Khalifa University in the UAE excels in the “QS” classification. Scholarships for next year are approved at the University of Informatics of Egypt

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Gjergj Kordahi talks about “Media Reality” at the University of Damascus

Next Tuesday, June 14, the University of Damascus will organize a symposium entitled “The reality of the media and the role of the media in changing it”, where former Lebanese media and Minister George Kordahi will lecture.

According to a statement from the university, the meeting comes as part of efforts to provide researchers and students with the academic and professional expertise needed to link higher education outcomes with professional life in the job market and to provide academic staff with the result. . of the working paths of prominent personalities in all fields, including that of the media.

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Today .. The final exams in Iraqi universities begin

Today (Sunday) will begin the final exams in Iraqi universities, public and private, in accordance with the schedules of the university calendar for the academic year 2021/2022 in the country.

According to a statement from the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education, the universities will continue their assessment tests for the faculties of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and nursing. After the summer holidays, the new school year 2022/2023 is scheduled to start on September 1st.

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“Transfigurations of the Mind” .. an art exhibition at the University of Bahrain

The University of Bahrain announced today (Sunday) the end of the exhibition “Manifestations of the Mind”, which was held at the Al-A’ali complex of the University.

According to the university, the exhibition presented a selection of works by interior design students, in the Department of Architecture at the College of Engineering, who are enrolled in the elective course “Special Topics in Interior Design”, where students exhibited their paintings. , works of art and a variety of models. The course revolves around design thinking and its tools, where the student interacts in the creative thinking process to find solutions to intertwined problems.

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A new website for the University of the Northern Frontier in Saudi Arabia

The University of the Northern Frontier has launched a new website, which includes all the introductory and developmental aspects of the university’s services.

And according to the Saudi Press Agency, today (Sunday), the new website features open source software to build the portal, to achieve cost-effectiveness, access to a number of electronic services through one login (SSO), convenience of access to content, and dynamic reading of important university indicators.

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A Lebanese study examines the effects of the war in Ukraine on food

The Academy at the Faculty of Public Health at the Lebanese University, Maha Hotei, is preparing a study on food safety in Lebanon, in light of the war in Ukraine.

According to the university, this war has major effects on countries around the world, including Lebanon, which imports large goods from Ukraine, such as wheat, sugar, cows, sheep, iron and barley, which puts Lebanon and the Lebanese . people face a new threat to his food and health safety. The study aims to assess the health and nutritional status of the Lebanese people in light of this new challenge. If you are a Lebanese citizen between the ages of eighteen and sixty-four, you can participate in this study voluntarily from here.

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Morocco hopes to resolve the informal sector crisis through the development of universities

Moroccan Minister of Higher Education Abdellatif Miraoui said the national plan to accelerate the transformation of the country’s academic system aims to address the reasons for the growth of the informal sector.

The minister added, during his participation in a roundtable on the “informal sector in North Africa”, yesterday (Friday), that the ministry seeks to improve the quality and performance of the higher education system, research and innovation to provide solutions to these problems.

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The Polytechnic University organizes an exam for occupational safety supervisors

Yesterday (Saturday) the Polytechnic University of Palestine announced the organization of a final exam for participants in a training program for occupational safety and health supervisors.

The test aims to give participants the accreditation of an occupational safety and health supervisor established in accordance with the law. The test was conducted in cooperation with the Federation of Construction Industries and under the supervision of the Palestinian Ministry of Labor. The program aims to enable subsidiaries to practice the profession of industrial supervision at national facilities, which has recently become urgent in light of the apparent increase in accidents at work, according to the university.

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