A popular destination to recite love vows .. Honeymoon in “Bali”

Bali is mentioned in most of the nominations for honeymoon destinations, at any time of the year; This Indonesian island, surrounded by water up to 90% of its total area, which stretches over 5780 square kilometers, is marketed on social media as a place where couples go to the beginning of their life together and swear love and loyalty. to each other. The destination has many stops that celebrate nature, enjoy a developed tourist infrastructure and offer wholesale activities that are especially enjoyable for young couples.
Bali is one of 17,500 islands within the Indonesian archipelago; It is located in the Lesser Sunda Islands, about a mile (1.6 km) east of Java, with the narrow Bali Strait separating the two points. Bali is home to beaches, temples and rice fields, which expresses a rich culture, delicious cuisine and active nightlife, and enables entertainment its territory, and makes it easier for tourists to move in it by transport affordable and safe public.

Desirable titles and activities

Traditional ‘Sanur’ fishing boats, on the east side of the ‘island’

In terms of tourism activities in Bali, the nature of water topography makes sports related to the forehead, especially windsurfing, windsurfing, waterfall boats, diving, snorkeling (using snorkel) and fishing, not forgetting hiking long … Most famous Beaches include in Bali, in:

  • Kuta: The place was a fishing village, in the past, before it turned into a popular beach resort in the Kuta area and a destination for surfers, nightlife and shopping lovers. It is worth noting that the view of the sunset in this part of “Bali” should not be lost.
    Jimbaran Beach, south of Kuta
  • Balangan: The place is likened to an ‘isolated paradise’ ten kilometers from Ngurah Rai airport and surrounded by several rocky outcrops. The coastline is a mixture of white and black sand and rocks, while the sea water is clear. The address is perfect for relaxation, perfect for surfing and enables couples to experience holiday happiness.
  • Sanur: Sanur is one of the first coastal resorts in Bali, located on the east side of the island, and attracts many tourists, especially Europeans in general.

In addition, do not miss Bali Safari and Marine Park, a forty-hectare park in southern Bali, home to more than 60 species of plants and animals from India, Africa and Indonesia, including exotic animals including: Komodo dragons and humans. Jungle and birds “Bali Minah”. There is a place to stay next to the park, which organizes night safaris.
For enthusiastic couples, you can climb Mount Batur or do a variety of activities on site … Mount Batur is still active today (it erupted in 1917, 1926 and 1994), and rises to 1500 meters.

Honeymoon trip to Bali

Couple Fadi Mouawad and Caroline Nabil in Bali

Fadi Mouawad (29 years old) and Caroline Nabil (28 years old) are an Egyptian couple who love to travel and have an eye on the world; The couple had spent their honeymoon in Bali, where they decided to go based on searches they did online and social networks.
The couple’s budget allowed him to organize a wedding or go on a honeymoon trip, so the couple preferred the second option and started their life together in Bali. According to Mouawad, the island enjoys beautiful nature, consisting of forests, waterfalls, rivers and oceans. After the duo visited the length and breadth of the island and spent two weeks there, Mouawad tells “Madam” that the three-hour river rafting adventure (Tilakha Waga, which features the longest rafting route) attracted them, as did time . passed to Nusa Penida, whom Fadi compared. An “earthly paradise” as it is an island over the ocean that offers magnificent beaches, waterfalls, temples, underwater adventures and traditional markets and allows for capturing stunning photos, knowing that the duo is obsessed with photography.
The Handara portal, which is also marketed on Instagram, is another popular site for taking pictures. The gate follows a tourist resort, but quickly turns into a place where photography is required. According to the Egyptian tourist, Hindu temples allow one to get closer to the culture of the country. In addition, the oscillations placed between the coffee grounds turn according to the traveler.

Thanks to Instagram, the resort’s Handara portal has become a popular photography site.

Accommodations are distinguished, according to Mouawad, including: villas, each of which has a private pool, where breakfast is served on a boat floating on the water, in a popular fashion, except the hotel, where the room is reduced to a transparent bubble where during stretching in bed you can look over the sea and look at the stars, while the mountain guards the place from behind.

Floating breakfast is one of the small “pleasures” that Bali resorts offer.

Mouawad invites all those who want to visit the island, as part of their honeymoon, to rely on themselves in research and not in any travel agency, as the researcher can find offers that allow him to extend his vacation and pay a reasonable cost. , taking into consideration. that the cost of tourism in Bali is generally acceptable. In addition, travel planning is essential.

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