Poultry and livestock market .. A gathering of amateurs with their pets

Every Friday, the Sharjah poultry and livestock market turns into a big carnival for pets and rare birds and its collectors, who found in this place a place to practice a hobby that has a lot of privacy and uniqueness. As soon as the visitor comes to the squares next to the market, he hears the most beautiful melodies played by the birds mixed with the sounds of sheep and cows and awakens the curiosity in the soul to know the secrets of this market.

Whenever the visitor walks around the market, he is amazed by what he sees from the colors and types of birds that form, with their beauty, the paintings that grab the hearts and the collections of pets that collectors and their children collect, who stay immersed. . in the sea of ​​secrets of these creatures.

Different sections

On both sides of the market, goldfish, parrots, house pigeons, cats, rabbits and turtles are lined up in their cages waiting for buyers, in addition to a few nearby shops specializing in selling the demands and demands of breeders and food hobbyists. specific to each animal, cereals and bird feeders, and houses and cages of gold, copper and wood designed according to the Biology of Nature of each animal species.

The market includes several sections, some of which are devoted to the sale and slaughter of poultry, and others to the sale of goats, deer, and pets such as cats, dogs, and rabbits, in addition to a few veterinary clinics scattered throughout the market. deal with the examination of birds and birds and all animals exposed there.

It takes the visitor a few hours to be able to visit the whole market, even to take a cursory look on each side, especially in the rare places in some corners, which are required only by amateurs looking for rare species of birds, ornamental fish, trained cat and dog.

History Makan

The livestock and poultry market in Sharjah is one of the old well-known markets, its activity started in the eighties near the sea, it was a full and active market. Its success led to the creation of a fixed market that is subject to health specifics. as it involves a group of specialized doctors examining animals and birds and it is forbidden to sell them unless it is proved that she was disease-free.

Recently the market, which is one of the tourist destinations frequented by visitors from all over the country and sometimes even abroad, has managed to become a park frequented by many people to enjoy the sight of rare and exotic species of species various of birds and animals.

The market is located near the fish market in the area overlooking Lake Khalid and the direction signs lying in the lake area facilitate access to it and are extremely active on Fridays, dedicated to amateurs and traders as well as citizens and resident families from all sides of the Emirates.

Traders and Hobbyists Forum

Ali Al Ketbi, a resident of the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, likes to breed Husky dogs, for whom he divides large areas in his home to care for and raise them, providing them with the right atmosphere for growing and healthy reproduction. to sell some, follow the news and see other breeds offered by dog ​​enthusiasts. ”

Ali says: “His hobby of dog breeding started six years ago, when a friend of his left a pair of his Husky dogs to take care of them during his trips abroad. He sits with him more than four hours a day, especially since he shares this hobby with children and is inclined to go with him during the periodic examination of his dogs. ”

entertainment destination

As for Jordanian Raed Ahmed, he and his wife go to the market every week to sell a group of their own cats, which were crowded at home and became a financial burden on his budget. He says: “When his cat (Shirazi) was born, one of his colleagues advised him to go to the Sharjah market to sell her newborns. , especially as she will need a large monthly budget for her food and care and he was surprised when she entered the market doors by dozens of amateurs. who offered their birds, cats and dogs for sale or exchange. ”

He continues: “The market is a forum that brings together hobbyists and traders, especially on Friday, which witnesses a participation from Arab and European families who want to raise birds and reptiles, which makes it a pet zoo, as many parents accept the market. to buy cats, dogs and rabbits for their children on their birthdays. ” .

amateur market

Sudanese poultry trader Muhammad Hassan, who was taking three of his sons with him to the market when we met him, said: “He goes to the market doors on Fridays and Saturdays every week, keeping the birds he has to eat. exposed to customers.especially since it is his hobby from which he earns and considers it as an additional source of livelihood.In a short period he had many clients who visited him from time to time, looking for certain types of lovebirds and decorations.

And he continues: “The market is experiencing a lot of activity, especially on weekends, and as a result of the many amateurs selling their pets, there is a market parallel to the shops within the market, where bird enthusiasts, who range between nightingales, birds of love, golden finches, pigeons, parrots, hawks and ostriches, whose prices vary according to their rarity in the market and its sizes and colors. ”

photo souvenirs

Pakistani Sajid Ghulam, who works as a salesman in one of the shops, confirms that “customers go to Sharjah Poultry Market and Livestock, as it is an integrated destination for everything related to birds and pets and an interesting attraction for visitors. comes to the market knows what to buy, housewives buy rabbits and chickens for cooking, while preferring to have small birds for their children, which are available in all parts of the market at a price not exceeding 10 dirhams .

He continues: “There are different and rare species of birds that characterize the market, including the Brazilian parrot, which is distinguished for its bright colors and the ability to repeat words, as well as the beloved birds, which are very popular in this time of year. Touch the bars from behind and feed it. ”

Ornamental rats and fish

Visitors and pioneers of the market pointed out that although the market is dedicated only to different species of birds and livestock, this did not prevent many young amateurs from displaying some other species such as ornamental fish and rare reptiles from “hamsters”, which are very popular among market leaders.

They unanimously agreed that these corners dedicated to ornamental fish, spread all over the market, offer a visual pleasure, as they transport the visitor to the world of seas and rivers, through large aquariums filled with many species of fish, coming from Singapore. and Thailand and from all over the world, including (goldfish, carp, bluefish, sunset, tiger fish, goldfish and cichlids).

Ali Al-Ketbi:

“My hobby of raising Husky dogs started six years ago, and I sit with them for four hours a day.”

Raed Ahmed:

I sold my cats (Shirazi) because they need a big budget to feed and care for them.

Sajid Ghulam:

Housewives buy rabbits and chickens to cook, and chickens for their sons.

Mohamed Hassan:

“I’m talking about the market, on Fridays and Saturdays, because it is my hobby and an additional source of livelihood.”

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