Everything is available for your heart too. Design your digital twin and enhance your look

“He creates forty similarities.” A phrase used to refer to the presence of a person’s resemblance and the media often publishes stories about celebrities who have exact copies.

But can you imagine that such rare coincidences can become practically a reality, when anyone can create their own digital twin.

Human digital twins are part of a broader concept that involves creating a copy of everything, such as our cities, our cars, our homes, and even ourselves and our body parts.

At first, these twins were merely sophisticated 3D computer models, but artificial intelligence, along with the Internet of Things, which uses sensors to connect physical objects to a network, means you can now build anything digital that helps in the continuous improvement of the real counterpart.

Technology analyst Rob Enderle believes we will have the first versions of thinking about human digital twins “before the end of the decade”.

He adds, in comments reported by the BBC: “It will take a great deal of moral thinking for these things to come to light, because an exact copy of our thinking can be incredibly useful to employers.”

“What if your company creates a digital twin for you, and you say, ‘Hey, you have this digital twin for whom we do not pay any salary, so why are we still hiring you?'” He asked.

Professor Sandra Wachter, a senior researcher in artificial intelligence at Oxford University, understands the lure of creating digital twins for humans, but creating these twins collides with difficulty because a person’s life is a mixture of nature and education. Socio-economic background, environment, personal choices, and so we have a long way to go, until we understand and shape a person’s life from beginning to end, assuming it is quite possible.

digital twin of cities

Instead, the use of digital twins is currently the most complex and widespread in product design, distribution, and urban planning. In Formula 1 racing, McLaren and Red Bull use digital twins for their racing cars.

Meanwhile, shipping giant DHL is creating a digital map of warehouses and supply chains to allow it to be more efficient.

And our cities are being reproduced more and more in the digital world. Both Shanghai and Singapore have digital twins, created to help improve the design and operation of buildings, transportation systems and roads.

In Singapore, one of the tasks of digital twins is to help find new ways to move people and avoid pollution areas, and new cities in the Middle East are being built simultaneously in the real and digital world.

French software company Dassault Systems says it is now seeing interest from thousands of companies for its twin digital technology.

Her work so far has involved using digital twins to help a hair care company digitally design more durable shampoo bottles, instead of endless prototypes in real life, and this reduces waste.

Digital twins enable other companies to design new futuristic projects, from jetpacks to floating-wheeled motorcycles, and even flying cars, each with a digital twin and a physical model update, first in the digital space.

Digital heart twin

But the real value we see in digital twins lies in healthcare. The Dassault Systems Inc. Living Heart project has created an accurate virtual human heart model that can be tested and analyzed, allowing surgeons to implement a range of scenarios. -if “for an organ, using various medical procedures and equipment. .

The project was founded by Dr. Steve Levine, who had personal reasons for wanting to create a digital twin after his daughter was born with a congenital heart disease and after a few years when she was in her late twenties and was in danger. heart failure, he decided to recreate her heart in virtual reality.

Boston Children’s Hospital is now using technology to map patients ’real heart condition, while at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, a team of engineers is working with doctors to test equipment that can help children with rare and chronic diseases. difficult to treat the heart.

Experimenting with the digital heart also has the indirect effect of reducing the need for animal testing, which is one of the most controversial aspects of scientific research, says Severine Troillette, director of global affairs at Dassault Systems.

The company is now planning more twins with digital organs, including eyes and even the brain.

And the race to build a digital copy of our entire planet could be more ambitious than cloning human organs.

Earth digital twin

The American software company Nvidia operates a platform called “Omniverse” created to create virtual worlds and digital twins, and one of its most ambitious projects is to build a digital image of the Earth, taking high-resolution images of top of its entire surface.

Earth 2, as it is called, will use a combination of deep learning models and neural networks to mimic physical environments in the digital realm and come up with solutions for climate change.

And in March of this year, the European Commission, in collaboration with the European Space Agency and others, announced their plans to create a digital twin of the planet, called “Designation Earth”.

By the end of 2024, she hopes to have enough real-time monitoring and simulation data to have a digital twin focused on floods, droughts and heat waves, along with natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions. and tsunamis, and provide countries with concrete life-saving plans in the face of these growing challenges.

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