Expect a plethora of travelers over the summer as America cancels request to check Corona for arrivals

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – As summer temperatures rise, the United States has eliminated the need for negative “Covid-19” tests that were mandatory for all travelers entering the country.

This news brings relief and a new potential flood for international travelers in an already chaotic summer season.

For many American travelers, this development means they no longer have to worry about the difficulty of testing before returning to the United States, or the cost and burden of staying abroad to self-quarantine and wait for a test. negative. the result if the pre-trip test result is positive.

The United States has canceled a request to check for crowns for overseas travelers starting June 12. , Plain textCredit: Lluis Gene / AFP Via Getty Images

International travelers will also be able to fly to the United States and plan their trips without fear of canceling their plans due to a positive test result.

Most non-US citizens must be vaccinated to travel the country.

The affected travel industry encouraged the removal of this barrier for two groups of potential customers.

With America canceling request to check Corona for arrivals, experts expect a flood of passengers in 2022
Tourists take a walk in a tourist area in Athens, Greece on June 1, 2022., plain_textCredit: Louisa Gouliamaki / AFP via Getty Images

This requirement, which was set in January 2021, will no longer be valid for travelers going to the United States starting at 12:01 a.m. ET on Sunday, June 12th.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said it would reassess the basis if the COVID-19 situation changes.

Three seasons in a season.

With America canceling request to check Corona for arrivals, experts expect a flood of passengers in 2022
London expects an increase in visitors to the US. , Plain textCredit: Abbie Trailer-Smith for CNN

Although many in the travel industry support this modernization, some experts warn that demand, lower availability, and higher prices as a result are exacerbating an already chaotic travel landscape in the U.S. and beyond.

“Europe will be overloaded with American travelers,” Mina Agnus, president of Travelive, a travel agency in Greece with offices in Athens and Florida, said in an email interview with CNN.

“When we talk to travel advisors across the United States, the unanimous view is that 2022 is three seasons in one,” Agnus added, noting that “hotel availability is very limited and local services, such as guides , drivers, domestic aviation, ferry service, railways and restaurants will all be at their maximum capacity this season. ”

Chitra Stern, chief executive of Luxury Martinhal Resorts, which owns properties throughout Portugal, said testing restrictions in the US had “prevented many travelers” from planning trips abroad, especially families, who are the main target group of branded.

With negative tests no longer required to return to the United States, Stern expects an increase in the number of US-based visitors booking stays in Portugal and across Europe.

“Now we expect to welcome many Americans who book last minute summer trips and long weekend vacations in the city,” Stern said.

Growing demand across the Atlantic

With America canceling request to check Corona for arrivals, experts expect a flood of passengers in 2022
Photo of a mill in Mykonos, Greece from 2020., plain_textCredit: Byron Smith / Getty Images

It is not clear how much the removal of restrictions will increase air travel costs.

But it is safe to say that with the inevitable increase in demand, passengers should consider booking flights as soon as possible to get the best offer.

According to Scott Keys, founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights, growing demand could lead to the expansion of airlines on their routes and services to destinations known as Europe.

“I look forward to seeing increased demand for transatlantic travel and airlines respond by adding more flights to excite new passenger classes to travel between the US and Europe,” Keys explained.

“It’s definitely about supply and demand,” Kyle Potter, editor of Thrifty Traveler, a travel and deals website, told CNN.

Potter recommends traveling between August and early September.

Cathy Hurst, travel director at Salt Lake City-based Black Pearl Luxury Services, said that while she was “overjoyed” at the cancellation of the tests, she also expected some disappointment from customers who might face limited availability. .

“People have waited two years to travel and the suppressed demand is a problem that is good to face, but it makes the days very long and very stressful,” Hurst said. I switched to this industry.

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