Egyptian commitment to support “President of Yemen” … and Red Sea security lead talks

Egyptian commitment to support “President of Yemen” … and Red Sea security lead talks

Al-Alimi: The Houthis want to take the country back to the previous era of the nation-state

Sunday – 13 Dhul-Kida 1443 Hijri – 12 June 2022 Number of our era Nr. [

Al-Sisi and Al-Alimi during a press conference following their talks yesterday in Cairo (Saba)

Aden: Ali Rabie

At the third stop of his tour abroad, the President of the Yemeni Presidential Steering Council, Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, along with five of his deputies and a number of ministers, received an Egyptian warmth because of the historic relations between the two countries. .
The southern Red Sea security dossier was at the top of talks held with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Saturday, who in turn reaffirmed his country’s commitment to supporting Yemen’s new Governing Council in all levels.
Yemeni politicians stressed the importance of this visit at the strategic level in terms of joint security files between Egypt and Yemen, along with the historical relations between the two countries, as well as the political weight that Egypt represents in the region and in the world. .
Al-Alimi stressed that Egypt stands with its country within the framework of the coalition in support of constitutional legitimacy in order to restore the state and overthrow the Iranian-backed coup, emphasizing that he embraces the hundreds of thousands of Yemenis who are stuck in living their home, in light of the coup group’s despair in its brutal campaign to pursue opponents of its backward attacks.
During a press conference, he accused the Houthi militia of wanting to return to Yemen in the prehistoric era of the nation-state by standing up against equality, justice and the rule of law, noting that his talks with Sisi focused on developments in the situation. . and the efforts made by the Presidential Steering Council to improve conditions in the liberated provinces, at the economic and service level, the unification of the army and security institutions, and what these reforms require from the support of Egypt.
The head of the Yemeni Presidential Leadership Council revealed that during the talks a positive commitment was emphasized with all peace efforts in coordination with the Coalition for the Support of Legitimacy led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which he said did not was spared in providing all forms of support and initiatives to end the suffering of the people in his country.
While al-Alimi reiterated his country’s solidarity with Egypt and its water rights, he said the discussions concerned “the risks to the safety and security of international navigation with the escalation of Iran-backed hostile activities along the Red Sea and Bab al -The Mandab Strait, in addition to the environmental disaster that the collapse of the tanker (Safer) may represent, will include Yemen, Egypt and all countries bordering the Red Sea.
He noted that the talks focused on “opportunities to enhance co-operation between the two countries and benefit from key Egyptian experience in the service sector, including education, health, reconstruction and additional facilities for the care of residents and migrants in Egypt”. “, Emphasizing the existence of a series of memoranda of understanding that will be signed by the two governments in the near future.
In the same context, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi stated that he was shaking hands with the Yemeni Presidential Steering Council “to reach a political, just and lasting solution to the crisis that guarantees the promotion of peace and stability.”
Today, during our discussions, I was inclined to emphasize Egypt’s determined position, which is based on the solid and complex historical relations that bind the Egyptian and Yemeni peoples, with Egypt’s support for the Yemeni brother people and Yemeni legitimacy, and with our support full. support for the unity, independence, territorial integrity and vision of the Yemeni state. The security and stability of Yemen is of great importance to Egypt and the entire Arab world.
Al-Sisi also reiterated Egypt’s support for all efforts aimed at achieving peace in Yemen, in line with the terms of reference for the Yemeni national dialogue, the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanisms, the results of the recent Yemeni consultations in Riyadh, under the care of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and relevant Security Council resolutions.
The Egyptian President reiterated his country’s welcome to the United Nations announcement on June 2, 2022, of the extension of the ceasefire agreement in Yemen and appreciating the efforts of the legitimate Yemeni government in fulfilling its obligations under the terms of the agreement. calling on all parties to fully implement the terms of the agreement, given the positive development it represents and can be built to launch a comprehensive political process in Yemen.
Al-Sisi noted Egypt’s response to the request of the legitimate government of Yemen and the United Nations to conduct direct flights between Cairo and Sana’a airports, where the first flight actually took place, on the 1st of this month, to confirm the will to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people and to support all efforts in its favor.
The Egyptian president promised that his country “will spare no effort to help Yemen and provide various aspects of support, especially in the field of training of human resources, providing medical and food aid and increasing aspects of cooperation between two countries in different fields. especially in the field of infrastructure development, energy projects and its Activation mechanisms.
Sisi revealed that during the discussions it was agreed “on the need to combine all efforts and intensify joint actions to protect security and freedom of navigation in the Red Sea, the Bab al-Mandab Strait and the Arabian Gulf, and the connection of this vital issues with regional and international security and stability. ” In addition to discussing the seriousness of the crisis of the safest oil reservoirs, the multifaceted threats it poses and the need for coordinated international efforts to resolve this crisis as soon as possible, providing the necessary support and funding for the relevant plan of the UN.
President Sisi reiterated Egypt’s position “based on support for the unity of the Yemeni state, its independence and territorial integrity, and support for its legitimate national institutions, and Egypt’s readiness to support efforts to promote peace and security.”
Meanwhile, Yemeni politicians expressed optimism about the results of the presidential visit to Egypt and other Gulf and Arab countries, especially that the new Steering Council needs the necessary support to fulfill the promises it has made towards achieving peace. , security and service delivery.
The media adviser at the Yemeni embassy in Cairo, Baligh Al-Mikhlafi, confirms to Asharq Al-Awsat that the visit of Al-Alim and his deputies to Egypt will create a new phase of cooperation between the two countries, especially after the political transformation that . took place in Yemen and the formation of the Presidential Steering Council.
Al-Makhlafi noted that the relations between Egypt and Yemen are strong and strong and expect to be strengthened in the next phase, emphasizing that there are many files on the table that will be translated with the meeting of the Joint High Committee in the future. close to discussing all these files.
Al-Mikhlafi does not neglect to refer to the strategic dimension in Yemeni-Egyptian relations, where the most important is the security of the Red Sea, Bab al-Mandab and the Suez Canal, referring to measures and procedures for communication, security coordination and defense of navigation, especially in light of the threats launched by the Houthi militias during the recent period to target navigation in the Red Sea and specifically the delegate Bab.
The media adviser at the Yemeni embassy in Cairo said that the meetings of the joint high committee between the two countries will be held in the near future and said that this will have a significant impact on strengthening relations, especially regarding issues. of Yemenis living in Egypt, whose numbers increased after the Houthi coup, when Egypt was at the forefront of countries that have offered unprecedented relief to Yemenis fleeing the hell of war fueled by militias.
For his part, political analyst Mahmoud Al-Taher stresses the importance of the Yemeni president’s visit to Egypt at this time “to mobilize political support for the Presidential Command Council, in addition to discussing issues related to maritime security and the fight against terrorism.” “and the support of Egypt. efforts to bring peace to Yemen.”
Al-Taher explained to Asharq Al-Awsat that the Egyptian-Yemeni talks focused on the threat of piracy in the Red Sea and the threat of international navigation, which is an issue of concern to the world, especially since the Houthi militia has added these terrorists. operations in the international shipping lane, which is a direct threat to Egypt.
Al-Taher believes that Egypt “will play, in the coming period, an important role in the issue of Yemen, whether in peace or war.”


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