“Small and Medium Enterprises” implements a range of training programs to support and qualify artisans and entrepreneurs.

41 participants in the Innovative Ideas and Entrepreneurship Readiness Program

The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority has launched a series of training programs for Omani artisans and entrepreneurs. These programs stem from the importance of developing ideas and emphasizing the important role of craft industries and small and medium enterprises in supporting national economy.

Among the programs launched by the authority is the pre-incubation program for craft industries, which aims to qualify young people with innovative ideas and turn them into business models and business plans to serve the field of creative craft industries, such as and results or end result. will be an integrated business model that enables the entrepreneur to go through the incubation phase and start his project, as well as start the necessary procedures to obtain all the legal documents and licenses needed to create their projects.

The program, which lasted for a whole month, was implemented in the authority building in the Governor of Muscat and targeted craftsmen, whether individuals or institutions in the field of silver, wool knitting, cotton fabric and fashion, as well as areas that support the craft sector such as incense, distillation and oils, as well as those supporting innovative ideas. For the creative craft industries in the field of packaging, marketing and promotion, as well as the use of emerging technologies such as 3D printing and engineering design applications.

The program included field visits to a number of institutions specializing in the development of creative products and industries, such as the Oman Makers Center, which is one of the components of the Muscat Innovation Complex of the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation. . to transform ideas and innovations, and the Comex Technology Exhibition 2022, which contributed to their presentation with a set of emerging technologies and applications that will benefit them to add innovative and aesthetic value to their products.

Zaid bin Mohammed Al-Siyabi, owner of the Jewelry and Jewelry Design project using evolving technologies, spoke about the main purpose of his participation in the program, which is to know the basics of entrepreneurship to start his project according to sound foundations and methodological. in addition to building working relationships that support his project, especially since the program provided an opportunity for networking and communication with participants in the fields of others are interested in developing creative craft products.

Al-Siyabi stated that the program contributed to his acquisition of leadership, administrative and financial skills and the use of modern innovative technologies in his project, in addition to the knowledge of preparing a feasibility study. Upon completion of the program, he looks forward to getting the opportunity to incubate his project in one of the institutions.

For her part, Asmaa bint Masoud Al-Hamdania, owner of the Asma Art Foundation, indicated that the purpose of her participation in the program is to transform the idea of ​​her project into a successful pioneering project and an opportunity to meet talented . craftsmen, and to enhance her project with the value of innovation, adding that the program also added to her knowledge of accurate scientific pioneering terminology. Her participation in the program gained her experience in her field of work through field visits and then Upon completion of the program, she looks forward to incubating her project and showcasing her products at local and international exhibitions.

Entrepreneurship Readiness Program

The Authority launched the third set of the Entrepreneurship Readiness Program on the Road to Existing Institutions (Promotion) in the Governor of Muscat, with the participation of 25 entrepreneurs. This week, the foundation track will launch for those who want to launch their projects. as the program will continue to be implemented in the governments of the Sultanate of Oman.

The program includes several training modules, including “preparation and evaluation of economic feasibility”, which aims to provide an overview of the preparation and evaluation of the project feasibility study, building the ability to determine the feasibility of an idea and ensuring that the project can to be legally and technically applied and if it is economically justified, while the unit aims at “Preparing and implementing business identity” is to empower the trainee how to design a brand identity, with the best tips and tools to build a brand strong and solid. identity.

The “Effective Customer Negotiation Skills” unit is one of the effective units to provide trainees with an interactive approach to negotiations that helps them perform their role as mediators and negotiators and carry out their day-to-day work while the unit “Risk and Crisis Management”. is among the core units as it provides participants with the basics of crisis management and the techniques needed to manage crises. in the workplace, best practices for achieving and managing safety, and other valuable training modules. The Entrepreneurship Readiness Program has not neglected either the legislative and legal aspects, the use of modern technologies, marketing and promotion through electronic applications.

Train the Training Program

In an effort to qualify and develop Omani cadres in the field of creative craft industries, the authority completed a training program for trainers last Thursday with the participation of more than 50 trainees from the various governments of the Sultanate of Oman. Special methodologies in programming and training packages, presentation and presentation skills, design of training programs, performance measurement methods, e-marketing and financing of creative craft projects.

The program aims to develop creative craft industries in various fields and activities by preparing new competencies trained and qualified by Oman to undertake the training of craftsmen over the coming period.

The program included conducting field visits to a number of higher education institutions and private sector companies, in order to identify training methods and methodologies and review the experience of these institutions in implementing the “Lean” methodology to achieve continuous improvement. . also included a special focus in the field of accelerated change and development on entrepreneurial projects and a center in the field of digital transformation of small and medium enterprises and craft industries.

Rasha Al-Hilali, specialized director in the Department of Craft Industries in the authority, confirmed that this program has been designed and its content has been prepared to contribute effectively to achieving the desired goal, providing all the necessary expertise and assistance from staff specialized human. , as well as modern tools and techniques and intensive training content, which took three weeks to implement, through which theoretical training, practical training and conducting field visits.

export program

In the coming period, the authority will implement the “Sadr” training program, which aims to market and promote the services and products of small and medium enterprises in local and global markets, to create partnership opportunities for participating institutions, to expand local and global markets, increase the sales of participating institutions and open wider horizons for small and medium business owners to exchange expertise and experiences, as well as to get acquainted with world best practices in this regard.

The “Sadr” program includes two training courses, qualifying institutions to participate in consumer exhibitions (B2C) and qualifying institutions to participate in specialized trade fairs (B2B). The program targets small and medium enterprises and craft projects in the fields of creative craft industries, jewelry, jewelry, food, perfumes, fashion, antiques and Professional gifts, skin care products.

Ongoing training programs

A number of different training programs will be announced in the coming period, including future Entrepreneur Readiness Program groups, and specialized training programs in the provinces. Work is underway to request quotations for the programs to be implemented in all governments. of the sultanate. of Oman. In addition to the trainer training program in collaboration with the Arab Planning Institute to train more than 20 entrepreneurs in the field of entrepreneurship and private projects, prepare qualified and experienced trainers, and provide a network and data of certified trainers in the field of entrepreneurship. and small and medium-sized enterprises to enable small and medium-sized enterprise owners and provide them with the scientific skills and process necessary for the sustainability and expansion of their projects, supporting efforts to spread the culture of entrepreneurship and covering the growing demand for specialized programs in the field of vocational training and innovative modern training methods.

Also, 3 training programs will be implemented in cooperation with “Eshraqa” – Khimji Ramdas Pavilion for Social Development – in Muscat and other governments, which require participants to know an appropriate level of English as it includes an advanced level of scientific and practical knowledge and experience, as well as to ensure their qualification to be ready to reach global markets and to offer There are 50 programs in force with Oman Liquefied Natural Gas Company in cooperation with Oracle to conduct technical seminars advanced targeting 15 beneficiaries with 3 advanced training courses. There is cooperation with Okiyo Academy to present an entrepreneurship program in cooperation with specialized training institutes to target more than 20 entrepreneurs in 4 provinces, Dhofar, Musandam, Al Dakhiliyah, in addition to the Governor of Muscat.

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