The new X80 Pro redefines the shooting experience

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On Thursday, Vivo announced the launch of the new X80 Pro phone, which gives users a new and unprecedented level of mobile experience with new cinematic features in collaboration with ZEISS. The new flagship smartphone is now available in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman.

Relying on the foundations of professional mobile photography from the Vivo X Series, the X80 Series will enhance the user experience in photography and video with its cinematic artistic mode, innovative performance and new technological innovations.

Characteristics of professional photography

Spark Ni, Vivo’s senior vice president and CEO, said: “The X80 Series underscores Vivo’s ongoing pursuit of user-oriented innovation and premium mobile imaging technology. “Continuing our partnership with ZEISS, the world leader in optics and optoelectronics, we are once again offering a great experience for users who can capture memories and create high quality photos and videos with more dynamics and diverse scenes.”

The X80 Pro from Vivo features extensive improvements beyond the unparalleled mobile photography experience, as for the first time, it offers cinematic-style video modes in collaboration with ZEISS. The new feature of ZEISS Cinematic Video Bokeh creates an oval frame in the standard aspect ratio of a movie of 2.39: 1, creating a cinematic effect with wide lenses that can record videos with high aesthetics and expressiveness. Users can also select bokeh video with normal lenses and create vertical bokeh videos with a single click. The bokeh effect varies according to the focal length, aperture and shooting distance, the bokeh balls are round in a regular 16: 9 frame.

portrait feature

Furthermore, new effects have been added to the ZEISS Superb Portrait feature, e.g. ZEISS Cinematic Style Bokeh, allowing users to recreate classic Hollywood aesthetics by adding a movie-like bokeh effect with a 2.39: 1 widescreen aspect ratio along with long oval art. frame. Overall effects can also be enhanced with the in vivo cinematographic lens simulation algorithm and dual-camera depth-of-field technology that combines flash interpretation and processing. By recognizing the vignette points, the brightest point in the image is identified and artistic paths of blue light can be created, similar to the blue line in cinema lenses.

Vivo continues to retain the impressive night scene effects in conjunction with the ZEISS Superb Night Camera feature. And with enhanced features like Pure Night View, the X80 Pro can capture city scenes at night while preserving the original look and feel of the scene. In addition, the X80 Pro supports XDR images that can enhance the clarity of backlit images and enhance color gradations that better reflect what the human eye can see. XDR Photo can enhance the X80 Pro display capabilities by producing contrasting tones in the photo to fully display the high quality HDR effect in the photo. With rear cameras on all ZEISS T Coating enhanced devices, night reflection like flashing and ghosts are reduced and light travels smoothly, leaving photos and videos of night scenes with impressive clarity and quality.

natural color technology

The Vivo X80 Pro also includes AI Perception-enabled ZEISS Natural Color 2.0 technology, the first in the series to improve color accuracy and facilitate color change and brightness during shooting. ZEISS Natural Color can automatically reproduce natural colors and improve accurate white exposure and balance. Improving this feature includes the ability to adjust the brightness of color tones, capture vivid experiences, soften them, and give them a natural look.

Mobile photography experience

The X80 Pro has a 32 MP front camera, a four-camera rear system with a 50 MP Ultra HD camera with GNV sensor and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), a 48 MP wide-angle camera, a 12 MP camera and an 8 MP periscope. The main upgrade is the 12 MP rear camera that enables better video stability and enhancement, while the X80 Pro main camera also includes a dedicated ultra-high resolution GNV sensor to improve reflection and reduce lost, paired light with a high transmission glass. lenses for low dispersion and a gradual temperature transition to reduce brightness.

The X80 series is equipped with the latest version of the VIVO image chip, V1 Plus, which offers a superior user experience with integrated AI system for professional image optimization. The X80 Pro includes an additional feature; An AI Video Enhancement feature that allows the device to automatically select the appropriate mode for lighting conditions, prompting users to choose between HDR video mode and night mode depending on the scenario. Moreover, the V1Plus chip enhances the X80 Pro visual experience on screen and games.

Camera panning technology is a new and exclusive feature that enhances the dynamic capabilities of this flagship series with vertical motion tracking technology, which can reduce motion blur caused by hand vibrations. In addition, the “Night Sports” mode allows users to take great dynamic pictures, as it can capture sharper images even during unruly scenarios thanks to improved motion detection capabilities.

gaming experience

Equipped with a large X-Axis engine, powered by Vivo’s self-developed vibration algorithm that allows for smooth and powerful scene-based vibration, the X80 Pro introduces new enhancements that allow for fun and immersive experiences games that bring the user into the game environment and its effects to look closer to reality.

The response speed of the X80 Pro, referring to launch and stop time, has been increased 20% more in live vibration for gaming enjoyment. The dual stereo amplifier in both models also delivers dual balanced balanced sound with powerful bass to enhance the overall sound effect for the first time in the X Series.

Stylish waterproof design

Inspired by the look of professional cameras, the square and round aesthetic that forms the lens and base is incorporated into the X80 Pro’s exterior design concept, a reminder of the series ’professional photography capabilities. Summarizing the lens inside a circular shape, the visual design invites users to see the world through the camera and highlights the power of ZEISS professional photography inside.

Available in Space Black, Cosmic Black represents the vast and deep nature of the night sky, combined with the vibrancy and eternal strength of the universe.

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