Zoe is the aromatic Greek cuisine on the Nile

When the aroma of pita bread embraces Egyptian shrimp

Bread is widely known in the ancient Greek table as a main dish that is served separately. Among its various types, “pita” bread has its own unique taste and aroma that is unmatched by any other flavor and its ingredients are derived from olive oil and thyme. This made him gain wide fame all over the country.

From Greece, “Pita” sailed across the Mediterranean Sea, to the Nile of Cairo, bringing with it the tastes of Greek cuisine to the Egyptian public, to anchor at the Zoé restaurant, located on the first Nile boat of the Four Seasons hotel, that. It is the latest in Egypt to carry the Greek feature, where the visitor can smell the aroma of “pita” emanating from the cooking ovens, in addition to trying the most famous dishes of Greek cuisine with its original taste.

Greek cuisine is similar in its characteristics to other Mediterranean cuisines, it uses vegetables, cereals and meat, and olive oil is the most present element in its use in most foods, except the presence of seafood as an integral part of diet in it, with a variety of types of cheese, and the expansion of flavors are added more often than in other Mediterranean cuisines, such as thyme, mint, garlic, onion, fennel, cumin, coriander and herb and “sweet” spices. also used as a garnish in some dishes.

These are the features that Zoe menu reflects, about which restaurant manager Adham Alwan told Asharq Al-Awsat: “The menu features a variety of dishes, appetizers, salads and desserts, and 60% of its dishes are original Greek, and the rest is from Mediterranean cuisines. The other average, which is the menu accepted by the restaurant audience with Egyptians, Arabs and foreigners, where the spirit of Greek cuisine approaches its Levantine counterpart, especially Lebanese, especially in the ideas of grills and appetizers.

He stressed that Greek cuisine is like other Mediterranean cuisines that have found popularity in recent years, which is characterized by healthy food.

Zoe’s menu offers a variety of Greek dishes with its original taste

While Mahmoud El-Basel, the main chef of the restaurant, speaks that the restaurant relies on traditional cooking methods known in Greek cuisine, such as the “Sofiat” oven, or charcoal, where the quiet residence at a low temperature for one. for a long time, so that the prepared food gets a flavor Charcoal inside the oven without using grills, which is in favor of taste, as well as cooking fish and shrimp through the heat bag; What makes them preserve the nutritional value with the tenderness and elasticity of their flesh.

The chef invites visitors to discover the special Greek taste through a varied menu. About its ingredients, he says: . , olive oil and lemon juice and a plate of beets with chickpeas, garlic and tahini. As for the salads, including the traditional Greek slice salad consisting of tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, thyme, onion and sliced ​​cheese, and the mediation of the octopus consisting of grilled octopus, olive oil, lemon and parsley.

The main dishes vary between seafood and meat. Seafood lovers, according to the recommendations of Chief Mahmoud, can enjoy the dish “Kakalec Saganaki”, which serves grilled shrimp with sauce “Saganaki” consisting of tomatoes, peppers bell, onion, herb and sliced ​​cheese. which is grilled shrimp with sauce.Inside the oven it gives a different taste. You can also try the “fish blocks” or squid, which is cut with baked potatoes with parsley and lemon.

Turning to meat and poultry, you have several options, including lamb chops or marinated grilled lamb chops served with the famous tzatziki sauce, is a mix of yogurt, cucumber and garlic with olive oil and mint, ingredients that help. in the digestion of meat and poultry. ”

You can also try seasoned beef dumplings, which is preferred by restaurant visitors, as well as “chicken souvlaki”, which are pieces of marinated chicken breast served on a spit, and the two types served with sauce. tzatziki ”. .

Popular varieties include pita bread sandwiches, including the “gyros” sandwich served with marinated chicken, the Greek meatball “sandwichin kftidis” and the shrimp sandwich, all served with chips.

As for the list of sweets, it highlights the most famous local Greek sweets, the most famous of which are the “galakoporiko” or “goulash” and “lokomades” chips which are dough balls fried with honey and added nuts, which are similar to the “Judge Bite” in Arabic cuisine.

Al-Basel returns to talk about the restaurant, and that it serves Saturday and Sunday mornings, and accommodates 150 people and welcomes them in a closed and another open space as desired, both of which are characterized by decorations quiet elegantly separated. between white and blue, referring to Greece and in proportion to the blueness of the Nile waters, overlooked by all the restaurant tables, and some of the decorations in the background are derived from the dictionary of ancient Greek civilizations. The restaurant does not overlook the quiet Greek music, which gives you a sense of psychological comfort; What makes the Greek experience fun and fulfilling.

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