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There is a big trend towards outdoor return to furniture and interiors this year

There are new trends in interior design for homes that appear every year, some of which last a long time and some that fade quickly. By learning about these new trends, we can renovate our homes in easy and inexpensive ways that help us create a cozy and comfortable home atmosphere without changing 100% decor.

The current year’s interior design trends seem to keep pace with modernity without completely abandoning timeless classics, and given this diversity, we will be able to create homes that suit different tastes…

Here are some simple ideas that are popular this year for a home renovation.

Back to retro

A touch of retro style (glowing designs of the ’60s and’ 70s) would make a statement in a home renovation. The retro style has a minimalist abstract atmosphere displayed in the spacious chairs with massive armrests and a rounded back. In addition to the distinctive shape of these seats, these seats encourage comfortable seating positions that are suitable for everyone.

The house can be renovated by adding a chair and table in retro style to overlap with the original style of the house without changing the whole decor, because retro style does not place any restrictions and allows creativity. Retro colors and avocado yellow, purple and green prints can also be used on sofa cushions, plant containers and wallpaper, to dramatically change the look of the home.

Naturally inspired furniture and designs

There is a big trend towards returning to nature in furniture and interiors this year. The green plants emphasize the natural trend without much cost, especially with the warm colors of the wood like reddish brown, as the plants work to clean the air and the appearance of the flowers that open brings a deep feeling of pleasure and happiness.

Earthy colors on the walls emphasize the natural trend and can also be used on furniture for the same reason. The most important of these colors is olive green in its shades of orange and yellow mustard, in addition to burnt coffee and brick red in their various scales.

These colors reflect a clear elegance and are considered warm colors away from the noise and give a clear sense of luxury and fit into different interior design styles. Home curtains, pillowcases and sofas can be renovated in these colors, or small promenades scattered with designs and colors inspired by plants and earth colors, which will change the look of the house without much cost.

Earth colors on the walls emphasize the natural trend and can also be used on furniture for the same reason (Pixaby)

Multifunctional space

Special spaces dedicated to a purpose are becoming a thing of the past. In light of modern architectural trends, there is a tendency towards multifunctional rooms, where we make the most of every corner using innovative and inexpensive methods of dividing rooms and through them, room space can be doubled. Partition options include folding dividers, shutters, cupboards and large bookshelves, as well as sliding doors.

You can also use temporary wooden partitions or partition with a contrasting colored floor carpet that joins a set of furniture and the beaded curtain remains one of the easiest solutions to divide the spaces.

Tendency towards home offices

After expanding work from home, there has been a growing tendency to have a private home office, but some had not proven this in the beginning, so they had to turn part of the living room into a workplace. As we continue to work from home, the workspace needs to be more comfortable and functional.

One of the most important points to consider when designing a home office is to choose a quiet area of ​​the home and include everything we need at work to avoid distraction and clutter.

When the office becomes part of a larger room, you should consider the color harmony with the surrounding furniture, keep the decoration to a minimum, choose neutral colors that help focus, such as light blue and calm green, and avoid bright colors. causing concern.

When the office becomes part of a larger room, the colors should be in line with the surrounding furniture (Pixaby)

Sustainable environmentally friendly materials

In recent years there has been a major trend that has become more apparent in 2022, which is the trend towards environmentally friendly materials in the long run and this is reflected in the distance from non-recyclable plastic materials as well as the use of wood, glass and natural leather, in addition to the use of lamps and energy-saving appliances.

After a period of time, the choice of environmentally friendly materials becomes a basic and necessary habit, because environmentally friendly materials have a calming and relaxing effect on the human soul, as well as make us feel calm and comfortable and in harmony with energy. of body inclined by nature.

This year the furniture with soft round edges (Pixabe) is flourishing.

Furniture with round edges

Furniture with soft and round edges have flourished this year, as this type of foundation gives a cozy and romantic feeling to the place. Round furniture includes sofas, tables and chairs in the shape of C.

It is not supposed to completely change the furniture, but a piece of curved or circular furniture will give the room a subtle and supportive feel. Curved furniture can also be a way to lighten the sharp corners of walls and windows and help with a sense of space and flexibility in small rooms, unlike sharp-angled furniture that emphasizes the small space of the room.

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