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In December 2021 it was announced that the most expensive work of art in the virtual world had sold for $ 91.9 million. The work consists of an immutable sign (NFT) created by artist Buck entitled The Merge.

When we think of “things” we associate their existence with the physical and tangible world. However, when we talk about NFTs, it is essential to understand that they are stored in Web 3.0, the type of Internet that relies on a decentralized chain of computer blocks or a chain where there is no core that gathers all the information.

The mentioned string is a database obtained through encryption algorithms and the elements that make it up cannot be changed, so it is unique.

Pablo Barrera, a cybersecurity engineer at the University of Galileo, points out that these files hold a historical record of all information of interest to them, so they can not be copied and are therefore “irreplaceable”.

Each NFT file is digital. It can be in an image, video or audio format and due to its unique properties, it can be sold at great prices at auctions and to access these types of files you need a virtual “portfolio”.

Collectors interested in decentralized technologies often seek NFT. “It may have been normal in the past to have something physical, but human tendencies are changing and many are now trying to own property in a virtual world,” says the cyber security engineer.

The use of NFTs varies from accessing the unique content of these file holders, as well as distributing data to businesses and organizations. Among the specifications of real estate that include these parts, data such as file prices or the number of people who bought it stand out, says Barrera.

These types of virtual files are usually associated with works of art because of their unique value. (Free Press Photo: Shutterstock)

Many irreplaceable signs are often seen as pieces of art because of their unique nature. Pablo Barrera explains that this facilitates the dynamics of the assembly as things do not have to be physically delivered to the buyer. “It’s like moving a physical store to a virtual one,” says the cybersecurity engineer.

These files, which approach th’s idea, are usually bought by people who also hope to sell them again at auction. Owners receive a certificate registered in the blockchain that is verified by the digital portfolio.

Emilio Escamilla, investor and founder of the Guatemalan group BabySkulls Interchangeable Signs, points out that these types of files can be used as representations of users in metaSeries, games and virtual communities. His popularity has led to a revaluation of files, which is why Emilio argues that now is a good time to sell and take advantage of NFT files.

How to Create an NFT File |

According to the specialists interviewed, anyone can make irreplaceable code, as long as they work together with computer specialists. Recommendations are:

  • Idea Development: It is recommended to investigate the types of NFT that exist to implement the original proposal. Many projects of this type are usually groups or series with a clear concept. For example, you need to find out if they are for games or if they are works of art.
  • Obtaining financial support: It is essential throughout the project to have sufficient funding to allow the implementation of so-called intelligent contracts.
  • Have a dedicated team: Members can be technical directors for programmers and developers on topics related to blockchain, arguments, and NFTs. It is essential that people know about Web 3.0 applications so that they can enter into “smart contracts” with reliable signatures.

Like cryptocurrencies, NFT is presented as a novelty in terms of commodity purchases. (Free Press Photo: Shutterstock)

  • Perform enough tests: Before an intelligent contract is issued for an NFT project, it is necessary to perform some tests to verify that it is working optimally. This is important because it cannot be modified later in the blockchain.
  • Define the blockchain: this part must be done carefully, on this depends according to specialists the success and position that NFT may have.
  • Create a marketing plan: To move archives, there must be a plan to track the parts and see how they expand. In this respect, the support of social networks through which NFTs can be promoted can also be considered.
  • Ensure good computer security: In addition to the maintenance and auditing that must be provided for the application, it is important to check the intelligent project contract, as it can sometimes be very vulnerable in terms of security.

Emilio Escamilla emphasizes the importance of all the research that people can do before entering the world of digital sales. The more information they have about NFTs, the better the chances of identifying them.

“Although technically anyone can create an NFT by uploading it to a platform and listing it for sale, this does not guarantee its success,” says the specialist, who also points out that expert advice is just as important in the process.

NFTs can be a new investment opportunity for people interested in a decentralized internet. (Free Press Photo: Shutterstock)

Among the most popular sites for the distribution and purchase of NFT are: ,,,,,,, and. Each platform has instructions for users.

On the other hand, Web 3.0 also has projects where you can access non-interchangeable tokens developed by groups in Guatemala such as:

  • : This is a string of 5000 irreplaceable characters that make up a numeric group. Each generates annual dividends and provides ownership access to Platzeeland, the meta-platform developed for the platform.
  • : A collection of 10,000 NFT in the form of skulls located in the Polygon block chain. The pieces are a tribute to the cyberpunk and science fiction genres.
  • : This proposal focuses on the “beloved” versions of cryptocurrencies and how users have as many creatures as in the animated series Pokemon.
  • : Consists of a series of 999 kawaii skulls with different characters. The first 100 are free and people only have to pay the cutting costs for them.


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