Emirates News Agency – “e &” launches first NFT group in telecommunications in region

ABU DHABI, May 25, 2020 (WAM) – has announced the launch of its first group of immutable signs “NFT”. Thus, e & is the first technology investment group to launch these arguments in the Middle East.

The first set of digital tokens will be distributed to a selected group of people, while e & will successively announce the details of the other tokens according to its plans regarding immutable token technology.

The inaugural digital argument set reflects e &’s commitment to enhance technical capabilities, as the volume of transactions executed through the company’s blockchain subsidiary crossed the 10 billion AED barrier last year. It also expresses its vision to bring about positive changes in all its operations by innovating and activating the best solutions, utilizing advanced technologies and maintaining advanced communication infrastructure.

In this context, Hatem Dowidar, CEO of e & .. said: “The digital transformation we are taking on all fronts is pushing us to continue our pursuit of innovation. The meta-concept offers many ways for us to test digital domains in ways that were unimaginable a few years ago.A key point in our efforts to utilize blockchain technologies, we are proud to be the industry pioneers in the Middle East in launching these signs, which allow us and our customers to explore the possibilities boundless that lie ahead in this meta-space. ”

He explained that the design of non-interchangeable symbols in the UAE confirms the group’s effort to support the development of new products, technologies and solutions in the country.

He added, “It’s a unique opportunity to celebrate our tireless efforts to anticipate the future of technology. We live in an age of communication renaissance, where we need to take advantage of all the opportunities that enhance our leadership position in digital communications.” in a very interconnected world. ”

Irreplaceable tokens are digital assets that hold special digits stored in the blockchain, enhancing their privacy and ownership. With the speed and efficiency of 5G networks offering uninterrupted communication capabilities, the innovative ways in which they can be used in the non-interchangeable token market are limitless. A network that supports these arguments should be characterized by a very fast communication speed of data transmission in milliseconds, with advanced cyber security protocols to protect assets valued at hundreds of millions of dollars and continuous and hassle-free network access , regardless of the volume of data.

Non-interchangeable signs have caught the attention of many people in recent years as they are digital assets spanning different sectors; From art to music, games and multimedia and are regularly purchased online. The market value of non-exchangeable tokens in 2021 was $ 41 billion, roughly equal to the total value of the entire world fine arts market. Because of their specific domains and unique concepts, NFTs have unique identification marks, unlike the open issuance of other cryptocurrencies, enhancing intellectual property protection through blockchain technology.

This launch is the latest success witnessed by e & in its transformation into a global technology and investment group earlier this year. e & has played an active role in the development of telecommunications infrastructure in the UAE since the group was established 46 years ago. In connection with its transformation into a technology conglomerate fulfilling its digitalization aspirations in the UAE, e & has been inclined to unify its scalable technical competencies and its inherent expertise in the telecommunications sector, which has enriched its style. of customer life and has increased value for the business sector.

The Etisalat Group launched its new brand, e &, on 23 February 2022, which aims, through its strategy, to accelerate growth through a flexible business model representing the group’s core business sectors. The telecommunications sector comes to the forefront of these sectors, to preserve the legacy and excellence of the group in providing superior telecommunications services in the UAE and internationally. To focus on customer technology investment, in a way that enhances their experiences and improves their lifestyle, “e & life” comes to make the digital world of the next generation of digital services sustainable and responsive to demand of customers’ daily lives. including entertainment, retail, mobility services, and financial technology. To drive investment in technology for governments, businesses and enterprises, e & enterprise focuses on maximizing the value it brings to businesses and governments through robust cyber security, cloud computing, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, and mega-project service. Through e & Invest, e &’s will focus on investment opportunities and acquisitions, to increase its global presence and shareholder returns.

WAM / Ahmed Al Nuaimi / Abdel Nasser Moneim

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