdoor lamps.

The garden designer shows that the trend especially this year is towards “retros” (a style that appeared after the First World War and is associated with modernity and bright colors) updated in neutral colors with soft-touch materials, metal pieces, woven “rattan” (bamboo), ropes and wood.

13 The garden that rests on stones, ie cheerfully colored pebbles and larger pebbles can be used to surround an area with plants and flowers that have a special aesthetics - (places of communication).
The garden, which is based on gravel and green grass, has a special aesthetics (places of communication)

Home gardening ideas

Lebanese outdoor and indoor garden designer Nadia Attia offers you some ideas to decorate your outdoor home garden, whether it is small or large:

  • Planting trees and roses around the garden, placing separate living tables, decorating the garden with stones and candles, as well as shelves with roses that give great space and aesthetic form with modern furniture that give a special character.
  • The garden can be wooden, leaning on wooden or bamboo chairs to add a special touch and make it an ideal place to sit, with the modern and simple outdoor table designed with accessories scattered, including carpets, pillows and outdoor coverings, and the entrance to the garden can be decorated with a wooden cover from above.
  • There is a tendency towards furniture made of “resin” or plastic that is resistant to natural factors such as sunlight, water and air. It is important that these furniture be distinctive, comfortable and practical.
  • The exterior seating may be of a cramped space, but it stands out for its many attractive elements, including the bamboo chair hanging from the ceiling (swinging), with straw and bamboo accessories scattered everywhere, and this decor will be modern and eye-catching. – catch.
  • Design a private corner to relax and sit with simple furniture, a TV if you wish, or even a long low sofa with a colorful pillow in a nice shape to give it a cozy feeling country, in addition to some small comfortable pillows and light lanterns, with trees planted around the seating area to provide a pleasant atmosphere. Next to this luxurious decor can be a small private pool and a plot with green lawn.
    10 The trend is particularly updated with neutral colors with soft-touch materials, metal pieces, woven rattan, rope and wood- (pixel).
    The trend is retro, updated in neutral colors with woven rattan (pixel).
  • Excess furniture can also be used at home, and placed in the garden with the addition of a few changes to it to make it more fresh, simple and harmonious with the exterior.
  • It is also possible to use some whimsical wooden decorative elements, and hang plants on the wall, with the addition of beautiful dim lights to enjoy sitting at night, as lighting is very important to make the place more beautiful and stylish.
  • The use of umbrellas is also necessary to soften strong sunlight during the day. The umbrella installed in the middle of the table is the most sought after, and is often made of aluminum or iron.
  • Do not forget to create a special corner for children to play with sand and dirt, taking into account the presence of a place to hang special tools for this.
  • Water fountains give another look to the home garden, and give it vitality and freshness.
  • Garden swing has become widely available, glowing and is considered as one of the foundations of any home garden.
2You can also design a wall with plants and look like a colorful backdrop and give the garden another look - Al Jazeera Net.
The design of the plant shelves as a multicolored natural background that gives a different look to the garden (island)

garden division

Attia advises dividing the home garden into two parts: the first is dedicated to creating a simple home garden covered with grass and the second part is dedicated to dining by setting a wooden table that is very convenient to sit on. The trend is often towards vertical garden and the focus is on night lighting which adds value to the limited space.

Finally, Attia recommends the typical home garden, which consists of a living and dining area with a large table, with a pool area, a barbecue area, a play area and a vegetable and vegetable area. All of these sections have been studied in equilibrium and consistency and are interrelated. This ideal place is the best shelter to escape from stress and nervousness and to spend the most beautiful moments with loved ones and friends.

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