Jaguar Classic showcases its historic E-TYPE at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

The unique E Series 1 car first appeared in public in 1965

The custom-built 1965 Jaguar E Roadster Classic entered the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Competition.

• The car is a unique model that displays the full capabilities of Jaguar Classics and its ability to completely modernize electronic genres.

Specially ordered, with unique Union Flag paint, 4.7L V6 engine, five-speed gearbox, upgraded suspension and brakes.

• Detailed interior design by Jaguar Classic Store, inspired by famous British chests.

• The customer ordered a roadster according to the year in which it was born and the Jaguar Classic source team tracked down the designed E-Model until just two days after the customer’s birthday.

• Jaguar celebrated Her Majesty’s Jubilee by showcasing 15 of its cars in the Platinum Jubilee competition on June 5, 2022.

Dubai – Constitution

Jaguar Classic introduced the custom-made Jaguar E-TYPE at the Platinum Jubilee Queen pageant on June 5, 2022. This model includes a single comprehensive change through a list of improvements implemented by Classic Works technicians and a Union-inspired blue metallic paint.

The special E model appeared along with fifteen special Jaguar cars on display at the Platinum Jubilee competition, including a selection of historically significant Jaguar E models, an all-electric I-PACE eTROPHY racing car and seven handlebars. Jaguar cars all from famous women. Many celebrities are in the driver’s and passenger seats, including American dancer, stylist and model Eric Underwood.

Jaguar Classic creates beautifully crafted electronics by returning the 1 Series models to their original specifications. This bespoke example goes further, showing the full range of personalization available at the Modern Gallery in Coventry.

Model E is ordered from a customer with specific requirements. He wanted a roadster to be built the year he was born to order specifications. The team at Jaguar Classic began work and tracking down a 1 E Series model built just two days after the customer’s date of birth.

Over the next 12 months, the car underwent a complete overhaul, starting with the cart. Finished with unique metallic blue inspired by Union Flag blue, the new blue was mixed exclusively from the paint shop after numerous consultations and sample creations to create the perfect color over several months.

The bespoke interior features stunning leather upholstery finished in shades of red inspired by the famous British column breasts and handmade using traditional methods in the Jaguar Classic Interior Store workshops.

“Being able to bring a customer’s vision to their E-Type dream to life is extremely rewarding,” said Stephen Hollis, Chief Engineer at Jaguar Classic. “The result is a complete showcase showcasing the full range of opportunities offered by the Jaguar Classic. With a color scheme inspired by the Federation flag, no, I can not think of a better place for it to debut than the competition “of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. I’m very excited to see this model take part in the party.”

With the body assembly and painting completed, the engineering team began work on renovating the mechanical components – including a number of improvements. The original 4.2-liter engine was successively replaced with a larger 4.7-liter engine, offering superior performance. It is optimized for road driving and matches the five-speed gearbox specially developed by Jaguar Classic, for a smoother, smoother and more refined driving experience.

A reinforced suspension system ensures that the chassis can take advantage of the performance offered by its own power system, while wider tires, tires and brakes offer the highest level of stability and confidence. The sporty throttle and manifold ensure that the sound of the Model E matches its dynamic personality.

The car also incorporates modern 21st century connectivity from the classic infotainment system – which combines touch screen controls, satellite navigation and Bluetooth with a time-honored view that matches the rest of the car perfectly . Powerful LED outdoor lighting also brings lighting to modern standards to increase confidence in night running.

The car is complemented by a range of personalized details, including a unique dashboard and instrument panel. Moreover, this special blue E model contains some elements inspired by the E-type 60 Limited Collection.

The new owner said: “I wanted a Classic E that could be relied on for everyday running and comfort while staying true to the original style – and I was amazed by the results. You feel the history and knowledge when you enter the Jaguar Classic facility and even after a few visits “I’m still excited to be in the building. I’m very proud. With the car that the passionate team built there, I’m honored to be part of its history.”

While most of the project was custom made, some items are available for all Type E owners to purchase and benefit from. These features include the specially developed Jaguar Classic five-speed gearbox and the Classic entertainment information system. The five-speed gearbox was first unveiled in the E-type 60 range and is available for purchase through the dedicated Jaguar classic parts team. Not only does the E type provide extra usability and comfort, but its installation does not require cutting, so that the vehicle does not lose its integrity.

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