Features, advantages and disadvantages of human cancer

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Crab is one of the water signs to which Pisces and Scorpio belong. This cold is characterized by temperament and volatile temperament as well as gentle, emotional, determined and decisive. Known for its mystery and considered a distinguished leader. all born between June 22 and July 22 are born This tower, and we will learn in this article at Cancer man.

Among the characteristics that distinguish a Crab male from other zodiac signs are the following: [1]

  • Traditional: The Crab male is traditional and polite, the embodiment of morality and patriotism, cares about family values, is also shy and is always suspicious of others.
  • Heart-loving: Crab male has a good heart, as he loves family and friends very much, takes care of them and provides them with security.
  • Loyal: Considered a loyal friend.He is a trusted friend and companion and his relationship with others lasts forever.He is a person who likes to help others, especially his loved ones and offers them support despite the changes of humor. His feelings are deep, he is a charming person and can set a distance in his relationships with others.
  • Supportive and emotional: The Crab male is open-minded, listens to their problems and can rely on him at any time, as he motivates and boosts their self-confidence, gives them necessary advice, never forgets their special occasions and stays with them when they need it.
  • Whimsical mood: a Crab man’s mood changes quickly and changes his choices and activities according to his mood, he may be in a place designated for his comfort and at some point he goes out for a walk with friends and does not show up. his weakness towards others and prefers to cry alone without anyone seeing him.
  • Secret: A Crab male does not show his true feelings in front of others and when he ends the relationship with his partner he does not confess easily and finds it difficult to talk to him about it, but he can keep secrets.
  • Loves family and home: The Crab male prefers to stay home to invest his energy and ideas and tends to do activities at home, such as inviting his friends over for dinner, watching TV or playing games. .
  • Love: Crab male’s emotions emanate from his heart. He is very loving and spontaneous to those around him. He seeks stability, comfort and a sense of security in relationships and love. He is a faithful and supportive husband, as well as patient. and polite to children.

The carcinogenic man has many features that we will mention below: [2]

  • He protects his loved ones: The Crab male protects the people he loves even if they make mistakes. He values ​​his family and close friends and does his best to protect them even if it costs him. Because of his close connection with home, he cherishes his family and close friends and does his best to protect them. protects the home and his family members and has a paternal instinct.
  • Has a strong intuition: Crab male relies on his intuition rather than practical or rational sense because of his passion and ability to discern emotional differences in other people, he has the ability to read others, make decisions its fast and does not like counterfeits. things and has the ability to detect lies.
  • Latif: The Crab male is known for his gentle personality and caring for others especially the emotional partner.He is generous and expects to receive the same care and attention from others.
  • Loyal: The Crab male is very loyal and dedicated to the person and ends the relationship with him without interest and often falls into a wrong relationship for a long time because he is very attached to the partner and prefers to find solutions to problems. he faces the relationship without leaving his partner and when he enters a relationship he engages forever. [3]

The positive qualities of the Crab male are many, but he has some disadvantages that we will mention below: [4]

  • Too emotional: It is good for a person to have good feelings, but excessive feelings make him weak, which makes it difficult for the Crab man to cope with the difficulties he faces in his life optimally and medicine its sensitive makes it. focus on the past and ignore the present.
  • Hate: The Crab male holds grudges from time to time and does not forget those who offended him even if many years have passed.
  • Complicated: A Crab male is very complex and no one can predict his actions, although he knows the Crab man inside and out, he can see something from him that he did not expect.
  • Possessive: One of his shortcomings is possession, especially for the person he cares about, which makes him feel limited, and he needs the other to reassure him that he belongs to him and is also afraid of losing the people he cares about. .
  • Mysterious and secretive: The Crab male keeps secrets and does not reveal the details of his life to anyone, even if it is his wife.
  • Nervous by nature: Considered a sensitive person and tends to get emotional, which sometimes makes him introverted and does not go out into the outside world. [5]
  • Unstable mood: his mood suddenly changes as he laughs and turns to sadness, which makes it difficult for people close to him to deal with it, especially if there is no harmony between them and the Crab male. [5]
  • Very sensitive: The Crab male being very sensitive makes him misinterpret the actions and words of others. [5]
  • Closed: Although the Crab male has a high degree of intelligence, he does not open up to the feelings of others and tends to hide when he feels that those around him have discovered his weakness. [5]
  • Aggressive: Crab male feelings get hurt quickly because he is sensitive and polite but hates coping and does not talk to those who hurt him directly but becomes aggressive towards them. [5]
  • Concerning the past: The Crab male is so attached to childhood memories and so focused on the events of the past that he finds himself caught up in old romances. [5]
  • Defends quickly: A Crab’s gentle heart and sensitive nature makes him feel weak and threatened, which puts him in defense and takes a tactic of attacking others. [5]

A Crab male cares about traditional values ​​and has a strong bond with family. He is an excellent father and gives priority to his family. It gives them feelings of warmth, softness and comfort. He is willing to sacrifice and leave personal differences to maintain the peace of the family.For his strong love he keeps family albums and photos of grandparents.ka. [6]

When a Crab man loves a woman, he will do anything for her and if she tells him that he does not care for her, he falls into depression, so he must be open to feelings in order to easily win the hearts of women. he has a high degree of love and appreciation for others, but needs the love of someone he trusts, to the emotional partner must be honest with him and not allow things to be accepted and must accept that in beginning. stages of the relationship. [7]

The Crab male respects all the rules of the relationship that binds him to the woman he loves, is polite and distinguished and wants to spend time with what he wants as an ideal and sensitive partner and has an innate ability to develop a relationship with the woman he loves. [7]

The Crab male does not forget the important dates in his relationship, but he is shy, introverted, emotional, humorous and is playful when he is relaxed. [7]

This sign is devoted to his relationship and expects his girlfriend to be faithful and return the love. He wants to find the woman he will marry and have children with, as he is loving and caring a lot for the children and attaches great importance to his family life. and wants comfort and security in his life. [7]

The emotional feelings of this sign make him jealous and possessive, as he does not like his partner to flirt with other men, as well as he is romantic and likes to spend time at home with his wife. [7]

The Crab male is very economical and good at making money and dreams of a comfortable future. He does his best and works hard to perform the tasks assigned to him and does not give up. He is serious about dealing with financial issues.Convincing him to make you worthless purchases and investments, which makes him fall into error and cost him dearly. [8]

The Crab male is adept at raising money and considering all options before making a purchase and over time can reach a comfortable financial position, often saving money for emergencies. [8]

The Crab male is classified as an insurance consultant who is not an abusive person and can work in the business that belongs to his family because he adheres to the customs and traditions and also wants to be financially viable to build the marital home. and provide his wife with a sense of security. [9]

A Crab male is usually attracted to people who are interested in him, and there are signs that agree with him, and on the other hand, there are signs that disagree with him. [10]

There are many ways you can draw a Crab male towards you and here we will learn about them: [11]

  • Show love to Crab male’s family and you too because he loves family and likes to spend time with them, and to get his attention to you, show mom love and respect.
  • Show him your weaknesses, let him know that you trust him and let him help you and give you advice.
  • Take the initiative and take the first step in a relationship to attract a Crab male because he is introverted and shy and will not take initiative.He loves women with strong personality, stamina and gentle nature.
  • Follow tradition, stay behind the relationship and be serious.
  • Tell him you care and love him because he loves the people who support him, nurture him and return his feelings of love.
  • Tell him about your career so that he feels confident because he is attracted to women who are self-sufficient and who have plans for the future in their career. [12]
  • Do not interfere in his life, do not ask too many personal questions and do not tell him what someone else has told you to gain his trust. [12]

We got to the end of the article after we met Cancer man Mentioning all his personal aspects and his relationships with close people, friends and emotional partners, he is very attached to his family and friends, as he is romantic and loving and seeks to create an atmosphere of love and t ‘ give happiness to his partner. out their mistakes.

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