Residents of the UAE are more in tune with the world of metaphysics

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A recent study by the Havas Group in the Middle East showed that 95% of the UAE population is familiar with the world of metaphysics, while this number drops to only 60% in Japan (average age 48.4 years) and 73% in the Czech Republic (43.2). As the report confirms that UAE residents are more compatible with the world of metaviruses in emerging markets, experts expect that as metaviruses reach maturity, this world will act as a system and environment for innovation, capable of generating income and alternative sources of income. estimated at billions of dollars.

Residents of the UAE are, according to opinion polls, today among the most knowledgeable about the metavers and details of this world. Many of us are familiar with what NFTs mean by “immutable signs”, games, live virtual feasts, even avatars, digital clothing. and live events in Metaverse.

Experts say there will be a need to develop user-centered ethics and governance guidance that addresses various aspects of the meta-world, including decentralization and interaction between different technologies, in addition to regulating data collection and protection issues.

Experts say that these types of customer experience that carry money-making opportunities are just the tip of the iceberg. A report by the Havas Group, which surveyed about 15,000 men and women aged 18 and over in emerging markets, including the UAE, reveals that 73% of the general public has heard of Metaverse.

The report also showed that emerging markets and countries with younger populations, such as the United Arab Emirates, are better suited to these frontiers and new technological potential. We see, for example, that 95% or more are familiar with metavers in the UAE.

The report notes that there is an emerging generation gap in their sense of metavers. Respondents from emerging markets (like Brazil, China and India) are also likely to see metavers as a new living space and would be willing to wear a headset for a few hours a day for it. enjoying its all-encompassing potential.

More than 50% of total users surveyed admitted to spending time with their “real” friends on “Metaverse” through gaming platforms, while “Metaverse” also represents an opportunity to experience one’s identity through avatars and tools other, but it is also a space. where people can feel more freedom of expression.

Dana Taher, general manager of Red Havas Middle East, says the “Covid 19” pandemic, the consequences of which are still ongoing, has cast a shadow over the issue of direct contact between people in recent years and despite the state of confusion. which has resulted from this, it has We have adapted to all the changes that have taken place and have invented tools that facilitate the behavior of things, which made us continue our development process.

Before that, we were already living through the Fourth Industrial Revolution and thought that artificial intelligence would have a profound impact on the way we live our lives and that robots would take over our jobs. This was preceded by the boom of “social trade”, the global economic downturn, the mortgage crisis, the recession after 9/11, the dotcom bubble, the Gulf War, etc.

In this sense, every major event in history, or every gradual development caused by technology and the way we interact with it, has had an impact on our world and the way we communicate, so when we witness the changes it brings the world of metaverses, ne. are curious about the opportunity it represents and what real change it will bring. “

For a start, metaverse has always been around. It is now commonplace because Facebook has renamed it META, but the basic technology on which it is built has been around for years. At its core, Metaverse and related experiences are built on the gaming infrastructure that has evolved over the decades.

Unsurprisingly, big tech players like Microsoft, Amazon and Meta have been making purchases in the gaming industry for years – from the acquisition of Minecraft by Microsoft and the acquisition of Twitch by Amazon. Recently, we have seen brands energize through concerts, customer experiences, exclusive “outstanding marks” and accumulating points in meta-worlds like Destraland and Sandbox.


The Havas report also noted that there is a need to quickly adjust Metaverse to advanced standards regarding Web3 technology, which will outline the future of the Internet based on decentralization and making money through Blockchain.

Furthermore, misconduct such as fraud, cybercrime, and data breaches need to be addressed through standard metaphysics and beyond regulations. Brands should also identify ways to measure the impact of their business operations on Metaverse, because the subscriber base and currencies used in different worlds within Metaverse are specific to those areas.


Taher added, “Personally, I’m excited about the prospect of hosting brand experiences in Metaverse, launching new collections, securing product placements in Metaverse, and possibly donating ‘unchanging signs’ to social media influencers.

The possibilities are endless, with brands already creating their own “world” or buying plots of land in kingdoms like Decentland and Sandbox, so can you imagine what will come next? It’s a wonderful world waiting to unfold and the only conclusion I can draw with confidence is that brands will rely on their connections and image management partners to bring their Metaverse presence to life.

And when brands are ready to launch, public relations will be the driving force behind this exciting journey, boldly leading them to a future that already exists in a parallel reality. ”

virtual space

Gartner defines the meta-metropolitan world as “a shared collective virtual space formed as a result of the merging of the digital and real worlds enhanced by virtual reality technologies. There is a continuation of what happens in the metaphysical world, which involves of immersive and enhanced experiences. ”

Gartner predicts that as metaviruses reach maturity, it will function as an ecosystem and environment for innovation that is not limited by the details and types of related devices. The world of metaphysics itself is an example of the all-encompassing trend of a diverse combination of important and independent trends and technologies in their ascending path, which as a result of the interaction between them will lead to the emergence of other new trends.

security scene

Regarding the possibilities that the virtual world will witness an increase in cyber attacks as a result of the spread of metaviruses, Anushri Verma, research director at Gartner, said: “Yes, there is a possibility that cyber attacks will increase. In fact, the issue of data security will be a major concern that requires the protection of users’ data by enacting regulatory legislation that we hope will closely reflect our real reality.

Investing in cyber security is a prerequisite for combating data breaches, cyber attacks, deep falsifications and avatars. For a metavirus world that has reached a stage of maturity, it will be necessary to develop structures that deal with all the details of data security protection, privacy and integrity.

It is worth noting the increased level of security in the meta-exchange due to its decentralized nature and the fact that it is not possible to modify the main transaction record, which means less chance of error or fraud attempts. “Intelligent contracts will also increase an individual’s ability to control his or her data, giving users very high levels of personalization and options.”

Types of attacks

For the types of new cyber attacks that are expected to emerge with the spread of metaviruses, Verma says metaviruses will evolve through three overlapping phases, namely, the rise phase, the progression phase, and the maturity phase.

The adhesive phase has just begun and will continue for the next four or five years, a market-inspired phase based on third-party web applications and modern technology. As for the progression phase, it is expected to start in 2025 and beyond, and is a continuation of the growing metavirus evolution, but according to an approach that combines a combination of emerging trends and technologies, and what re-emerges as a result of their interaction.

The maturity phase is at least eight years, starting today, and will see the maturation of comprehensive virtual experiences and the technical compatibility between them. The features of the mentioned phases will be determined by the different effects arising from the interaction of the characteristics of each of the technologies, market, products and services, and therefore each stage of metavirus development will witness different security challenges from the others.

Looking at the development stages, the metavers market at the current stage of growth does not yet have the advantage of interaction between different technologies, the usage cases presented now are isolated experiments due to the change in provider technologies.

This gives technology providers full control over the experiences they provide to users, and therefore there is transparency in the current situation to a large extent in terms of governance and ethics that these companies are working to respect, but it is expected that new and evolving usage will show cases that lack these features and they will only appear for the interface When major and high levels of privacy and / or security breaches occur, usually when major consequences arise for businesses or users . As for advanced solutions in the world of metavers, they are likely to come as a result of a collective agreement that promotes and supports operational compatibility between different technologies.

The phase of transition to maturity will witness the emergence of many barriers in the market. For example, when new experiments are conducted or unprecedented opportunities are exploited, they are likely to result in violations of users’ rights to privacy and security, leading to government and regulatory intervention to correct market imbalances, such as the regulatory dynamics to which internet technologies or artificial intelligence are subjected today.


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