Introduction to the evening news June 10, 2022

Introduction to TV Lebanon news bulletin

The reception dominates the country with two prominent stations next week, the first of which is the arrival of US mediator in the border demarcation negotiations, Amos Hochstein in Lebanon and his meeting with the three presidents and a number of officials to find out. Lebanese stance on demarcation dossier as Israeli enemy prepares to start gas extraction in early July
As for the second stop, it is the expected call of the President of the Republic for mandatory parliamentary consultations to appoint the head of the new government.
As the legislative kitchen was completed with the election of committee chairmen and rapporteurs at the Nejmeh Square session, a qualitatively advanced position was recorded by Army Commander General Joseph of the Bekaa Intelligence Branch, saying that our fight against drugs is not over and is still going on.We do not expect any political or religious cover to fight it.Our responsibility to our people and our country.
The prominent regional figure revealed today what senior diplomatic sources revealed that US President Joe Biden will visit Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq in early July, to announce the program and date of the visit next week.

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Hochstein expects the white line to emerge from the black line at the level of the next step in Lebanon. Everyone must take responsibility and stand united to preserve Lebanon’s right to its wealth on the one hand and to faced the excluded. attack on its borders, in turn, oil or gas.
In any case, the US mediator, who is expected to arrive in Beirut early next week, will visit the three presidents on Tuesday and will have meetings with a number of officials linked to the negotiation dossier.
In this regard, the leader of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, assessed that the framework agreement initiated by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri is the only appropriate reference to approach Lebanese rights in accordance with the requirements of the Lebanese national interest based on the Line. 23, given that the reference to this agreement excludes the country from all jurisprudence that it is unnecessary
Today, parliament withdrew the rest of its legislative kitchen scene by completing the rest of its committees and electing their chairmen and rapporteurs, announcing the launch to work away from the populism that accompanied the election process as Lebanese await the president’s invitation. Aoun for mandatory parliamentary consultations is expected next week.
In the matter of livelihood, fuel prices rose again, to ignite the prices of many goods and services, and the first victims were a loaf of bread.

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The week of maritime demarcation ended in extraordinary silence. The state is awaiting US mediator Amos Hochstein, who is likely to be in Lebanon on Sunday or Monday.
Hezbollah, despite the rhetorical escalation of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah yesterday, is still standing behind the state and awaiting its final stance after a meeting of its pillars with the US mediator. But what is important is that the state, with all its pillars, achieves a unified position and an answer to the questions posed by Hochstein. If it does, a solution will be possible, and so Lebanon will be able to think about profiting from its oil wealth.
But if rejection is the answer, then Lebanon will continue its collapse and officials will add a new setback to their many failures. In parallel, the House of Representatives elected its committees, their chairmen and their rapporteurs, without registering any fundamental violation of the interests of the forces of change, which failed to assume the chairmanship of any committee. Also, the lack of future representatives enabled the forces orbiting in the March 8 orbit and the opposition to increase their presence to the level of chairing the committees.
On the security front, the army commander visited the Baalbek area and confirmed that the fight against drugs is not over and is still ongoing. General Joseph Aoun addressed the fugitives, telling them: Surrender, surrender, or bear the consequences of your decision.
The speech is clear and reassuring and confirms once again that the military has taken its decision to make illegal arrests in the Baalbek area and to spread security there.
Security sustainability is offset by economic weakness and a worsening of living crises. Today the price of a can of gasoline rose by 24 thousand pounds with one move, while a can of diesel rose by 40 thousand pounds.
On the food plan, a number of bakery owners in the regions announced the loss of flour, while the Minister of Economy announced that the wheat stock is sufficient for a month and a half. Who do we trust: the owners of the ovens or the guarantees of the Minister of Economy Despite the importance of all this news, the main news tonight is an athlete par excellence. The attention of the Lebanese is directed from the stadium of Beirut Club in Chiyah, where the seventh and decisive match of the final series of the Lebanese Basketball Championship between Beirut Club and Al-Riyadi Club takes place. Who will crown the Lebanese basketball champion tonight?

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He created rights before the lines .. He drew his finger for the enemy his borders, and with his wisdom for the homeland his way.
He is an expert in extracting dignity from the depths of the seas, as he took him out of the enemy’s prisons with the liberators one day and planted him by people who humiliated the Zionist enemy on the southern borders and his Takfiri stepfather. in the eastern ones ..
And the sun did not shine upon Lebanon when it was in glory, dignity and fatherhood, as in the time of resistance and its lord, and in the shadows of its unity and equation: an army, a people and a resistance.
In a time of existential, not just strategic, battles, according to Hezbollah Secretary-General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, salvation from what we suffer is extracting our oil, which is defended by the power of truth and resistance, provided we we own the fortification of the situation with unity and integration, not with offers and hostility.
His eminence Al-Sajid testified to the Lebanese negotiator the pillars of a strong position and stood on the trigger, addressing the enemy with the wound he knew if he insisted on his aggression, or ignored the Lebanese right to extract oil and gas. his. .
Minutes after Hezbollah Secretary General’s remarks, terror swept through the Zionist community, which urged its leaders to take Sayyid Nasrallah’s threats seriously and not to exaggerate their spectacular positions in the face of the seriousness of the scene and hers. consequences, while urging the political and security leadership not to take risks.
As for the search of the adventurous company to steal oil from Karish, it turned out to be a Greek name, Israeli, with deceptive character.
In Arabic, the company heard a clear threat from the master of resistance that he was a partner in the Lebanese right-wing attack if he insisted on extracting gas from Karish.
And because time is limited such as options for Lebanese, speed of performance is required more than talk, and it is enough to release the fuel price chart on the day when the price of a can of gasoline exceeded the minimum wage, and just look at the bread suffering in the hands of traders and the eyes of the poor, that all may be sure that the solution is in the sea.Do we sail together to assert our right and save our country before it’s too late?

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With today’s parliamentary administration ending with the election of committee chairpersons and rapporteurs, Lebanese have a question: When will serious parliamentary work begin, with the passage of delayed reform laws? And as a result, Lebanese are asking, why would the new council be introduced when the previous one was reluctant? And what changed?
This is in line with the council. As for the government, there is a general impression among the people that authorship will be impossible before the end of the presidential term, even if the task will go on in the coming days. Here, too, Lebanese ask: What will change between the current government that has entered the interim phase and any new government, as long as the ability to make crucial decisions depends on the statute and constitutional mechanisms that experience has proven to be. However, in anticipation of the parliamentary and governmental path, attention remains focused on the judicial runway in relation to the governor of Banque du Liban after the latest developments, as well as on the seaport runway, awaiting the arrival of the Americans. mediator for the impact of the clear and deliberate speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah yesterday.

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A calm and a threat in a speech addressed to the Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.
Calmly he says: “I hope those who ask us to announce our opinion on the line wait a bit, we want to stay away now.”
In the escalation he says: “The resistance initially possesses the physical, military, security, intelligence, logistical and human capacity to prevent the enemy from extracting oil and gas from the Karish field.
What can be concluded? The bottom line is that Nasrallah stands behind the state and that he has kept the door open for both options, at a time when Lebanon is hosting US negotiator Amos Hochstein, who is expected to arrive on Sunday.
In anticipation of what will lead to the status of the negotiation dossier, the painful dossiers have become part of the news diaries, from the electricity crisis to the flour crisis, and these crises are on a daily rampage among interested ministers. and interested unions. these choices bring little surprises. While the right to mandatory parliamentary consultations does not seem to be imminent and there is nothing new about it before the middle of next week until the US negotiator completes his negotiation cycle. Aoun, announced from Baalbek, after his tour and condolences for the martyred soldier who fell in the battles of Al-Sharawneh. With drug gangs, saying: “We are not against any family or clan, but against all outlaws and security violators. I have called them before and I repeat my call to surrender to deal with the files of “or else let them bear the consequences of their decision today even the start of tourism.”

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