A novel that began with (Liberation) 2003 by the writer / Abdel-Khaleq Al-Shaher

I always wonder what would have happened if the great late novelist Naguib Mahfouz – whose novels I first read were “The Thief and the Dogs” during the third grade party – had lived in Baghdad in 2003: When would to touch or pay attention to the suffering of the Iraqi people ?? With all due respect to them

The novel is inspired by a conversation that took place between me and a brother who did not give birth to my mother, the great journalist and writer Abdul Hamid Al-Sayeh, their complex nickname and some obeyed and addressed al-Zarkawi. , including a friend of mine who was a doctor, who came out of jail at the last whistle in jail. After (liberation) I passed by his clinic in al-Ghazaliya and found him hanging a sign (Dr. filani al-Zarkawi) and after a short time I visited him as I wanted to find him other than the sign for (Al-Azirjawi) and I was surprised, surprised when I discovered that he was afraid of that title after the name of Al-Zarkawi, the terrorist, came to light.

We go back to our friend, Azergawi, the protagonist of the novel, who entered the Military College in late 1999 and graduated in late July 2002. If I were to write a novel, I would have told you. the details of what he suffered in that college of harsh training and enduring punishment, in addition I would tell you his dreams and the dreams of his family and how he sewed the military uniform with gold stars adorning his shoulders and I told you how many times he had worn it before graduation, i would have detailed the strong feelings when his family came from Nasiriyah on graduation day to decorate it with gold stars in his house, and how, how and how .. But fate was in his search where he chose the Artillery class and because he was the first in his course, he was appointed trainer in Saddam’s fedayeen apparatus and joined in February 2003 and Baghdad was occupied in April, viz. two months, during which he was entitled to (3) periodic leave, so he stayed one month and one week. He has slept a total of 12 days and spent a total of one day in the bathroom, and many more, so his net training for the aforementioned device is not worth mentioning. Despite all this, he can not mention his university life to his son and two daughters and how he was the first because he does not want to tell hate stories to his children.

This is not the story of our hero Bassam, but it is the story of Alf Bassam and Bassam, and Bassam is not from a wall mushroom. How many times have you gone to the doctor ?? How many golden stars dreamed on his shoulders ?? How happy were his father and his brothers and sisters, then he is the vicegerent of God on earth (“I will create a vicegerent on earth”) and it is in which God the Exalted, His Majesty said: “And we have honored him. sons of Adam ”which was placed as the first sentence in our future constitution, we then know what happened after the Constitution and how the sons of Adam were honored in Saqlawiya and Jurf al-Sakhr and in all unconstitutional justice legislation (transitional). , with the exception of the prohibition law, which was based on a constitutional article that contradicts the essence of the constitution as a whole. Our people are in Hit with its well-known dialect ((Baath Party, Candle and Boulevard Climb))

A lieutenant from Bassam’s course had previously called me to complain about his concerns when I advised him to forget the past (twenty years) and start his life over and ask for an appointment .. he m he replied: He replied that all the doors were closed in his face, because whenever he wanted to contract with an institution he was rejected because it is covered by the law of accountability and justice.

I told Mr. Al-Maliki in my only meeting with him with a group of senior former army officers in 2017, (the guerrilla, in language and idiomatically, is (volunteer) and consequently the soldiers who were assigned in the apparatus were not volunteers)) He replied: “It is true, especially those who went through simple periods and I know one who served.” In the camera (79) Boma and cut his salary)) I answered ((I know only one (29) Boom and the problem is not in the responsibility but in the legal texts)) After that the responsibility started except in certain cases so he was very happy , and I had a dialogue with the brothers in charge, so I got (4) files that I discussed with the president and (4) committee members and I got them and I got them in 2018. I remember now a petition submitted by an officer addressed To President Saddam Hussein saying: “(I entered Kadisiyah and Bush left, and I entered the mother of battles and Bush came out of it, and Bush’s military life is in Bush in Bush)) in order not to be honored. The President referred to the Ministry of Defense and from there to the Chief of Staff of the Army, in which I was an officer in 1992 and his sovereignty was marginalized ((I study and inform the result despite the poor style of the applicant)) Link as much as possible above is that I came out of Pergj the issue of four files since four years, Bush as a friend Na … I just want the account to return the files to me and I would be grateful

The novel became a novel, and the name of the triple hero and the title is as clear as the clarity of the issue of his cycle (700) officers. Although the novels give supposed names, I aimed that because I know that accountability and justice. is the only institution that oversees my articles by seeing and interacting with them, and with them are some MPs ((who are in the heart of the guest Beqari reads))

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