Establishment of supermarkets, parks and recreational facilities in North Al Sharqiyah

Oman: Al Sharqiyah’s Governor’s Office implements a range of development and service projects in the governor’s states as part of the governor’s development program. These projects differed between the construction of central markets, gardens, public parks and recreational sites, in addition to the construction of slaughterhouses and health walks, as well as the implementation of cosmetic and development projects in different states of the province.

His Excellency Sheikh Ali bin Ahmed Al Shamsi, Governor of Al Sharqiya North, said: “The establishment of these projects is part of the governors’ development program to achieve many goals and pillars of national development, according to specific criteria from the Ministry of Economy and by directive. funding from government allocations and implemented projects are in line with the sectors and objectives set out in the Ten-Year Development Plan and focuses on strengthening the social dimension of development and providing public services that meet the needs of local community members in government. ” It included scheduling studies and designs for several projects.

His Excellency referred to the most prominent development projects, including the establishment of the Central Livestock and Fodder Market in Sinaw District in Al Mudhaibi Province. as a tender for consulting services for design work, and includes the establishment of pens and slaughterhouses for livestock, poultry, fodder goods and shops selling poultry, poultry and meat. In addition to refrigerated and non-refrigerated shops, an ice factory, a veterinary clinic, an administrative building, restaurants, cafes and various shops, he explained that among the projects included in the program is the establishment of a central market for vegetables, fruits and large fodder in Vilayet of Ibra. Business movement in the state.

His Excellency touched the project of creating the Bidya Entertainment Center in Bidya Province within the public park on an area of ​​212,000 square meters. A service center in the center, explaining that the project is currently in the design stages. and its design has been assigned to a specialized consulting office.

Among the projects of the Governors Development Program in North Al Sharqiya is the creation of Al Sharqiya Park in the Misroon area of ​​Ibra Wilayat in a total area of ​​one million square meters. This park is strategically located close to the six governments of the governor.

His Excellency said: “The project of the park will include the construction of umbrellas, theaters for performances, playgrounds, bicycle paths, a public walkway, as well as special lanes for the disabled, paths for camels and horses, as well as skating rinks. lighting works, a plant house and flower garden, in addition to a dance fountain, restaurants, cafes and shops, commercial and landscaping “, adding in his speech the projects included in the program, including the project to build a public park in Wilayeti of Dima and Al Tayyin in an area of ​​28 thousand square meters, and another project to create the park Al Khalidiya in Wilayat of Wadi Bani Khalid in an area of ​​24 thousand square meters with the same specifications, explaining his happiness. that each A park that includes play areas for children and adults, cafes, barbecue areas and tents, in addition to corridors, a chapel and various service facilities, as well as designated areas for investment.

His Excellency Sheikh Al Sharqiyah, the Governor of the North, explained that the project to build the integrated station in the Vilayet of Ibra involves setting up a public courtyard to sell used cars, a hotel guesthouse and a restaurant, and the project area is 73,000 square meters, explaining that the project will contribute to supporting the tourism, economic and development movement in the province, as well as service and development projects. As part of the Governor’s Development Program, His Excellency referred to the project of building a slaughterhouse in Al Mudhaibi in an area of ​​780 square meters, which shows that the project includes the construction of a slaughterhouse, public barns and service facilities for the project, i which is located in the village of Al Zaidi in the Province of Al Mudhaibi.

His Excellency Sheikh Ali bin Ahmed Al Shamsi concluded his speech by noting that there are a number of service and development projects that are being implemented in the Provinces of Governor Al Sharqiyah North, especially the establishment of a number of health walks, beautification projects and development of a number of existing facilities in the states such as the development of the Peace Park and the creation of the Wadi Nam Park, in addition to the creation of a public square that includes many recreational services in Al-Qabil Province, in addition to landscaping projects and development of village entrances and states in the province, as well as a market development project Wednesday in Ibra Wilayat, as well as the completion of the 42-kilometer Masron street lighting project connecting the Ibra vilayets. and Al Mudhaibi.

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