Decoration Coordinator Alina Waqas: Dubai is a playground for design creativity

The American decor coordinator, Alina Wakkas, is a cheerful and loving personality who likes contemporary trends in decor. The stylist’s residential and commercial projects are distributed in the Gulf region in general, and in the higher parts of Dubai in particular, the “charming city” as she puts it.
In the following dialogue, the stylist talks about her approach to interior spaces, her style and the staff in her award-winning “studio”.

American decorator Alina Wakkas

Your career path has many paths; What pushed you to design interior spaces in the UAE?

I grew up in Wisconsin, USA; I have been and still am motivated by a sense of creativity in every job I do, noting that I have constantly changed the workplace and its tracks, as well as the creative culture of the places where I work. Nowadays, I can say that I have designed offices, houses and spaces in the right way, without flaws, paying attention to every detail, since 2015, when I took advantage of a design opportunity within the UAE. At this address I found my passion and since then I have not turned my head back! I am proud that not only am I interested in designing clients ’interiors, but also making friends with them.

What are the effects of Dubai on your business, in the field of design?
I love Dubai; Especially the fast pace of his days, his attractive diversity and charm. The city is a playground that allows stylists to become creative!

Designer Alina Waqas: Dubai is a playground that allows designers to become creative

Gravity and longevity

It is inevitable to frame the designs in a frame characterized by attractiveness, development and longevity, according to the stylist.

Your apartment design projects look contemporary, practical and attractive in appearance; Do you follow current trends in decoration?

Being a contemporary woman, current trends represent an area for me to try, but it is inevitable to frame designs in a framework characterized by attractiveness, development and longevity.

After observing the history of your project, it seems to me that the fun side of your personality is not lost in it. Is it intended?
I have to admit that my creative juices beat projects, not that I don’t listen to clients to find the design that best suits their lifestyle. I also have to admit that I like chic and elegant style, but who said elegance can not be playful?

“emotional song”

elegant bedroom

Do you prefer to work in the design of residential or commercial projects?

In my opinion, the feeling of comfort associated with staying at home should be repeated in the workplace, while respecting the interior decoration of the corporate identity, without losing sight of the functionality, elegance and ease of use. At the same time, I have to admit that I prefer to work in indoor living spaces, as they are very “personal” and allow me to get to know their owners better, to penetrate their minds, to understand and to take care of their interests and preferences. For example, in the presence of children at home, care should be taken to secure the balconies with iron. In my opinion, commercial design resembles a story full of suspense, while residential design resembles an “emotional song”.

Your design creations can be found in unexpected places, like: a garage. How do you approach the interior space?
The design of a car garage is not very common, but I enjoyed working on this project, especially with the use of a burst of colors, in a place that most people would not think of, to make the garage vibrant … What belongs to access to interior space; Before I let my mind take over and make creativity flourish, I retire and put myself in the place of the entrepreneur. Everyone has their own unique personality and dreams. My goal is for the client to like his space every time he enters it! I give my opinion, surprising him occasionally with details, but space will always tell. The interior design will be the one he has always wanted.

The use of tear is common in your projects; Is gray still in vogue? What do the colors mean to you?

The use of tear is repeated in the work of the stylist

Gray belongs to the main color palette and lets me play with it while I’m working on the design, so I like it. Gray is an eternal color; It plays a role in highlighting other colors in the design, and should also look easy to express elegance. In addition, it is easy to clean, a feature that housewives want.

Proud of the staff

Your design “studio” is honored with awards .. How can you survive, in the competitive environment of Dubai?

The team at AW Interiors works hard to win awards and everyone on the team puts time, energy and effort into the interior spaces designed by The Studio. So it is a great honor to acknowledge this. I do not take it for granted. Very proud of my team, whose members really do their best, every opportunity!

The combination of fun and stylish style in the decoration is possible

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