Saudi tourism: progress in the sky … expansion on the ground

The program covers airline losses from direct flights to major markets

Launching the world’s largest “Pioneers of Tourism” of its kind to train 100,000 young men and women

Al-Khatib: Government offers incentives as part of air link program and open plan for any carrier

The Kingdom signed an agreement with the Saudi national airline to travel to Zurich and Barcelona

Attract 12 million tourists to the Kingdom in 2022 and look for one million new jobs in the sector

Supporting airlines operating routes to major international cities and attracting direct flights to the Kingdom

Perhaps the most important feature of recent tourism activity in Saudi Arabia is that all the efforts made by the Kingdom under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman confirm that the goal is not a traditional development of the sector, but a complete transformation of ensures that tourism in the Kingdom is a competitive industry with sustainable returns to the state, according to an ambitious program, and unusual opportunities for implementation.

And if the recent jump in tourism in the Kingdom is not all that is on Prince bin Salman’s agenda to supplement the state’s public finances with various oil revenues and fluctuations, but efforts to develop the sector, the latest from which is supported by airlines operating non-profit lines to major world cities, reflected that Saudi Arabia is flying with development The sector is high and in more than one direction.

Perhaps what reinforces the optimism for the future of the tourism program, which Saudi Arabia began to implement with ambition and deliberate steps to revive domestic tourism and attract more foreign tourists, is that the enthusiasm of those who are responsible for the development of the sector comes in a wider area. guide to achieving the goal of attracting 100 million visitors a year to the Kingdom by 2030, surpassing global tourism growth rates.

In this context, the Saudi Minister of Tourism, Ahmed Al-Khatib, said that the government is providing incentives as part of the air connection program and is in talks with the airlines for an open plan for each company to receive support, according to what was . quoted by Bloomberg, adding that the Kingdom has already signed an agreement with the Saudi national airline will fly to Zurich and Barcelona as part of the program.

He explained, “The main goal is to deploy direct flights to our main target markets, as the program will compensate airlines to cover their losses from direct flights to these centers very important to us.”

government funding

And “Bloomberg” stated in a report that funding for this ambitious plan will come directly from the government, but it is still not clear how much this program will cost, quoting Al-Khatib as saying: “We need to negotiate with each company according to its size ”, noting that the details of the program budget It will be available next year.

Tourist visa

Saudi Arabia started offering tourist visas in late 2019, while the plan to support airlines to travel to the Kingdom comes due to the limited options available to travelers in some cities and regions to get there.

And Bloomberg reports that the plan is the latest step in Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s strategy to reduce oil dependence and turn Riyadh into a global business hub.

Al-Khatib said the opening of a new transport company owned by the Public Investment Fund would “fill a huge gap in the number of lines running to Saudi Arabia”, explaining that the Ministry of Tourism targets 12 million foreign tourists. this year, and that tourism is on track to contribute about 4 percent of the total.Saudi Arabia’s economic output by 2030, while the government aspires to reach 10 percent.

Pioneers of Tourism

As part of the steps in support of achieving this ambition, the Saudi Ministry of Tourism launched the “Pioneers of Tourism” program, which aims to develop the skills of 100,000 Saudi youth and provide them with key skills in the field of hospitality . tourism and travel, in order to prepare them to work in the thriving tourism sector in the Kingdom Launch of the program during the 116th session of the Executive Council of the World Tourism Organization in Jeddah.

The “Pioneers of Tourism” will contribute to providing broad global expertise in this field to future leaders of the UK’s tourism sector, as Al-Khatib stressed the need to invest in Saudi youth and create a workforce of capable and ambitious to support the tourism sector regionally and globally, which would play an important role in achieving the 2030 Kingdom Vision.

This program demonstrates the Saudi government’s commitment to empowering young people by providing them with the skills, support and opportunities needed to pave the way for the future of the tourism sector.

3 programs

Al-Khatib said that this program includes 3 goals based on the development of skills in the field of tourism, its education and support, also aims to create a culture of professionalism and help young professionals to expand their necessary knowledge and qualifications to enter the field and support. their career paths by improving their skills.

The program, aimed at achieving the objectives of the National Tourism Strategy and the Vision of the Kingdom 2030, will help trainees find job opportunities for them in this sector, while the strategy includes the creation of one million new jobs by the year 2030.

Al-Khatib stressed that highly specialized programs will contribute to providing beneficiaries with the skills and qualifications needed to enter the labor market with confidence.

international institutes

The Saudi Ministry of Tourism selected the world’s most prestigious institutes and educational institutions based on their academic skills in the field of tourism and training to be part of the “Pioneers of Tourism” program, including the Lagos International School of Hotel Management, Swiss School of Hotel Management, Glion Institute of Higher Education, Caesar Ritz Colleges and Montreux Institute, ESSEC School of Business, Ecole Hotelier in Lausanne, European School of Economics, New South Wales School of Technology and Further Education, and School of Business and Hotel Management.

Applicants selected to join the program will benefit from comprehensive training courses that will enable them to secure employment opportunities at the Kingdom’s leading hospitality companies.

To qualify for the program, the applicant must be a Saudi citizen, fluent in English and have an interest in working in the tourism sector.

$ 147 billion in transportation and logistics investments

Khalil Al-Murabi, Director General of the National Airline Program in Saudi Arabia, stated that “the government plans to invest $ 147 billion to help transform the Kingdom into a hub for transportation and logistics, which also includes the development of a the new airport in Riyadh, the launch of an airline and the increase in the number of direct destinations served by the state to 250 instead of about 100 now. ”

The attractiveness of work in this sector has exceeded 75 percent

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism for Tourism Capacity Development in Saudi Arabia, Muhammad Bushnaq, said: “The huge financial investment in the program.

“(Pioneers of Tourism) shows our determination to provide our young people with the tools they need to succeed”, noting that the attractiveness of working in the tourism sector among young people has increased to more than 75 percent.

He added that supporting the dreams of “tourism pioneers” in the Kingdom and enabling them to be educated in the most prestigious academies around the world is a key goal at a time when the Kingdom is emerging as a key leader in the sector globally. as participants in the program will receive training grants at the most prestigious local and international institutes in France and Spain.Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia and Italy, noting that in addition to accepting applications from recent graduates, applications from working Saudis in the sector and aspiring to build a career in the field of tourism, hospitality and travel will be accepted.

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