Al Masaood Automobiles Introduces Retail Concept From Nissan At Its Fully Renovated Service Center In Al Ain

The service center is designed to accommodate 200 vehicles per day and offers fast service within 60 minutes.

City of Abu Dhabi: Al Masaood Automobiles, the exclusive distributor of Nissan vehicles in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region, announced the official opening of the newly renovated Nissan Service and Maintenance Center in Al Ain.

The new service and maintenance center was inaugurated in the presence of Khalifa Abdullah Al Masoud, Member of the Board of Al Masaood Group, Irfan Tansel, CEO of Al Masaood Automobiles, Thierry Sabbagh, President of Nissan Saudi Arabia and CEO of Nissan Middle East, and a number of executives from Nissan Middle East and Al Masaood Automobiles.

The company has redesigned the 105,000-square-foot facility originally built in 1978 and is constantly updated, embodying the innovative, globally harmonized Nissan retail concept, which aims to improve the quality of service provided to customers at all points. contact. The new concept also aims to provide an improved customer experience, improved design, a hassle-free service process and an advanced digital environment.

The new service center is characterized by its capacity to accommodate more than 200 machines per day and includes 107 work areas, 62 of which provide mechanical services, 45 work areas for painting and painting services and car body maintenance, as well as 8 washes. plugs and 160 parking spaces. As part of its efforts to ensure the highest levels of convenience and transparency in the provision of services and transactions, the facility has shared a consulting area and a lounge equipped with various equipment that provide a complete view of all areas. of service.

The center is also distinguished by offering express car services within just 60 minutes with the aim of maximizing customer comfort and satisfaction.

Irfan Tansel, CEO of Al Masaood Automobiles, said: “The redesigned Nissan Service Center in Al Ain is part of our ongoing efforts to deliver an exceptional customer experience and to provide the best solutions for the city’s customers. Al Ain has always held a special place for us, as it is a city of culture and tradition.The residents of this great city have always had a strong relationship with Nissan and Al Masaood as a brand.Through the renovation of this center, we aim to set new standards in the after-sales machine in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and to improve the experience of our customers, in line with the mission and values ​​of Al Masaood Automobiles.The opening of the center also reflects our long-term commitment to the capital as one of Nissan’s vital markets in the region. “

Thierry Sabbagh, President of Nissan Saudi Arabia and CEO of Nissan Middle East, said: “We always strive to prioritize our customers through innovative Nissan products and services, including the implementation of Nissan’s retail concept at the Center of Al Masaood Automotive Service in Al Ain The newly renovated Nissan Service Center is the second in Al Masaood Automobiles to adopt the globally standardized Nissan Retail standard, reflecting our commitment to improving the customer experience and providing a work environment safer and more comfortable for employees. “

Over the past five years, the service center in Al Ain has witnessed a 45% increase in the annual number of serviced cars and Al Masaood Automobiles expects the growth to increase further with the expansion of the center’s services.

The service center is characterized by the employment of a group of technicians and fully trained teams to provide the best car services, using mechanisms and tools for diagnosing and repairing cars that are characterized by the latest technologies. The center is reportedly open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:45 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

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About Al Masaood Automobiles

Al Masaood Automobiles has been the exclusive distributor of Nissan, Infiniti and Renault vehicles in Abu Dhabi for 36 years. It offers customers a wide range of car models, which include SUVs, luxury cars, saloons and commercial vehicles, serving a wide range of customers, including individuals, companies and government agencies.

The Al Masaood Automobiles network includes 8 showrooms for new cars and 3 showrooms for used cars in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region. It includes the integrated building in the Mussafah area, which features a dedicated car delivery center. 6 maintenance centers and 7 facilities for the sale of spare parts. The company recently opened its latest R-Store, which is an innovative one-stop shop to meet the needs of Renault customers. Al Masaood Automobiles has won many prestigious awards, most notably the “Nissan Global Award” in 2013 and 2019, in addition to the “Outstanding Sales and Customer Service” award from Nissan in 2017. The company also recently crowned “The Renault Dealership Global Award (PARIS Global Challenge) for 2019 and the award for outstanding performance by “Infiniti” for 2020. The company continues to achieve more success through its effective and fruitful partnerships with the most prominent major banks, in order to provide an integrated package of financing solutions for its clients,

In addition to facilitating procedures for the purchase of cars, insurance and spare parts, which consolidates the concept of providing everything that meets the aspirations of customers under one roof. You can learn more by visiting the e-commerce portal.

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