The most famous tourist destinations in Finland .. 5 “amazing” destinations in the happiest places in the world

This list of the best places to visit in Finland will help you prepare for a trip to the happiest country in the world that is full of its wonderful natural wonders.

Finland is one of the most modern cities in Europe, but there are other features that make it a unique and ideal travel destination, such as its beautiful national parks full of lakes and the urban capital full of architectural jewels, islands and picturesque . villages, so Finland is a diverse destination, and in the next report we will learn together about the best places to visit in Finland, the right time to visit and the best hotels in it.

When are you visiting Finland?

Finland is a year-round destination, winter is great for outdoor activities like alpine skiing and cross-country skiing, spring and autumn are the best seasons to see aurora borealis in Finnish Lapland, and Finland in late summer and autumn it’s a wonderful place. place to find forage and enjoy the colorful autumn landscapes.

The most important tourist places in Finland

1. Helsinki

Helsinki’s art, architecture and cultural practices are influenced by the traditions of Western and Eastern Europe, giving it a special character and unique charm.

Visit Senate Square for a look at the statues and buildings in the city’s most famous public spaces, you will see the magnificent Lutheran Cathedral of Helsinki as well as the Government Palace, architecture and design enthusiasts will notice the works of Carl Ludwig Engel, Eliel Saarinen, and Alvar Aalto throughout the city.

Visit the Helsinki City Museum, the Museum of Finnish Architecture, the Aalto House or the Museum of Design to learn about Finnish design traditions.

2. Lapland

Lapland is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Finland

Lapland is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Finland that you can see, the country has a fantastic landscape, where forests and lakes reign, and one of the best options you can do is to see the wonderful northern lights in a place of clean. at night, so you can book a tour to see this northern lights with a tour guide who speaks your language To enjoy the beautiful scenery.

In addition to watching this impressive phenomenon in this extreme region, where the sun never sets in summer and never shines in winter, there are many activities to do such as walking on ice, sleeping on an igloo and sailing on icebreakers.

3. Thousand Lake District

    The Thousand Lakes region is one of the places to visit in Finland

One of the best places to visit in Finland is the Thousand Lakes region, located in most of the southeast of the country, in a vast area with mixed forests and lakes, an area that Finns prefer to spend their holidays in. quiet in small wooden houses. next to the lake.

The largest is Lake Saimaa, which is filled with thousands of islands and is ideal for kayaking between canals and is said to be the cleanest water in the world.

Among the most beautiful and interesting tourist destinations of Finland in this region are the landscapes of Bunkaharjo, Linansari National Park and the city of Jyväskylä, which is the largest in this region.

4. House of Santa Claus (Rovaniemi)

Rovaniemi, the most beautiful places to visit in Finland

Rovaniemi is the gateway to Lapland and is the most famous tourist spot in Finland you can see, especially for children who have a chance to meet Santa Claus.

This house is located 7 miles from Rovaniemi in the small village of Santa Claus, you can also meet Santa Claus in person, or cross the line between the Arctic Circle.

One of the most amazing things to do in Finland and this particular region is to sleep at the Arctic Snow Hotel, located 30 miles from Rovaniemi and only available during the winter.

5. Noxio National Park


Nuuksio National Park is one of the most visited places in Finland, with visitors coming from all over the country.

The park contains lakes and vast pine forests. In this park you can walk, cycle and sail through its large lakes.

If you visit the park in winter, you can get snowshoe trails, as well as the ability to walk on frozen lakes and make a hole in one for fishing, with the help of a guide.

The best hotels and villages in Finland

The best hotels and villages in Finland

  • Hotel Radisson Blu Plaza.
  • Hotel Helka.
  • Hotel Hilton Helsinki Airport.
  • Hotel “Fells Hostel”
  • Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Eastern Village
  • Santa Claus Holiday Village

All hotels are located near Helsinki and have a great view of the city and close to all views in Finland, all hotels offer 24 hour room service and free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

The cost of accommodation in Finnish hotels ranges from $ 75 to $ 300 per person per night.

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