Find out how to get your money back if your flight is canceled

homeland Airlines including Tui and EasyJet have canceled dozens of flights recently and these cancellations are expected to last until the end of the month.

Passengers have expressed outrage over last-minute cancellations and lack of information on alternative flights and compensation

Airports and airlines have also faced many challenges, including staff shortages and rising demand, which has led to chaos at airports and flights.

Passengers have expressed outrage at the cancellation of their last-minute flights

In this context, Rory Boland, editor of Who? Magazine, said that the cancellation of long-haul flights of passengers who stayed at the waiting station is in fact a “failure”.

He also sees it as an obligation for airlines to offer passengers the opportunity to re-book on any reasonable route as soon as possible – even if it means using other airlines. But this does not always happen.

What do you do if your flight is canceled?

If your flight is covered by UK law, your airline should allow you to choose between a refund or choosing an alternative flight, says goodto.

If you are flying from an airport in the UK to an airline, arriving at an airport in the UK with an EU or UK airline, or arriving at an EU airport on a British airline, you you have a range of rights under UK law.

Airports are in chaos
Airports are in chaos

“If your flight is delayed or canceled, your airline has a duty to take care of you and reimburse you according to the rules set by the Civil Aviation Authority,” Siri MacMillan, a travel insurance spokeswoman, told GoCompare.

“If you are flying from an EU airport or to an EU-based airline, your airline should help you if your flight is canceled or delayed after a certain period of time – which means you do not need to ask for travel insurance. ”

However, if you are traveling outside the EU, your airline will not have the same caring duty – so the compensation you owe depends on your airline. ”

Find another way

If you still want to travel, the airline should find you a flight to another route. This is known as “rerouting” and if the airline has a canceled flight but has another flight on the same day, you can book it.

If the alternative route is to and from another airport, the airline that canceled your flight must provide or pay for additional transportation.

Reimbursement rights for flight cancellations

You are entitled to a full refund of the value of a canceled flight – unless you decide to board an alternate flight to your destination. You can not claim both. If you are not on an alternate flight, you may receive a refund.

How do I get my money back?

Any refund must be a refund. Some airlines will ask you for your bank account details to make the bank transfer.

You must return your money within seven days of the flight date.

If the airline refuses a refund, you have the option.

If you paid for your trip with a credit card, the alternative is to contact the card provider to ask for money or you can also try to ask your debit card provider under a refund scheme.

Can I request food and accommodation if my flight is canceled?

Upon cancellation of the flight, the airline must provide assistance so that you can travel to your destination.

For example, you should offer free accommodation if you have to stay overnight to start a new flight the next day. They should also offer you a free transfer to the property, as well as drinks and meals.

Am I entitled to compensation if my flight is canceled or delayed?

If your flight is canceled or delayed, you may be entitled to hundreds of pounds in compensation.

It depends on the reason for the cancellation, the duration of the trip and the duration of the notice you received.

If the termination was not the fault of the airline and was caused by “extraordinary circumstances” that could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken, you would not be entitled to compensation.

For example, the current chaos at UK airports is generally caused by staff shortages. In these circumstances, these airlines have to pay compensation for the canceled flights.

How much compensation can I get?

If you receive less than seven days notice of flight cancellation, you may request payment based on alternate flight dates.

If the journey is less than 1500 km (eg Glasgow to Amsterdam), you can claim 220 220 per person.

For trips longer than 3500 kilometers, such as from London to New York, you can ask up to 20 520 per person.

If you have been told of a cancellation from seven to 14 days before the travel date, the refund rules are slightly different. Payments range from 110 110 to 20 520.

The above applies as long as you are flying from an airport in the UK to any airline

Or arrive at an airport in the UK on an EU or UK airline.

If you have been notified that your flight was canceled less than two weeks ago, you are not entitled to any compensation. However, you should still be given the opportunity to re-book your flight or get your money back.

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