Gazeta Riad | Critics, sculptors, artists and writers: “Faculties of Art” enrich the plastic scene and develop cultural skills.

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Critics, sculptors, artists and writers: “Faculties of Art” enrich the plastic scene and develop cultural skills.

“Education is the basis for building and developing cultural skills.”

Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, Minister of Culture of Saudi Arabia

Artists and those interested in visual arts and artistic culture were excited about the establishment of the College of Arts at King Saud University, where the decision of the University Council included the transfer of the Department of Art Education, which was established in 1395 H., to the College of Arts, and changing its name to “Design Department” and is concerned with teaching the sciences of kinetic graphic design, textiles, fashion and design. Jewelry. The College also includes two departments of “Performing Arts”, for the teaching of theater sciences, cinema and music, and “Visual Arts”, for the sciences of printing, drawing, sculpture and calligraphy; As explained by Dr. Badran Al-Omar, President of King Saud University, said the decision represents a qualitative step in teaching the technical disciplines that serve the country, develop career opportunities and encourage creativity and excellence.

Here we monitor the opinions and visions of artists, writers and critics about the future of art colleges: the dream of all artists

In the beginning, said Dr. Muhammad Al-Rusais, a member of the teaching staff at King Saud University – Department of Art Education before: “The news itself is the dream of all plastic artists without exception, and since I have known myself in this field, we are aware of the issue of colleges as they are in the Arab world and abroad, and we ask a lot through the local press. And in interviews here and there about the importance of having fine arts colleges. Let’s wait and see what A structure will be set up over such a college, as we at the Department of Artistic Education at one time requested the transfer of the department to the College of Artistic Education in the sixth five-year plan, and was previously in demand He did not come. to cross. “

added Dr. Al-Rasis: “The important thing is that the importance of this college is never disputed by two of the most interested and followers in the field of visual arts in general. The college will graduate – God willing – according to what we know, and means many specialists. of art and practicing the arts on the basis of sound academic science, graduates of real artists on the one hand.Practice in terms of the concept of art history and in terms of understanding of art schools, as there may be separate sections for art criticism, and it is also very necessary to keep pace with artistic production and what artists present from time to time and to strengthen artistic writing, artistic writing etc. The level of visual taste of students, followers and the public in generally.

concludes Dr. Al-Rasis said: “We are far behind in the absence of an art college compared to other countries, as states that are much smaller than us have preceded us. We rejoice at this news if it is true – God willing – and hopefully it will be achieved on the ground and will be a project of kindness and blessing in this prosperous age to add a new brick to the visual arts, its taste and spread.

The growth of culture and thought

confirmed Dr. Manal bint Abdul-Karim Al-Ruwaished, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Association of Plastic Arts, said that approving the establishment of the College of Arts at King Saud University is a wise and fair decision and a qualitative step for the university, i which excels in science, research and extensive studies.

She added that it is an important decision to prepare graduates and develop their skills and abilities to learn in a way that contributes to achieving the 2030 vision, so that graduates become leaders of a nation in the future , and the importance of linking academic education with opportunities. to enter the labor market with employment opportunities for graduates and contributes to the development of the wheel of progress as it paves the way for creativity and innovators in the fields of arts and serves the country by keeping pace with the civilized development of all departments that the college includes (Department of Performing Arts deals with theater, cinema and music, Department of Visual Arts means printing, drawing, sculpture and Arabic calligraphy) and Department of Design deals with teaching sciences such as kinetic graphic design, textiles, fashion and jewelry important that achieves value for the role of Saudi universities in society and builds knowledge, skills and value for a new generation that enhances the creative and innovative process, inventing, reviving heritage and expanding art education in its fields. to contribute to the growth of culture, thought, economy, artificial intelligence and the media role of the technical disciplines that the nation needs.

very nice news

The sculptor, artist Ali Al-Tukhais, said: We rejoiced to hear about King Saud University’s intention to create an arts college with its visual departments of design, cinema, painting and calligraphy.

Al-Takhis added that most of our young people today, most of them want to develop their technical level, whether teachers or students, or even graduates, whether university or postgraduate, and the existence of such a college is coveted by all. student?

Al-Takhis noted the importance of focusing on rare and important specializations, in order to bring to them the best elements that will bear fruit for new students, students or those graduating from this university.

state of optimism

Artist and writer Jalal Al-Talib stresses that it is better to arrive late than never and the fact that the Saudi plastic scene has suffered over the past four decades from the absence of the College of Fine Arts, which is one of the main pillars in establishing a healthy fine movement.

The student added: “When I learned that King Saud University intends to establish a College of Fine Arts, a smile appeared on my face that reflected the state of optimism that came to my mind, as I know for sure that the existence of a College of Arts solves the problems that influenced the delay of the plastic scene in terms of thought and art from the world and other nations and we suffered from which we are artists and critics for decades.

From this initiative or seed, so to speak, approved by King Saud University, these problems will be solved, artists and future critics of the promising generation will reap their fruits, and the plastic scene will turn into a fertile environment for plastic practice. thinking. and art in the Kingdom.

Artificial intelligence of wrestling arts

Finally, Dr. Abdullah Al-Habi, a faculty member at King Saud University – Department of Art Education, said: The arts have become a world of culture, industry and commerce, and the approval of the College of Arts at King Saud University is a decision towards the globalization of Union of Sciences and Arts under a college with scientific foundations and technical rules that serve the economic labor market and achieve the vision of the United Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 in order to export the national knowledge and culture that abounds in our kingdom and what it possesses in spatial and human terms. This decision is embodied in the departments of performing arts of theater, cinema, vocal and color music tones, and then the visual arts and their vision in Arabic drawing, calligraphy and sculpture, then the printing and export of their in the labor market in the form of graphic design, design of mobile jewelry, textiles, fashion and mineral wealth.

This point is the beginning of the roadmap proposal between science and the arts, through studies and research between the College of Arts and the College of Computers and Engineering, to produce the field of Art of Artificial Intelligence, which will achieve industry development and growth the domestic economy to keep pace with global development in all different areas to serve humanity.

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