Husam Al Kilani from engineering to high level food blogger

Husam Al Kilani from engineering to high level food blogger

His modern recipes address the millennial generation

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Egyptian food blogger and content creator Hossam Al-Kilani – a quick and delicious spaghetti recipe – quick and easy cooking too – from the dishes of Egyptian blogger Hossam Al-Kilani

Cairo: Iman Mabrouk

The time of complex eating recipes is over, social networking sites imposed their culture, it is true that they embraced food content producers; But she relied on her own pace and conditions.
Millions of accounts offer food recipes, but only a few stand out. Among the Arab accounts that have received nearly 4 million likes on “Tik Tok” alone is the account of Egyptian chief Hossam Al-Kilani, who spoke the language. of his generation and introduced delicious dishes with modern culture.
With crunchy chicken dishes, potato-soaked potato sauce recipes and pizza-style burgers, food blogger, who prefers to be called “Al Kilani”, introduced a culinary model that differs from the classic form, based on passion, speed. and taste.
Regarding his journey from engineering to a professional culinary career, Al-Kilani told Asharq Al-Awsat that his only inspiration is his mother and he says: “I was lucky from the beginning. My mother is years ago, developing recipes was not an easy task; Because food content was not available through limited television channels; But she was creating recipes based on her love for the kitchen and her view of the depth of taste. ”
He adds: “I remember my childhood, I thought my mom’s fingers had magic, which is the secret to the good taste of her recipes. To me the kitchen was a high castle I was afraid to knock on its doors; “But while I was going to university in Egypt, while my family was living in Kuwait, my first direct meeting with the cooking task came.”
Al-Kilani joined the Electrical Department at the College of Engineering and worked on his future career. He had no idea to become one of the most famous creators of content and recipes on social networks. He says: “I knew from the beginning that I had a passion for the kitchen and its secrets; But the real starting point was from ‘My Mother’s Recipe Book’ It was her only way of making sure I had to meet my nutritional needs. “I do not deny that this notebook was an enigma that I am afraid I will not be able to decipher.”
However, the talent in cooking is hereditary, according to Al-Kilani, or at least in his case, who considered that his passion for cooking was transmitted to him through his mother’s genes and says: “(Fetuccine Alfredo) was the first recipe that introduced me to the world of cuisine, I was skeptical of my abilities, with the evasive steps I took. The experience, however, passed on to my mother’s charm through inheritance, and that for the first time I introduced a pasta dish that had a special taste, according to the testimony of my friends. ” He goes on to say: “It was not just a good dish, but a high wall that I managed to penetrate so that successes and experiments could continue.”
Although he was originally an engineer, there is a parallel path that the Egyptian chef takes and recounts the beginnings: “I knew the kitchen was what I wanted; But the idea of ​​opening a restaurant to offer my recipes was a distant idea, as I am still young at the beginning of my path and do not have enough financial support to start competing with the main restaurants, so social media sites networks were paradises that embraced talent and shortened the path.
Some believe that penetration into the world of “social media” is readily available; But Al-Kilani’s experience says the opposite: “An endless number of culinary tales, a frantic race, so how can I penetrate this wild market and discover my private school of recipes?”
Al-Kilani’s obsessions, fears and suspicions continued “for three years before he left”, according to Al-Kilani, who described his situation at the time as “between hesitation and the creation of imaginary obstacles … It’s true” during that period I was learning more about cooking and its secrets, and following nutrition cultures around the world, but the decision to start was not an easy one.
“The initial signal was my mother’s support,” he says. I set my message from the first video, which is to present the simplest, fastest and most delicious, as I am facing a difficult test, either to convince the (Z) generation that uses more social networks, or I came out fast. the race, and I really managed from the first experiments to achieve an interaction that was not taken into account.
If you look at Al-Kilani’s accounts, you will notice that he wrote the sentence: “I am not a professional chef.” At first, you may think this means not studying academically, but the purpose of the message seems to go further, and he explains: “Millennials are leaving the kitchen because they think cooking is a tricky task. . In this I set my first task, which is to decipher the recipes and present the equation of the fast and the delicious. ”
As for the second challenge in Al-Kilani’s career, it was, as he puts it: “The culture of eating has developed recently and fast food has taken the stage, so I started with crispy layered chicken recipes and sandwiches with burgers, as well as recipes that can be prepared in a pot, and in the fastest time, For example: Tuscan chicken, hallumi cheese sticks, tender chicken, potato soup with bacon and quesadilla recipes that can be prepared in a few minutes.
Among the descriptive phrases that the Egyptian chef chose for himself were: “Cheese lover.” You just follow his recipes and find infiltrated cheese sauces with delicious ingredients like potatoes, zucchini and pasta.
Al-Kilani says of his passion for cheese sauce: “I can see that cheese of all kinds is a modern addition to which the current generation tends and at the same time enhances the taste and makes it touch the imagination. He added: “The addition of cheese does not come by chance, there are different and varied types and each has its own unique taste, so each dish has its own addition, otherwise its identity will disappear.”
Between studying engineering and the professional culinary arts, there are two parallel paths that are difficult to accomplish, so the Egyptian chef set the goal from the beginning by saying: “It is true that engineering is my study and cooking is my passion ; But I see in the kitchen experience a lot of wealth and innovation, so I dream to continue until one day I open my restaurant with my signature recipes, as the most famous chefs in the world. “



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