We freed ourselves from the limitations of (Covid 19) and returned to the travel spaces (4-8)

Saud bin Ali Al-Harthy
Fourth: Munich and the villages of northern Italy.
From the airport “Munich” we were sent to the hotel “Holiday Inn”, our residence, about an hour and a quarter due to traffic jams on the road leading to the hotel, which is characterized by cleanliness, its comfort. its design and location in a quiet area away from hustle and bustle. Life at Munich Marienplatz, as we left it before Covid 19, was very normal, there are no masks on people’s faces, the squares, alleys, markets, cafes and restaurants are crowded and the prices are affordable for all. was, and the cold is still strong, and the inhabitants of Munich and the visitors are clothed. Heavy clothes after a rainy day and strong clouds still do not hide from us. Al-Siddiq Ali Al-Flayti, with his usual sharpness, strong memory, unique attention and focus on the streets, alleys and monuments he visits from the first time – a characteristic that many do not possess – was the guide and the guide ours in many. of the places and areas we visit.Thanks, kindness and appreciation. The next morning, we bid farewell to Munich and the German lands, setting off through the steppes and green areas, to the villages of northern Italy that are unique in their scenic nature, stunning charm and amazing architectural design, and blend between the Mediterranean and Mediterranean. Alpine places, and are characterized by strategic locations in their historical origin, stretching from the foot of the mountains to its peaks, from which flow streams and waterfalls with a loud noise, flow into sewers and passages that rotate and flow between alleys , public squares. , houses, cathedrals, churches, landmarks and facilities of those villages. Surprise requires meditation and contemplation and gives peace and psychological comfort … The German, Austrian and Italian villages, while we were on our slow tourist road, received hail. rain in different periods and quantities, which led to more beauty, elegance, vanity and splendor and the mountains reacted with them, adding beauty and elegance in abundance. Nothing in this world compares to it, as much as one wants to share with him in that extraordinary moment c All his loved ones and friends, views of waterfalls, streams and rivers as they flow, flow and penetrate between forests, trees, orchards, villages and rocks in numerous shapes and scenes, and photos of mountain peaks surrounding clouds and snow, and freezing on their high peaks, waterfalls and reefs, all come together and meet and meet to introduce tourists to this region of the world Paradise of the world in its view best … We visited Lake Signature in Germany, Lake Achensee in the Austrian village of Pertsau, and the villages of Ortis, Bolzano and Valdora … in Italy, where birds and bees share food with locals and tourists in restaurants and there religions, which took us on a one-day tour and we did not lose. the opportunity to drink two cups of coffee and eat locally roasted foods and types of cakes and ice cream in charming places that one really regrets leaving. For the third day in a row, the clouds are still hanging over the sky of the region, and the clouds are still prostrating and humbled, obscuring our view of the high mountain peaks and the sun, the rays of which we desperately needed to give us heat. and warmth. and illuminate the earth with its beauty, and proclaim its presence in these plains and mountains, whose streams are almost overflowing with water. Waterfalls, streams, and rivers need energy, renewal, and comfort. do not announce their withdrawal unless the sun shines instead. The car is guiding us between heights and slopes, on different levels, numerous roads and beautiful scenes that pile up from right and left, each scene calling us to stop, meditate and enjoy and take memorable photos and clips that we share with family and friends keep in mind, we will still stop and drink the nectar of nature and time steals us Continues without feeling us, and the program is full? It is beauty, enchanting magic, virgin nature, life makes us feel its value and this extravagance of picturesque landscapes expresses the greatness of the Creator and His mercy to man. My friend Khalfan Al-Rashid excites his traveling companions whenever he chooses a poem to memorize by a glorious poet and recites it with his melodious and enchanting voice. And Bishr bin Awana … throws it with his voice, and Two friends Saeed Al Kindi and Ahmed Al-Sawa’i shine – how can he not? They are broad in culture and their readings and pursuits are diverse and exploratory – in selecting intellectual, literary and social topics and issues that foster discussion and thinking, exchange experiences, visions and knowledge, and invest in society to renew and revitalize think and deepen understanding and increase and extinguish the rich sea of ​​science whenever possible, accompanied by an educated friend, aware, responsible and aware of what is happening From local and global transformations and variables, scientific and intellectual, able to analyze, read deeply. , and give the opinion, another important feature that adds to the many benefits and benefits of travel. Weekly vacations and seasons of events we do not know and cause the closure of markets and entertainment venues … and the weakening of the tourist movement in northern Italy, affected by the heavy losses of “Covid 19” occurred there. , and the strict accompanying precautions, as evidenced by the contraction and closure of many projects and tourist facilities, and the cold that it’s Not yet cold… All of these hindered some of our business items, such as visits to the largest jam . factories there, bargains and booking of boat trips, cable cars and other destinations, which unfortunately closed, so we replaced them by immersing ourselves in the wings of nature that beautifies, renews and dresses, so the colors and shapes of its vary according to the movement of time and exchange The phases of day and night. During our exploratory wanderings through the alleys and alleys after drinking coffee and eating apple pie in the village “Fornico”, we saw from its outskirts a luxury building that tempted us to follow our walk to visit and learn about its purposes, its tasks. and historical value Tomb “grave”, its identification plate contains a set of photographs, names and information that includes a brief biography of the deceased and the date of his birth and death. Many, and whoever dies after him is buried above, so on in the layer that touches the upper surface of the earth, then the process begins again in another burial. On the morning of the fourth day we set out for the city of Florence, our third stop on the itinerary, and the universe around us was enchanted by the rays of the sun which poured its warmth and light on the tops of the mountains, the steppes. and the rivers, and penetrated into the woods and between the folds of branches and large and tall trees, and the villages hung on the tops of the mountains, while the other, which is scattered between the lowlands and the plateaus, is like a painting in which he participated in drawing and contributed to its formation with this fascinating beauty, human societies and nature alike. appearance, and tall and abnormal cement buildings have no place in these vast lands, which regard as the basic value of the values ​​of life and a general law which does not affect, the preservation of the elements of nature. and enhancing its beauty The real thing is another human invention, as well as protecting the environment from human interference, scarcity and corruption. Agricultural lands are flattened, plowed and fertilized for the next agricultural season, orchards of grapes, strawberries, apples and others extend beyond sight, and mountains are gradually stripped of trees, grasses, greenery and the whiteness of frozen water, revealing their natural face. . without ornaments and embellishments. The decision to cross through the city of Toronto, the capital of the Trentino-Alto Adige region, which is surrounded by high rocky Dolomites and the Adige River gives it more pomp, was inevitable to take, for due to the beauty of its architecture, the harmony of its buildings, the elegance of its alleys and squares, the generosity of its churches and cathedrals, the taste of delicious baking, its numerous cultural buildings and the charm of its historic castle, The Castildel Ponco Neglio, or “Castle Complex”, built in the thirteenth century AD, impresses the visitor with the durability of its foundations and walls, the elegance of its balconies and columns, the grandeur of the buildings and the height of the floors. it rreth took about four hours, which was enough to make us feel the uniqueness and difference of European cities from their peers in other parts of the world, while Lake Garda, on whose shore tuam, lined with public parks and aesthetic touches, is the largest lake in Italy and has invested as an important tourist destination, with the establishment of many hotels, services, tourism projects, modern cafes and restaurants … Tourism in the world enriches general country budgets.

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