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Dubai: Business class travelers have long overlooked the ultimate luxury, private jet bookings have reached new heights during the pandemic as business travel has dwindled. Those with severe travel needs had no choice but to turn to private aviation to fill the gap.

“This has led to a sudden and massive influx of business travelers traveling privately for the first time,” said Thomas Flor, founder and chairman of Dubai-based Vista Global Holding, a group of private airlines including VistaJet. Only in the world. Commercial airline.

3.3 million private flights were operated worldwide in 2021, 7% more than pre-COVID numbers, according to WingX, a Germany-based commercial aviation intelligence company.

While the UAE was one of the main destinations of the company, Saudi Arabia
Recorded solid growth, he says Thomas FlowPresident of Vista Global Holding

The pandemic has allowed private airlines like VistaJet to tell new customers that private flight can be a long-term travel solution financially.

“Overall, private aviation has been well isolated for the last two years,” Flohr said. In the end, the pandemic has shown that it does not necessarily cost more. As a result, we have seen a significant increase in new business memberships due to organizations realizing the many security, safety, and accessibility benefits we offer. »

By mid-2021, up to 71% of new requests for VistaJet came from passengers who had not regularly used business aviation solutions in the past.


• Globally, 3.3 million private flights were operated in 2021, 7% more than pre-COVID numbers, according to WingX, a Germany-based commercial aviation intelligence company.

• Pandemic has allowed private airlines like VistaJet to show new customers that private flight can be a financially viable long-term travel solution.

• By mid-2021, up to 71% of VistaJet’s new applications came from passengers who had not used business aviation solutions regularly in the past.

“It shows how much people value the convenience, safety and accessibility of private flight,” he said. “While the pandemic has certainly provided a catalyst for change and redefined the global aviation landscape, the industry can respond quickly and effectively to change that has helped bring about a lasting shift in perception towards private travel.”

Changing the dynamics of private flight

Overall, GCC and the Middle East have been among VistaJet’s largest markets for the past two years. Although the UAE has always been one of the company’s top destinations, Saudi Arabia has shown strong growth, especially over the past six months, with “the fastest pace trips we have ever seen,” according to Flor.

He attributed the increase in travel to domestic demand within the Gulf Cooperation Council. However, the company has also seen an increase in long-distance travel from the Kingdom and the Middle East as a whole, mainly to and from the United States, followed by Europe.

On the other hand, these long-haul flights are boosting demand for longer-range VistaJet, with demand for its expanded Bombardier Global 7500 fleet being among the highest in the world.

Overall, private aviation has been well isolated over the past two years. In the end, the pandemic has shown that it does not necessarily cost more.

Thomas FlohrPresident of Vista Global Holding

“Travel to Saudi Arabia also increased, especially in April when VistaJet saw several flights entering Jeddah for Umrah,” Fluhr said.

The evolution of one’s travel habits does not stop here. VistaJet members require longer flights to reach distant destinations around the world. Moreover, many of them choose to embark on great adventures and long-distance expeditions – in search of new exciting and memorable moments.

Recent non-stop flights include St Maarten in Seychelles (14h45), Honolulu in Helsinki (13h30min) and Liege in Jakarta (13h30min) thanks to a fleet of 10 new VistaJet Global 7500 aircraft with a range of 7700 nautical miles.

It is the largest, fastest, and longest aircraft in business aviation, opening up a whole new world of long-haul private flights.

He added: “We are also pleased to see an increasing focus on sustainability in decision-making, with 85% of VistaJet members choosing to offset fuel-burning emissions by investing in carbon credits. globally approved.

global ambitions

Although Vista is headquartered in the UAE, the president’s vision is to create a global ecosystem for private aviation.

The recent acquisition of Jet Edge, the fastest growing charter operator in North America, and Air Hamburg, Europe’s leading charter operator, earlier this year made that ambition a reality.

With these acquisitions, VistaJet is actively expanding its fleet at a time of unprecedented demand and bringing together two well-known and reputable companies under its umbrella.

This is the latest step in transforming Vista into its highly fragmented business aviation ecosystem. It builds on the successful mergers of Apollo Jets, Talon Air and Red Wing Aviation into the brand.

“Upon completion of the two transactions, this will bring Vista Group’s combined fleet to more than 350 aircraft, including aircraft owned and operated, and we expect an increase of approximately 30% in worldwide flight hours.” tha Fleur. “In addition, we are also pleased to welcome more than 1,000 highly skilled young colleagues into the Vista family of experts.”

VistaJet currently flies to 96% of the globe, anywhere in the world where it can land by plane. So it is already present in all markets.

“But in terms of growth opportunities, there is still great potential here in the Middle East,” he said. “VistaJet was founded in 2004 to simplify private flights. We have introduced a completely new way to fly, with access to an entire global brand fleet, paying only for flight hours, with guaranteed availability and risk-free assets.

There is opportunity to see, and demand clearly exceeds supply. It will be interesting to see how long the trend lasts and how VistaJet will run the business in the coming years.

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