The UAE is the cornerstone of McLaren sales in the region

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Mohamed Fawzy, CEO of McLaren Automotive Middle East and Africa, stressed that the UAE is a very important market for luxury cars and a pillar for the company’s sales in the Arab Gulf region and the Middle East.

In a statement to Al Bayan, Mohamed Fawzy said the UAE has a very strong infrastructure suitable for embracing luxury and supercars like McLaren with its various products, and is also one of the safest places for customers, where they can drive this type of car without worry.

Fawzy expects continued growth in the UAE luxury car market, which incorporates hybrid and electric vehicle technologies and offers wider, newer and more flexible purchasing options so the customer can invest easily in his dream car.

He said that the world car market has begun to gradually regain demand after being severely affected by the Corona pandemic, expecting it to grow significantly over the next period.

Service Center

Fawzy gave a strong example of the company’s interest in the UAE market, saying: “McLaren Automotive” recently opened one of the largest authorized and dedicated service centers in the Middle East and Africa region. North to Dubai.

This technical and technical center is located on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, and to ensure the highest standards of service and provide the best customer experience, all its operations will be managed by the McLaren Dubai team, represented by the exclusive Performance agency. Tuning LLC, which is part of the Khalifa Juma Group of Companies. Al Naboodah.

Fawzi expressed his satisfaction with this achievement, saying: “I would like to congratulate McLaren Dubai on its impressive success in completing the launch of the largest and most modern service center with its pioneering technologies ahead of its time. The opening of this unique facility was a fascinating and exciting moment for everyone in the UAE, as a result of valuable investments to strengthen our presence in this vibrant and essential market.

I am convinced that this is a historic step that pushes us to continue to deliver the highest standards of customer service and to provide an unparalleled pioneering experience in achieving complete satisfaction and the highest level of compliance with the standards, by note that McLaren is planning a new large showroom in Dubai later this year.

He said the new service center is well-equipped and fully in line with the high standards long recognized by McLaren, and its vast area extends over 3400 square meters, including six different service areas, in addition to the latest equipment and accessories at all to provide the best care for our customers and their cars.

He stressed that McLaren Automotive is a pioneer in the automotive industry and is constantly developing its vehicles and introducing the latest technologies in them, citing as an example the use of carbon steel. He said: We are still trying to exceed the limits on production. from this lightweight and durable material to use in our range of supercars and award-winning car, including the new McLaren Artura.


For his vision for the Sustainability Expo, he said: “McLaren Automotive” joined “Expo 2020 Dubai” as part of the “Weaving Innovation” exhibition, which is located in the pavilion of the Kingdom of Bahrain, where visitors learned about the continuation of McLaren development stages under construction by Using fabric and focusing on maintaining the light weight of the car, in relation to supercars, the focus is on providing brilliant performance, energy efficiency and technology in the era of electric cars . In addition, the company is keen to work with these technologies and ideas to apply them in other areas, given that Expo has been successful by far in creating the concept of sustainability globally.

Mohamed Fawzy said: “McLaren Automotive is a pioneer and we are still trying to push the boundaries of this lightweight and durable material for use in our valued supercars, including the new McLaren Artura.”

Separate models

On what sets McLaren apart from other supercar companies, Mohamed Fawzy said: “McLaren is considered one of the best companies in the world to be distinguished by the use of carbon fiber, in addition to receiving requests from dealers to add what they want. for the car, especially in terms of interior design. .

He expected the company to achieve more success in the future in the region, especially by offering many models that meet the aspirations of all customers.

Mohamed Fawzy noted that the McLaren Dubai team had recently managed to complete the delivery of the first McLaren 765LT Spyder model designed for track to the customer in the UAE. He said it is an exclusive supercar that is known for attracting the admiration of sports car enthusiasts and is among the company’s greatest successes globally.

He also drew attention to the new model of “McLaren GT”, which received great attention from car enthusiasts in the UAE after it was launched by “McLaren Automotive” in the market, due to its innovative and unique design, like the new car. combines high-level performance with traffic possibilities in its design.For long distances, as well as its magnificent structure, which is in line with the principles followed by “McLaren” in the design of its cars.


McLaren Automotive appointed Mohamed Fawzy as CEO, Middle East and Africa, last April. With over two decades of experience in the automotive field, Fawzy has led the company’s local operations in the brand’s regional office.

Fawzy’s professional experience includes holding several leading positions, which he held in some of the most famous and best car manufacturers in the world, especially in the luxury car sector. Prior to joining McLaren Automotive, he was Sales Channel Development Chief and General Manager of Rolls-Royce Motor Vehicle Sales in the Middle East and Africa, where his duties included a full understanding of the challenges and opportunities in Middle East.


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