The role of parents in strengthening adolescent self-esteem: 9 steps

Parents often realize that the physical, psychological, emotional, and hormonal changes experienced by a teenage boy have an impact on his or her self-esteem, which is an essential trait that helps teens succeed in their studies, make friends, and have a lively social life. , and most importantly, fathers play a major role and participate in building this trust in their teenage children. On the meaning of self-confidence and its importance and the role of fathers in strengthening it. The meeting took place with Dr. Fatima Al-Shennawi, professor of psychiatry and marriage counselor; For explanation and details.

Information about adolescence

Parents play an important role in teenage personalities
  • Adolescence brings many physical, physiological, emotional and social changes to adolescents and these changes can sometimes be confusing for both the adolescent and the parents.
  • Developing self-confidence during this period is necessary to help the adolescent achieve his goals, establish better relationships and become resilient to challenges.
  • Parents therefore play an important role in determining adolescent personality; As for their actions and words that guide them to the right path.

Self-confidence and its importance for adolescents

The self-confident teenager is psychologically happy and mentally strong
  • It gives the adolescent the ability to cope with life and its challenges and helps him to better cope with the disappointments and ups and downs of life.
  • Self-confidence makes teens psychologically happy and mentally strong, helps them come to life and achieve goals, and build better connections and relationships with everyone around them.
  • It helps them make safe and informed decisions, and they avoid people and situations that could harm them in any way.
  • In addition, self-confidence makes teens persistent, positive, and enthusiastic in everything they do and say; Their relationships, studies and relationships.
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    The role of parents in increasing adolescent self-esteem

  • Parents are the strongest and most important support when it comes to building self-confidence in adolescents, and even this greatly influences the formation of their personality.
  • Where your actions and words affect your teenager, the way you feel about them and the way you make them feel about themselves, directly affects their level of self-confidence.
  • The way you treat them also sets a standard for how your teen should be treated or taken by others.
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9 steps to boost self-esteem in teens

1- Show appreciation and respect

  • Adolescence begins when a child becomes an adult, a delicate process so sensitive that only parents have the tools (like patience and courage).
  • The teenage boy is no longer a child and is close to an adult and as such deserves respect and appreciation like any other adult.
  • When addressing your teen, always show respect, do not let contempt show up in your tone of voice, treat his / her important problems and concerns and do not ignore them.

2-Be generous in praising your teenage son

  • When you praise your teen for something he has done well, you greatly increase his self-confidence, which encourages him to do better next time.
  • Say your pride out loud to your son and tell him how proud and satisfied you feel he is a healthy and active teenager.

3- Avoid criticism and do not harm your teenage son

Do not criticize your teenage son or daughter too much .. you will hurt them
  • Try as hard as you can. Criticism lowers your teen’s confidence. If you disagree or hate something about it, take time to sit down and talk.
  • Teenagers see criticism as ridicule or shame, but sometimes, when criticism is inevitable, look at your tone of voice.

4- Encourage extracurricular activities

  • That is, let your teen pursue his hobbies away from class assignments, encourage him to participate in more activities, let him shine in whatever he wants.
  • Extracurricular activities .. Extracurricular activities prove to be great opportunities to learn about success, failure and challenges, greatly enhancing your teen’s confidence.
  • These outdoor activities build your teen’s team spirit and help them learn how to work together towards a common goal.

5- Supporting optimistic friendships

Supporting your daughter-boy-optimistic friendships
  • You can not control what kind of friends a teenager will choose, but you can teach him to respect and accept others.
  • Mutual understanding and respect in any relationship is important, so make sure you teach your teen that a safe and healthy friendship is what matters between friends.
  • It is educationally known that the type of friends your teenager makes affects his or her self-esteem and you need to teach him or her ways to distinguish good friends from others.

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6- Prohibit them from imitating the Companions

  • Most teens fall under the pressure of peers – their looks, their appearance, their clothes, their behavior – and seem to be very important to them, and the inability to do so greatly affects their self-esteem.
  • It is important to sit down and explain to your teen that appearance is not important and that what is important is good morals, cleanliness and a healthy mind and body.

7- Focus on the strengths

Tell the teen that the only rivalry is: with yourself
  • Tell your teen – your daughter – that he or she needs to focus more on his or her character strengths, and your role is to never compare your teen with his or her peers, friends, siblings, and cousins.
  • Your teen should understand that people’s strengths are different, that his only competition is with himself, and the best thing to do is to focus on his strengths.

8- Teach them to be stronger..with tolerance

  • Teach your teen to develop a tolerance for bullying and hassle; In order not to affect the adolescent’s self-confidence.
  • A good rule of thumb in life is to smile and be patient. Your teen should learn to tolerate negative emotions to some degree without losing his or her composure.
  • To know that bullying can not harm and in no way should affect his self-confidence.
  • If your teen has such a severe lack of confidence that it has begun to affect his / her academic or social life, you may need help from outside sources.

9-Teenagers need your support

Support your teenage son at all times
  • Do you realize that the small gestures and little things you say and do in your regular life boost your teenager’s self-esteem, making him or her feel that you are there for him or her?
  • Your support can be a motivator for your teen, and once your teen knows he or she has someone to lean on, he or she can handle his or her life with more confidence and strength.

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