5 Essential Tips to Avoid Travel Mistakes This Season

Dubai: Khansa Al Zubair

Experts believe the travel movement is likely to show greater strength this summer since the outbreak of the Corona virus, but at the same time they advise the need to take some precautions and measures to avoid problems, especially with the lack of constant clarity. regarding government standards and procedures regarding the Corona virus and other conditions. Considerations that may arise.

All indications are that things will return to the pre-pandemic era of travel this season, says Mahmoud Khan, a professor in the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Virginia Tech, but he sees the war in Ukraine, high inflation and fuel prices have added to the landscape a state of uncertainty.Travel, which increases the likelihood that many travelers will make some mistakes, especially after being away for a long period of time.

Manny Fernandez, Vice President of Global Operations for Focus Point International, a specialist in the field, warns that travelers after this downtime may be poorly prepared and do not care about the basics of travel preparation as they did in the pre-pandemic period. .

Wherever you are heading to your destination, you need to plan well to avoid pitfalls, embarrassing situations and delays that make you miss the trip and below are the most important mistakes some make:

-1 Late booking

Amy Jones, travel consultant at Rock Hill SC, says: Not booking a flight ahead of time is a mistake many people make. They do not plan and book accommodation or provide airline tickets now. They wait until the last minute for this deal; She says the deal will not be reached this summer because most hotel rooms and rentals in high-demand areas are on their way to fulfillment.

Even if you plan to postpone your vacation until October or November, Jones adds, you will also find high occupancy levels.

2- Do not look for safe destinations

“Today, more than ever, security is a major issue,” says Carrie Pasquarello, CEO of global security consulting Secure Resources. “Coronavirus remains a major concern in many countries, and some countries still have epidemic restrictions and testing requirements.”

She advises anyone planning to travel this summer to research health and safety at their chosen destination.This includes research on crime rate, risk of contracting Corona virus and other potential risks; He recommends starting his search on the travel instruction page on the websites of the competent authorities and checking the requests for Corona virus testing in the travel restrictions database.

And if you are still not sure where to go this summer, try a place that has just reopened for tourism.

Carlos Greider, an expert on distance work, recommends moving to countries that have recently reopened instead of countries that have had inconclusive rules for epidemics.

-3 Forgetting the basic requirements

It’s been a while since people last rested before that long stalemate happened, which means they are a bit out of practice in terms of travel leaving them in a state of forgetting the basics. The basics are simple: Make sure you have at least 6 months left in your passport, and if your passport expires within 6 months of your scheduled departure date, renew it immediately, says Rani Cheema, Cheema CEO. Travel ..

-4 change the plan

Travel regulations, along with flight schedules and events, are constantly changing, and Kimberly Greulich, founder of KG Travel Club, warns that coronavirus restrictions seem to be over, but this is not true. He says you should not assume that all the airport or hotel amenities will be available this summer. Lack of manpower may mean that restaurants are working less hours and hotel service may not be available; So if there is anything to calculate at your destination, ask before you arrive.

Rani Cheema recommends that you constantly check your flights by paying attention to every email or text message you receive from the airline you are traveling with, as it is very likely that your flight has changed due to lack of crew, seats full or any other reason ..

5- Negligence of insurance

Travelers often assume that travel insurance or a “medical evacuation membership” will cover everything to which they may be exposed, but may not be; For example, earlier this year, a company that covers travelers infected with the Corona virus while abroad is adding a new evacuation request to its list and considering it medication to avoid hospitalization.

If you rent a car, here are some expert tips: Talk to your insurance company before you leave.

“Travelers often overlook the details of their car policies, especially if they have roadside assistance coverage,” says Christopher Seabrook, an insurance agent for Country Financial in Atlanta. In general, the policy for the car you own in your place of residence should apply to the rental car in the country of destination, including the discount. ” He recommends that you always read the contract carefully and ask the rental agent to explain a clause that you did not understand well.

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