In a strong heat wave .. have mercy on your pet and take 5 steps to avoid his death

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In a strong heat wave, have mercy on your pet and follow 5 steps to avoid his death, today Saturday, June 11, 2022 at 21:49.

Many are preparing for the summer season and high temperatures that can cause heat stroke or heat stress illness.

But we need to take care of pets and prevent them from heat stroke, which can lead to death because dogs and cats do not sweat.

He who is ruthless is ruthless. Therefore, those who care for raising pets in the home should know the symptoms of heat stroke in pets and how to prevent it:

The symptoms are:

1- continuous shortness of breath.

2- You feel sick.

3- Presence of foam around the mouth.

4- Pulse is weak or high.

5- Inability to drink.

6- The gums are red or blue.

7- Feeling of loss of consciousness.

Prevention of heat stroke in pets

1 – The place should be well ventilated.

2 – You should provide them with fresh water throughout the day.

3 – If you have to go out in the heat, you should wear dog shoes because the surfaces will be hot on his feet, but at the same time it should be noted that the temperature of the dogs is expelled from the feet, it is possible. that your dog’s temperature will rise if his paws are covered for long periods on warm days.

4 – Walk in shady and grassy areas.

5 – Never leave a dog in a parked car even for a moment, if it can not go out with you at every stop, it will be better in a gentle environment.

6- Even with the windows open, a parked car can quickly reach over 150 degrees, resulting in heat stroke, permanent brain damage or the death of your pet.

You need to follow the necessary steps to make if the heat stroke has occurred, if the heat stroke has already occurred in your pet, including:

1 – Move the pet to a cooler environment, preferably with a fan.

2 – Wet the animal with water at room temperature. Do not let the water rise higher than the abdomen, because if the water reaches the neck it cools down very quickly.

3 – Placing an ice pack on the dog or cat’s neck or groin area can be helpful in calming it, because the cold blood flowing through these arteries cools the rest of the body.

4 – Do not force your pet to drink a large amount of water because it can absorb fluid in the lungs, but pour a little water to drink.

5- Check the temperature of your pet and if it is too high, go to the vet immediately, wrap the animal in a damp towel, turn on the car air conditioner and drive quickly but safely.

Tips to help pets on the road during the summer:

1- Place cups of fresh water in shady areas where the sun does not reach directly.

2- Providing food for street animals, as well as keeping clean the dishes in which the food is served.

3- Provide a cool and shady place for street animals.

4- Provision of medicines and veterinary care for street animals.

5- Beware of the signs of heat stroke in street animals. If on the street you find signs that appear in any animal you should give help and go to a veterinarian so that he does not die from high temperatures.

Regarding the treatment of birds in summer, the needs of birds vary according to the climatic conditions they go through, from high or low temperatures.

In most cases the summer season begins and the air temperature rises. Important tips should be followed .. As follows:

1- Prepare a comfortable and shady place for the birds, taking care that there are suitable ventilation holes for the birds.

2- Providing them with foods such as seeds and cereals that are suitable for birds in summer.

3- Wet the birds with a little water with the disinfectant needed for cleaning and sterilization.

4- Preparing a nest to facilitate the birds in the season when breeding begins.

Regarding the growth of birds in the house, the necessary procedures should be followed as follows:

1- Providing a good place for ventilation, such as the use of air conditioning and electric fans, due to the high level of humidity and given that the sun does not enter directly.

2- Using water with normal temperature to wash the birds, but it is not preferred more than once a day.

3- Use of vitamin C for heat stress from one to two times a week, according to the air temperature at the breeding place.

Important warnings when it comes to birds:

1- Do not shower with cold water, but offer water at medium temperature, adding a little natural apple cider vinegar or a few drops of peppermint oil.

2- Do not serve frozen vegetables directly to poultry.

3- The diet of birds should be changed to adapt to the nature of the period that the birds are going through.

4- Serve vegetables and fruits in the morning, early or before sunset.

5- Do not give too many vegetables and fruits in large quantities so that the birds do not cause diarrhea.

6- Putting some vitamins and salts in the water, which are given to the birds in small amounts and at long intervals so that the birds are not poisoned.

7- The best time to wash the birds is noon.

8- Avoid exposing the birds to direct sunlight.

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